Fluke 117 vs 179: Which One’s Best?

Fluke 117 vs 179: Which One’s Best?

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The Winner

Fluke 117 vs 179: Which One’s Best?
Fluke 117 vs 179: Which One’s Best? Fluke 179
  • Renowned for longevity
  • Renowned for accuracy
  • Renowned for excellence
    The Runner-up

    Fluke 117 vs 179: Which One’s Best?
    Fluke 117 vs 179: Which One’s Best? Fluke 117
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Non-contact voltage alerts

    The Fluke 117 is an exceptional choice for the DIYer or hobbyist who wants the fundamental functionality of a digital multimeter at an inexpensive cost. It’ll have you protected for simple tasks, these kinds of as examining outlets and batteries for juice. Its compact dimension is another welcome characteristic. Its CAT score is in line with most initiatives that an fanatic will most likely tackle.

    On the basic safety front, the multimeter has an auto-shutoff if it pushes its ten-amp limit for as well lengthy. We liked that it comes with each a magnetic hanger and holster to keep it handy. The system has a first rate battery existence, mostly if you lessen making use of the backlight feature. The merchandise is well-produced, which we’d expect from this maker. It also has a 3-year warranty.

    The Fluke 179 takes all of the functionality of the 117 and kicks it up a notch with far better precision, larger resistance, and better frequency. The gadget is properly-created, with a rugged exterior that is certain to very last. The show is massive with outstanding contrast that tends to make it simple to go through. The voltage tops off at 1000 volts with the exact same existing selection.

    This gadget is greater and heavier. Even so, individuals are minimal points when you consider what it can do. Like the 117, it is also True RMS with enhanced precision of .09%. Car-ranging is responsive. We loved the reality that you can recalibrate it with a closed situation. That normally takes it a action further as a person-friendly multimeter. Lest we overlook, it also comes with a temperature probe that will increase its usefulness

    At a Glance

    Let us appear at the crucial points of each and every item.

    Fluke 117
    • Weight: 1.21 lbs.
    • Voltage AC/DC: 600 V
    • Operating Temp: 50–122℉
    • Battery Type: AAA
    • Battery Life: 400 hrs
    • DC Accuracy: 0.5%
    • Automatic Selection: Yes
    • Resistance: Up to 40 MΩ
    • Capacitance: Up to 10,000 μF
    • Frequency: Up to 50 kHz
    • Safety Rating: CAT III 600 V
    • Warranty: 3-year
    Fluke 179
    • Weight: 2 lbs.
    • Voltage AC/DC: 1000 V
    • Operating Temp: 50–122℉
    • Battery Type: 9V
    • Battery Life:
    • DC Accuracy: 0.09%
    • Automatic Selection: No
    • Resistance: Up to 50 MΩ
    • Capacitance: Up to 10,000 μF
    • Frequency: Up to 100 kHz
    • Safety Rating: CAT III 1000 V, CAT IV 600 V
    • Warranty: Lifetime

    Overview of the Fluke 117

    User-Friendly Operation

    The maker developed this product with the rookie in head. The procedure is intuitive with desirable characteristics like the vehicle-shutoff and automated choice of the current. It has a relaxed hand truly feel with its compact shape that you can use a single-handed. It is characteristic-rich for the price tag. It will come with a 3-12 months guarantee and exceptional client assistance.

    Fluke 117 vs 179: Which One’s Best?

    VoltAlert Detector

    This proprietary engineering helps make non-make contact with voltage detection, which is a boon for DIYers new to doing this variety of operate. It is also a timesaver because you can get the information you want without having using anything apart initial or contorting like a pretzel to get near adequate to get the reading. Mixed with its AutoVolt function, the serious novice will have an excellent instrument for these tasks.


    What can not the Fluke 117 do?

    Being aware of what you can expect from a multimeter is a wise 1st action toward selecting the appropriate device for the function you do. This product handles the essentials. Nonetheless, it can not detect temperature, nor can it evaluate milliamps. That said, this item is an exceptional choice for any electrical venture. The basic safety score is ample for the newbie. Going into the CAT IV selection is a pro occupation.

    What can you do with this unit?

    The Fluke 117 can evaluate AC/DC voltage. The accuracy is ample for most Diy tasks that really do not demand you to get around the electrical power resource. Other daily duties consist of diode tests as well as measuring resistance and frequency. Although it might look spendy, the price is realistic, considering the characteristics and precision.

    • True RMS
    • Affordably priced
    • Non-contact voltage detection
    • Easy to use
    • Poor backlighting
    • Fair quality leads
    • No CAT IV rating

    Overview of the Fluke 179

    Superior Accuracy

    The accuracy among the two products seems minuscule at .five compared to .09%. That’s accurate for most Do-it-yourself tasks. Nevertheless, the Fluke 179 is a unit geared towards the professional, with further features. It’s evident in the increased voltage and frequency ranges. There is also that leap into the CAT IV pond with a 600 V basic safety rating.

    Fluke 117 vs 179: Which One’s Best?

    Lifetime Warranty

    A precision system like the Fluke 179 has a lot of areas that can go wrong—or at least mess with its precision and precision. That is what makes the lifetime guarantee a significant promoting level for this design. After all, it’s a device that is built for recurrent use in a range of apps. It’s worth noting that the manufacturer considers the lifetime to be seven years as per the user manual.


    Is the Fluke 179 value the funds?

    The solution to this question isn’t a basic sure or no. It is dependent on the initiatives you get on and whether you need to have the accuracy that this device offers. It’s a sensible investment for the freelance contractor who demands its total assortment of abilities, which includes the temperature probe. As far as functionality is involved, the Fluke 179 is really worth the expense, arms down.

    • Temperature probe
    • High accuracy
    • Easy-to-read display
    • Well-built
    • Excellent safety ratings
    • Spendy
    • Poor-quality leads

    What are the differences between them?


    Edge: Fluke 179

    The Fluke 179 has much better accuracy and versatility, with a very user-welcoming interface. Nevertheless, it is geared toward the professional. The Fluke 117 is much more than ample for the average property owner.


    Edge: Fluke 117

    It is not a large amount of cash, but the Fluke is noticeably cheaper than the 179, ostensibly owing to the lesser abilities. If you really do not need pinpoint precision, the Fluke 117 is the greater price.

    Fluke 117 vs 179: Which One’s Best?


    Edge: None

    Equally units are developed to very last.


    Edge: Fluke 179

    This group is almost negligible since each devices are quite comparable. Even so, the Fluke 117 will get dinged for its very poor backlight exhibit, and it is lack of security rankings.

    What the Users Say

    The manufacturer’s reputation is the primary point that men and women mention with the Fluke 117 and all of its product line. They are nicely-produced and developed to very last, which is important, provided its use and linked hazards. Remarks that it is simple to use are a recurrent incidence. A lot of have wondered why they have not purchased this product in the very first place.

    The other obvious thing is the lack of negative opinions. Folks adore this gadget. We famous especially the consumer loyalty that exists with this brand and this model. Testimonies frequently converse of getting their second or 3rd one although praising the usefulness of the retired solution. To us, that speaks volumes about its high quality.

    Customers enjoy the Fluke 179 for all the reasons that folks gravitate toward the 177 and the Fluke brand. It’s a higher-top quality product that will provide several years of trustworthy service. There is not considerably to knock about the 179, other than the price tag. It is spendy, no doubt. However, if you want this extra functionality, everyone looks to agree that it’s really worth the higher price tag.

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    The Fluke 179 is the far better of the two gadgets, but only if you need to have the further abilities that it offers. The average home hobbyist will get by swimmingly with the Fluke 117. The accuracy distinction isn’t a dealbreaker unless of course the work requires it. The company stands behind the two of them with a warranty that says a lot about the top quality of the merchandise.

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