Graco Magnum Project Painter Plus Review

Graco Magnum Project Painter Plus Review

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If you are a homeowner that is on the lookout for a paint sprayer, you have accomplished a sensible point examining out the Graco Magnum Undertaking Painter Furthermore.

Graco is identified for making actually excellent sprayers, and this distinct unit has been optimized for the house owner that would like to give their do it yourself work a pro-caliber touch.

There actually is really a bit to enjoy in this sprayer. The Graco Magnum Task painter plus features an remarkable reach of fifty feet, it is straightforward to clear, and it attributes sufficient paint movement settings to perform with amazing versatility.

A single of the ideal factors about the sprayer is that it is also fairly free of charge of downsides. We did notice that the suggestion is prone to clogging, but even this problem is mitigated by a couple of intelligent design parts. The backyard hose hook-up adapter can make the sprayer straightforward to clean, although the reversible suggestion will allow users to rapidly perform via clogs.

If this all sounds good to you, then read on for a more in-depth search at the Graco Magnum Task Painter In addition.

A Look at the Graco Magnum Project Painter Plus

  • 50-Foot Hose Length
  • Garden Hose Adapter
  • Reversible Tip
  • Adjustable Paint Flow
  • Onboard Storage
  • Prone to Clogging
  • Slightly Prone to Overspray


Business: Graco

Design: 257025

Proportions: twelve x thirteen.five x 13.5 inches

Weight: sixteen lbs

Graco Magnum Project Painter Plus Review

Easy to Clean: Good for Everyone:

1 of the ideal characteristics with this, and in truth numerous Graco merchandise, is that it is very straightforward to cleanse. This is because of primarily to the garden hose adapter port.

With this feature, cleansing out the vast majority of the sprayer is as straightforward as hooking it up to your backyard garden hose and letting the water do the rest.

This is a nice characteristic to have for many factors. For one particular issue, it is going to conserve you a whole lot of time in the extended run.

The other element to take into account is the issue of clogging. When you don’t thoroughly clean your spray method properly, it has a inclination to clog up and stop doing mid-occupation.

This takes place to fairly a lot every sprayer from time to time, but with great cleansing practices, it can happen a little bit significantly less.

Reversible Tip: Good for Momentarily Working Through Clogs:

Talking of clogs, the Undertaking Painter Furthermore also features a reversible tip. This part of the device is likely to be very good for quickly functioning by means of clogs that crop up while you are operating.

If you do knowledge a clog, you just reverse the tip and preserve spraying. Sooner or later, you will have to perform on fixing the clog the proper way, but this function does at the very least remove the need to stop mid-task.

This attribute is notably useful due to the fact the Undertaking Painter is relatively inclined to clogging. In truth, it would be truthful to say that clogging is this system’s Achille’s heel.

By natural means, this is going to be a minor bit frustrating no issue what, but the reversible tip aids to make the issue workable.

Fifty Feet of Hose Length: Good For Most Homes:

The motor on this sprayer is able of utilizing hoses up to fifty feet in size. Even though this is not the longest hose length that you will at any time see, it is likely to be enough size to accommodate the needs of most homes.

To set this in standpoint, a fifty-foot hose should be in a position to access the 2nd or even third tale of most houses.

If your hose is extremely tall, you may possibly need to enlist a sprayer that is a minor bit greater outfitted in the hose duration department. Nevertheless, for most end users, fifty-toes is lots.

On-Board Storage: Good for People With Limited Space:

Finally, the Graco Magnum Undertaking Painter Furthermore also features little compartments for onboard storage. With these compartments, you will be capable to effortlessly retailer your spray gun and tips. This feature will do well to accommodate the wants of property owners that are pressured for storage area.

This function almost certainly is not a dealmaker, but it is a good tiny perk of the product.

Graco Magnum Project Painter Plus Review

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Is this sprayer run on electrical or air?

This is an electrical sprayer.

Can this item be employed to apply stain to wood?

Definitely! With the right suggestion, you should have no difficulty making use of stain to wood.

What kind of warranty does this solution come with?

This item features a one particular-12 months constrained guarantee.

Graco Magnum Project Painter Plus Review

What the Users Say

User reception is mostly extremely heat to the Graco Magnum Task Painter Plus. Most of the consumers that we hear from DIYers that are seeking for a way to get pro-stage top quality at an affordable value.

While it would not fairly be exact to say that every person is totally pleased with the Undertaking Painter Furthermore, most folks do seem to be to feel that it provides in the section of good quality.

End users truly value the easy to cleanse aspect as nicely as the reversible tip that eliminates the want to cease doing work in the middle of a project.

Nevertheless, there ended up a pair of issues. For one particular issue, most skilled end users seem to agree that the Project Painter Furthermore clogs more than the regular sprayer. This concern is aided by the reversible idea, but people do nonetheless discover it frustrating.

We have also read from folks who say that they are likely to overspray with this sprayer, although this could be mainly attributed to their personal strategy flaws.

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As you have most likely gathered, the Graco Project Painter Additionally leaves really minor to complain about. The easy to clear interface, the reversible suggestion, and the soreness circulation options are all features that make for a extremely capable sprayer.

It’s even priced competitively. While most men and women probably would not say that this sprayer was inexpensive it is cost-effective relative to other prime-tier units.

The problem of clogging is absolutely a drag, even though it also is not sudden. If you can appear past this dilemma, then you will uncover considerably to enjoy in the Graco Project Painter Furthermore. Our view is that this is the best choice for do-it-yourselfers seeking for professional-good quality finishes on a spending budget.

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