Do Tomatoes Like Acidic Soil? What pH Do They Prefer?

Tomatoes are a well-liked crop for property gardeners, but it is crucial to recognize the soil that tomatoes choose to guarantee very good yields. One particular of the most essential aspects is the soil’s pH level—the measure of its acidity or alkalinity. So, do tomatoes like acidic soil? The answer is indeed most tomatoes favor somewhat acidic soil in between 6.two and 6.8 on the pH scale.

Find out far more below about the soil needs for the tomato plant and why marginally acidic soil is best. We’ll also appear at what transpires when the soil pH is as well high or too lower for tomatoes.

The pH Scale: Basics

Very first, it’s crucial to understand the pH scale and how it functions. The pH scale runs from to 14, with seven. getting neutral (neither acidic nor alkaline¹). Soils that are under 7. are deemed acidic, and those earlier mentioned seven. are regarded alkaline. As mentioned, tomatoes desire a somewhat acidic soil type (6.2 to 6.eight¹ pH price).

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Comprehending Soil Acidity and Alkalinity

With the above details in head, why do tomatoes favor much more acidic soil? The answer lies in the vitamins that are existing in the soil. In acidic soils, specified essential nutrients needed for plants—such as magnesium, calcium, and potassium—are a lot more easily accessible.

On the other hand, alkaline soils tend to have as well much calcium and not enough magnesium and potassium. Plus, acidic soils have a tendency to be better at keeping on to essential nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus, generating them a lot more readily offered for vegetation.

Finally, acidic soil has a increased focus of organic and natural issue (which will help assist helpful microorganisms) and a much better h2o-retention rate, the two important for ideal tomato development.

Results of Too Significantly or As well Small Acidic Soil

But what occurs if the soil pH is way too lower (a lot more acidic than 6.2) or also large (more alkaline than six.8)? If the soil is as well acidic, particular essential nutrients this sort of as phosphorus, calcium, and magnesium can be locked up in the soil—unavailable to the plant.

What Does Large pH Do to Tomatoes?

If the pH is too large (more alkaline than 6.8), critical minerals like potassium, nitrogen, and iron will grow to be significantly less obtainable. This can stunt tomato progress¹ and even guide to nutrient deficiencies that will decrease yields.

How to Guarantee Appropriate Soil pH for Tomatoes

Now that you comprehend the importance of appropriate soil pH for tomatoes, it’s essential to know how to attain and preserve it. The best way is to use a soil test kit to evaluate the pH degree. If the amount is also substantial or way too lower, you can use soil amendments these kinds of as sulfur or lime to adjust the pH value.

It is crucial to use the right amount of amendment¹ so as not to overdo it. Applying as well a lot lime can increase the pH amount past what tomatoes desire, although way too a lot sulfur can decrease it and create an atmosphere that is also acidic for tomatoes.

As soon as your soil has been amended, you will want to make certain you preserve the soil pH stage by checking it routinely. Check your soil every single few months to make positive it is not getting to be also acidic or alkaline.

If you recognize the pH obtaining out of assortment, you can include the needed amendments to adjust it back to an best degree.

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Mulching is an additional fantastic way¹ to preserve the soil at its best pH amount. Mulch helps prevent the soil from receiving too dry, which can guide to a fall in the soil’s pH degree. It also will help preserve weeds at bay, so there is less opposition for vitamins and minerals in between your tomato vegetation and other crops.


You can also use fertilizers made specifically for tomatoes, which will provide them with necessary nutrition and help maintain¹ the perfect pH amount. When employing fertilizers, be sure to use a fertilizer that is specifically created for tomatoes to make certain you are supplying the correct vitamins and minerals in the appropriate amounts.

By following these methods, you can make certain that your tomatoes get the appropriate sum of soil acidity and nutrition they need to have to develop and prosper. With correct soil pH administration, your tomatoes are much more very likely to make a bountiful harvest.


Now that you know what sort of soil tomatoes choose, you can function on keeping a pH amount amongst six.two and six.8. Keep in mind, something decrease than 6.two could cause nutrient deficiencies or other troubles with your plants, whilst something higher than 6.8 can stunt their growth and lessen yields.

To make certain a healthful crop of tomatoes, make certain you test the soil pH stage ahead of planting and regularly check it in the course of the developing year. With appropriate soil management, you can ensure that your tomatoes prosper in their acidic atmosphere.


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