Ego vs Ryobi: Who Makes the Better Lawn Mowers & Tools in 2022?

Ego vs Ryobi: Who Makes the Better Lawn Mowers &#038 Tools in 2022?

Moi and Ryobi are properly recognized for production and giving a assortment of equipment, including their electric powered and cordless mowers. In fact, both makes have a different variety of mowers, from price range to premium.

Below, we consider a look at the assortment of equipment and mowers that the two brand names have to provide. We examine the diverse goods to determine which complete better. We look at charges to see regardless of whether there is a much better option for individuals on a budget or individuals hunting for top quality large-finish versions.

We also appear at aspects that issue when creating a acquire of this kind of item: so we search at the standard and available warranties as nicely as the track record that every single brand has for its consumer provider and how responsive they are. All round, we intention to locate out which of these two brand names is best and which of them signifies the ideal buy for you.

A Quick Comparison

Brand name Ego Ryobi
Established 1993 1943
Headquarters Michigan, USA Hiroshima, Japan
Product lines Power Tools



Other Garden Tools


Electricity Resources


Other Outside Items

Parent company/ major Subsidiaries Chervon Techtronic Industries

Brief History of Ego Power Tools

Ego vs Ryobi: Who Makes the Better Lawn Mowers & Tools in 2022?
Image Credit: sandid, Pixabay

Ego is a relative newcomer to the world of energy tools and Outside Electrical power Gear (OPE). At first element of a producing organization that was established in 1993, Moi Power formally launched in the US in 2012 and rapidly turned effectively-acknowledged for its manufacture of battery-powered outside products. Moi launched in Europe in 2014.

Ego’s mum or dad brand name, Chervon, is a Chinese producing firm that was set up in 1993. The company is specially keen on changing gasoline engine gadgets with battery-operated devices. They created a range of Lithium-Ion batteries that they feel is able of performing as nicely as gas engines, but with the advantage of getting much more portable and much less high-priced to operate.

Some may well argue that they even now have a way to go to produce a battery electrical power technique that is as capable as that of a gas motor, but they have speedily recognized themselves as a key title in the manufacture and supply of outdoor tools.

Brief History of Ryobi

Ego vs Ryobi: Who Makes the Better Lawn Mowers & Tools in 2022?
Image Credit: Alan Levine, Pxhere

Ryobi has a significantly longer historical past than that of Ego, possessing established in 1943, in Japan. At the time, it was named Ryobi Seisakusho Co and it commenced out creating die-forged goods. In the 1960s, and coinciding with the company’s floating on the Tokyo Inventory Trade, Ryobi started making offset printing presses. The firm commenced to manufacture electrical power instruments in the exact same decade, in 1968.

In 1973, the business became acknowledged just as Ryobi, which is the name that it retains nowadays. The brand has twelve production amenities across 6 international locations, such as a single in Shelbyville, Indiana.

Ryobi is licensed by Techtronic Industries through One World Technologies, a company of OEM tools for the likes of Milwaukee and Ryobi, as properly as Hoover, Filth Devil, Vax, and other people.

The brand name is mainly sold through Residence Depot stores, and is also easily obtainable on the World wide web. In other international locations, Ryobi’s product lines are sold in a better variety of merchants. In the United kingdom, for case in point, they can be located in most components stores, which includes small independents as effectively as huge countrywide chains.

Ego vs Ryobi: Manufacturing


Ego is deemed a worldwide manufacturer and has its headquarters in the US. Even so, its US workplaces are utilized for research and development, advertising, and administrative function. The brand’s main factories and production shops are situated in China, where the organization originates.


Ryobi is a Chinese organization. They have twelve manufacturing services and other properties in six international locations across the planet, like 1 in the US. It is believed that the US plant manufactures some of the components that the company sells, but it does not manufacture the major instruments below. Like Ego, Ryobi is recognized to manufacture most of its equipment and other products in China, where labor and producing fees are cheaper.

Ego vs Ryobi: Product Line


Moi is a reasonably new organization, and it concentrates its producing initiatives on the backyard garden and outside solution lines. This signifies that they have a good range of products like blowers and outside vacuums, as well as a big range of mowers. They do also offer a multi-instrument, but this represents the company’s only genuine foray into the standard electricity resource entire world. All the outdoor instruments are powered by the identical 56V Arc Lithium battery, which may possibly sound as well powerful for some employment, but assists guarantee that the brand’s battery-operated units are virtually as powerful as option gas models. Their goods can be damaged down into the pursuing ranges:

  • Power+ Range – Designed for small to medium gardens, the Power+ range is for residential users: occasional users that still appreciate good quality and powerful outdoor tools. They are convenient and portable but may not be considered high-end enough for large gardens or professional use.
  • Professional Range – The Professional range is meant for the professional user. They will operate for longer periods, without having to keep stopping to charge, and they have the additional features and accessories that enable you to do more with less effort. These are also suitable for those with large gardens or lots of ground.
  • Professional X Range – The Professional X range is the high-end range. They have been designed for long-term use, minimizing vibrations, offering comfortable extensive use, and they have the features and accessories that make even the biggest job a breeze.


In contrast to Ego’s relatively restricted assortment, Ryobi has a a lot broader scope. As effectively as creating outside tools like mowers, they also promote a huge choice of power instruments, accessories, and gear for use on the occupation website.

18V A single – The 18V One selection from Ryobi is the selection aimed at property consumers and the business market. Lacking in some of the large-finish features of far more costly things, this range however involves more than 175 distinct merchandise, all of which will run employing the exact same 18V battery and charger. This indicates that with a single battery, you can electrical power all of your residence equipment. As well as electricity resources, the assortment also involves some benchtop and stationary equipment, which would normally require a a lot more energetic engine.

40V – When it comes to mowers and outside products, it is Ryobi’s 40V platform that is a lot more intriguing and related. This selection involves fifty instruments, this kind of as blowers, vacuums, and mowers. They all run from the exact same 40V battery and charger, which have been developed to provide lengthier daily life and greater functionality. If you are hunting for a mower, it is most likely to be in this classification.

Ego vs Ryobi: Price

It is tough to examine the costs of these makes. Equally supply related technologies, in that they both focus in cordless and battery-powered products. Nonetheless, the batteries and the battery dimensions they offer you are extremely different. Ryobi’s instruments are both 18V or 40V although Moi offers a variety of 56V outside gear. In general, you should anticipate to pay out much more for the Moi products because of the added bang you get for your buck. If you really don't need that extra energy, or you are on a limited funds, you are likely to choose Ryobi goods.


Moi has several item ranges, despite the fact that they all use the identical powerful 56V battery. The Electrical power Variety is the 1 that is aimed at the professional industry, rather than at pros, so this is the one particular that tends to expense considerably less. The Professional X variety is geared towards the electricity consumer and has a host of further functions, usually proving to be the higher-stop and high quality-priced selection.


Ryobi, on the other hand, does use various battery technologies for distinct strains. Ryobi’s 18V selection is in depth but tends to be the more affordable of their products, while the 40V range is a lot more powerful and carries a heftier value tag, as a outcome.

Ego vs Ryobi: Warranty

Guarantee issues. At the very least, they give you the peace of thoughts that arrives from knowing you are protected if anything does go incorrect, though ideally, your selected mower will final for several years with out issues. Equally companies provide very good warranty periods.


All Ego resources supply a 5-yr instrument guarantee and a three-year guarantee for domestic use. The Electricity range includes a one-calendar year resource warranty and no battery guarantee for specialist use. The Specialist assortment delivers 2-yr tool and battery warranties, and the Skilled X selection provides 3-year battery and tool warranties for expert end users. They also incorporate a thirty-day cash-back assure.


Ryobi delivers a equivalent warranty period on its instruments. The 18V 1 range only will get a three-year restricted guarantee, but the 40V merchandise, which are a lot more closely equivalent to the Ego items, have a 5-yr instrument guarantee and three-12 months battery warranty.

Ego vs Ryobi: Who Makes the Better Lawn Mowers & Tools in 2022?
Image Credit: jeanvdmeulen, Pixabay

Ego Vs Ryobi: Customer Service

Consumer provider is one more location exactly where the two businesses are carefully matched, but Moi does seem ready to go the extra mile. Their thirty-day money-back again ensure is also in their favor and implies that you can acquire with even a lot more peace of head.


Moi provides a thirty-day cash-back again assure, which means that if you’re not content with the product you obtain, you can return it to get your money again. They also have superb warranties and a community of authorized dealers and workshops to resolve any ruined goods. Consumer evaluations are quite constructive about the company’s customer services, with numerous pointing out that they exceed their very own buyer service claims.


Ryobi also has a excellent track record, provides extended warranties, and uses a community of engineers to fix areas. Even though they have a quite great track record, it is Ego that truly excels in this area.

Ego vs Ryobi: Who Makes the Better Lawn Mowers &#038 Tools in 2022?

Head-to-Head: Chainsaws

EGO CS1800 56V 18” Vs Ryobi 40V 14”

Ego vs Ryobi: Who Makes the Better Lawn Mowers &#038 Tools in 2022?

Though both of these gadgets are battery-driven chainsaws, which means that they do not want gasoline to work, this is actually the only way in which they are related. The Ego is an 18” chainsaw that charges close to twice as considerably as the 14” Ryobi. The Moi has a 56V battery compared to the Ryobi’s 40V. The benefits are as you would assume.

The greater and far more potent Ego is the greater alternative. It is potent, though you might want to upgrade from the 5Ah battery that is element of the kit: it provides realistic runtime, but you will get considerably greater from the available 10Ah option that is also available. It has automobile-tensioning, an LED gentle, and is a reputable and effective choice for the property consumer.

In distinction, the 14” Ryobi will expense about 50 % as significantly and it operates utilizing the 40V battery. You are advisable to get the most recent generation battery for the greatest functionality. Though it isn’t as potent as the Moi, it is lighter, which makes it simpler to use, and it is also quieter. What is far more, since it utilizes and demands significantly less electricity, it truly lasts a related time.

The Moi is better for medium to big work, and its power means it normally takes this competition, but for smaller positions, the convenience of the Ryobi means that we would possibly decide on this product.

Our Verdict: Ego CS1800 56V 18”

Head-to-Head: Pole Saw

Ryobi One+ Cordless Vs Ego Power+ PSA1000 10-Inch

Ego vs Ryobi: Who Makes the Better Lawn Mowers &#038 Tools in 2022?

The Ryobi Cordless Pole Noticed is a 9.five-foot pole saw, which will be enough for most residential functions but might not be prolonged sufficient for specialist use and challenging-to-attain tree branches and heights. It has an 8” bar duration and it functions an automated oiler to support stop the teeth from receiving jammed up whilst you’re trimming. The best gain of the Ryobi is that whilst it does provide great electricity and will make short perform of most pruning jobs, it has a little form, which signifies that it can be utilised to get in and tackle jobs even in restricted spaces.

The Moi Electricity PSA1000 10Inch Pole Saw operates on Ego’s 56V battery and is practically as effective as a gas motor. It has a 10-inch bar length, so it will make short work of thicker branches, and it as well has an computerized lubrication method to help prevent the tooth and blades from acquiring jammed. Regrettably, the Moi is more expensive than the Ryobi, in spite of obtaining a shorter length and preventing it from becoming beneficial in skilled configurations.

Our Verdict: Ryobi 1 Cordless Pole Saw

Ego vs Ryobi: Who Makes the Better Lawn Mowers &#038 Tools in 2022?

Head-to-Head: Self Propelled Lawn Mower

Ryobi 20” Vs Ego 50CM

Ego vs Ryobi: Who Makes the Better Lawn Mowers &#038 Tools in 2022?

The two of these mowers are self-propelled and have a related 50cm or 20” slicing width. This size signifies that the mower is suited for use on medium to massive lawns, and this is backed up by the self-propelled character of the mowers due to the fact it signifies less energy on your portion, as you cut a swathe down your grass.

Even so, as with other product comparisons, it is tough to examine the two on a like-for-like basis. The Moi expenses two times as considerably as the Ryobi. The Ryobi self-propelled lawn mower has a 7-situation peak adjustment and a press-button start off. It weighs sixty lbs, even though this is not as well related due to the fact of the rear-wheel run push. Even so, the Moi is a lot more strong and consists of the rapid charger. It also has a variable cutting velocity that makes it relaxed and convenient for use in excess of tough terrain and any duration or top quality of the lawn.

The Moi cuts less difficult and makes lighter operate, but it is a great deal a lot more high-priced. Nevertheless, as the two types are much more very likely to be developed for the specialist consumer or the huge garden proprietor, we have to facet with the Ego, even however it is substantially much more pricey than the Ryobi.

Our Verdict: Moi 50CM Self-Propelled Mower

Overall Brand Reputation

So, while Ryobi and Moi sell related goods, they appear to be promoted to different teams. Ego assert that their batteries rival the electrical power of gas engines, and they clearly imply it with the a lot more strong battery options and enhanced functionality, but that may possibly be also considerably for some consumers.


Edge: Ego

Ego’s electrical power technique is a 56V battery, when compared to the 18V or 40V of the Ryobi, and this shows. In a whole lot of instances, Moi instruments actually do rival people of their gasoline-powered rivals, even though this electricity really does appear at a quality.


Edge: Ryobi

Ryobi is the quite clear winner right here, with most of their items costing about half the volume of the Moi, although it is worth noting that even though the merchandise may possibly appear equivalent, the appreciable electricity advantage of the Ego gadgets signifies that they are more most likely to favor the expert user.


Edge: Ego

As the previous adage goes, you get what you pay out for. Ryobi are undoubtedly no slouches, and their products are resilient and incorporate a five-year restricted guarantee on the a lot more effective assortment, but Ego merchandise will last and are rugged through their lives.


Edge: Moi

Moi products do expense far more, but you do get what you pay for, and numerous of the goods appear to be made from better top quality components. Though some of the goods are in a gentle grey and green combination, we like the appear of the darker coloured instruments. Ryobi merchandise search far more plastic.

Ego vs Ryobi: Who Makes the Better Lawn Mowers &#038 Tools in 2022?


Equally Ego and Ryobi are really excellent, and they each have a very good track record with both household and expert users. Even so, they do not always goal the very same crowds. Ryobi equipment are not as potent, and not as expensive, as Moi, but they are even now decent good quality and will get the work completed with relative simplicity. If, however, you want more energy and a lot more high-finish characteristics, then Moi is the brand name for you.