Flex Tape vs Gorilla Tape: Which to Choose?

Flex Tape vs Gorilla Tape: Which to Choose?

When you require a tape that is more powerful than duct tape, exactly where do you turn? It depends on what you are applying the tape to and what occupation you require it to fill. Flex Tape and Gorilla Tape are equally great goods that provide excellent adhesion and h2o resistance. So, which one need to you pick?

To give you a appropriate answer, we’re likely to have to take a closer search at each and every of these tapes and see the place they excel and in which they really do not execute so properly. There are moments when every single tape is the far better choice, and we intention to assist you recognize when individuals moments are, so you can figure out which tape is heading to satisfy your requirements far better.

Overview of Flex Tape:

Flex Tape vs Gorilla Tape: Which to Choose?

Flex Tape is a waterproof repair tape that’s intended for use fixing everything from automotive components to tenting gear. It’s even wonderful for house repairs and Do it yourself tasks. But is it far better than Gorilla Tape? In some cases, but not constantly.

Rubberized for a Formed Fit

What is particular about Flex Tape is that it’s rubberized. This enables it to offer exceptional waterproofing attributes and a fashioned match close to whatsoever you are making use of it to. It can be molded close to several shapes, and it gives great adhesion. You can use it to stop leaks given that it can even be applied to a moist surface area and it will adhere.

Seals Against Air and Water

Regardless of whether your leak is h2o or air, you can use Flex Tape to seal it. You can stop air or h2o from getting in or out, generating it wonderful for restoring every thing from kayaks to pipes.

Works Underwater

1 of the best characteristics of Flex Tape is its waterproofing. This tape is so waterproof that you can use it underwater. Even if it’s submerged for prolonged durations, Flex Tape will proceed to maintain, sealing drinking water out.

It’s Not Very Strong or Efficient

Although Flex Tape is really considerably watertight, it is not that powerful. If you pull on it, it will split quite very easily specifically in contrast to Gorilla Tape. Moreover, Flex Tape takes 24 hours to fully adhere, which is a lengthy time to have to hold out for some repairs.

Works on Most Materials

Flex Tape is fairly versatile and will perform on a selection of materials. However, it is not ideal for use on some sorts of plastics and watertight components. It can be utilised on some plastics, but not other folks, making it strike or miss out on if you’re restoring something plastic.

  • Seals out air and water
  • Conforms to any shape
  • Works underwater
  • Can adhere to wet surfaces
  • Doesn’t stick to some plastics or other materials
  • Takes up to 24 hours for a secure hold
  • Must be cut, not torn
  • Not very strong

Flex Tape vs Gorilla Tape: Which to Choose?

Overview of Gorilla Tape:

Flex Tape vs Gorilla Tape: Which to Choose?

Gorilla Tape is from the exact same brand name that helps make Gorilla Glue. It is comparable to duct tape, only outstanding in nearly every regard.

Triple-Strength Adhesive

A single of the major characteristics that helps make Gorilla Tape so considerably greater than duct tape is the triple-strength adhesive that makes it possible for it to adhere much better than duct tape ever could. After you set Gorilla Tape on an product, it’s not likely to occur off with no a severe fight. This tends to make it a excellent tape for making all types of repairs. Everything you would take into account repairing with duct tape can be repaired with Gorilla Tape, furthermore a lot of other items that you couldn’t mend with ordinary duct tape.

Resists Water and UV

Gorilla Tape is the two UV-resistant and drinking water-resistant. It’s got an all-temperature shell with a tight weave. It can endure excessive temperatures at both conclude of the spectrum. Most impressively, it won’t get rid of any of its adhesion, even after a 7 days of currently being submerged.

Adheres to Almost Anything

Gorilla Tape is one particular of the most adaptable tapes you can envision. It will adhere to virtually anything at all. If you can believe of a area, Gorilla Tape is practically certain to stick. It will even adhere to porous surfaces, like brick, stucco, and concrete. In addition, it will adhere to any kind of standard materials, this sort of as steel, stone, wood, plastic, and anything at all else you may possibly want it to adhere to. Even so, it will not adhere well to damp surfaces. You’ll have to get them dry if you want to make certain outstanding adhesion with Gorilla Tape.

Incredible Strength

The tight weave utilized in Gorilla Tape presents it excellent strength in comparison to just about any sort of tape. It will take 85 lbs . of pressure to split Gorilla Tape if you are pulling on it, but you can nevertheless rip it with your fingers, generating it straightforward to use when you are on the go and really don't have any tools.

Likely to Leave Residue Behind

On the downside, Gorilla Tape is so sticky that if you at any time have to just take it off, there’s probably going to be some adhesive residue left behind. And you are going to have one particular heck of a time receiving the tape off in the very first spot. So, you must only put Gorilla Tape on one thing if you want it to be a long lasting addition.

  • Water-resistant
  • Double-strength adhesive
  • Can be torn without scissors
  • UV-resistant
  • Works in extreme temperatures
  • Adheres to many surfaces
  • May leave behind some of the bonding agent
  • Won’t stick well to wet surfaces

Flex Tape is Better on Wet Surfaces

If you need to implement tape to a damp surface, you’re likely to want to go with Flex Tape. Gorilla Tape is water-resistant, but it will not stick as well to a floor that’s soaked. Flex Tape will. This will especially arrive in handy in some repair scenarios. If you have a pipe that is leaking h2o, you can apply Flex Tape as an quick band-support that will permit the pipe to operate even though stopping flooding.

Gorilla Tape for Versatility And Strength

For most situations though, Gorilla Tape is probably the very best choice. It’s significantly more robust than Flex Tape and adheres virtually instantaneously. As soon as you implement it, it’s on. Although this can make it a bit far more difficult to function with, it also tends to make factors more efficient. You can apply Gorilla Tape and then get on with your working day. In addition, Gorilla Tape will perform on just about something. Granted, Flex Tape is nevertheless very functional and will perform on many surfaces, but it will not work on specified plastics and water-proof resources, making Gorilla Tape the better selection for a lot of conditions.

When to Use Flex Tape When to Use Gorilla Tape
You have time to wait for it to take hold You need it to adhere now
You’re applying tape to a wet surface You’re applying tape to waterproof materials or plastics
The tape will be underwater The tape will be underwater
The tape only needs to seal against leaks You need a strong tape to withstand force


If you’re fixing one thing that is still soaked, this sort of as a leaky pipe, then you must decide on Flex Tape because Gorilla Tape won’t stick as properly to moist surfaces. For most other scenarios, we’d advocate making use of Gorilla Tape alternatively. It gives faster adhesion with outstanding strength, and it will stick to fairly a lot any material you can uncover. The two tapes offer you exceptional waterproofing, but Flex Tape takes 24 hrs to kind a very good keep.