Hilti vs Milwaukee: Which Power Tools Brand is Better in 2022?

Hilti vs Milwaukee: Which Power Tools Brand is Better in 2022?

Dozens of companies make electrical power instruments for homeowners, hobbyists, and professionals alike. Whilst many of these brand names produce similar kinds of equipment, there are drastic variances in good quality. In truth, pros only believe in a few of the a lot of power instrument manufacturers two of which are Milwaukee and Hilti. Equally of these manufacturers are identified for producing high-end equipment not equipment meant for the weekend warrior. As an alternative, these firms make durable, potent tools that are built to face up to every day professional abuse. But how do they stack up when compared head to head?

There’s no doubt that the two brand names make successful, trustworthy instruments, but we want to know which company is superior. So, we’re going to evaluate them on the metrics that matter value, energy, sturdiness, warranty, and lineup. By the finish of this post, you will be all set to pick a side, being aware of exactly how their instruments assess to the closest opposition.

A Quick Comparison

Image Product Details
Hilti vs Milwaukee: Which Power Tools Brand is Better in 2022? Hilti
  • Established: 1941
  • Headquarters: Schaan
  • Liechtenstein
  • Product lines: 22V cordless
  • Corded power tools
  • Major Subsidiaries: Hilti
    Hilti vs Milwaukee: Which Power Tools Brand is Better in 2022? Milwaukee
  • Established: 1924
  • Headquarters: Brookfield
  • Wisconsin
  • Product lines: M12
  • M18
  • M18 FUEL
  • Major Subsidiaries: Techtronic Industries

    Brief History of Hilti

    Hilti vs Milwaukee: Which Power Tools Brand is Better in 2022?

    Hilti was initial established back again in 1941, by two brothers Martin and Eugen Hilti. By the stop of the nineteen forties, Hilti experienced received their 1st patent and started out to manufacture actuated nail guns and hand generate equipment. By 1952, Hilti had brokered their initial worldwide product sales arrangement, supporting to drive the brand name ahead. But Hilti’s big breakthrough came in 1957 when they launched the world’s 1st powder-actuated instrument the DX 100.

    By the time the 1960s arrived, Hilti experienced developed substantially and was running in about thirty nations. One of the founding brothers, Eugen Hilti, died in 1964, but the business ongoing to grow. By the conclude of the nineteen sixties, Hilti experienced introduced the very first electro-pneumatic hammer drill and the first mechanical anchor methods.

    It was not prolonged ahead of Hilti started opening up production plants in firms all in excess of the globe, beginning in Kaufering, Germany. An government board was then shaped in the mid-1970s. In 1980, the Martin Hilti Loved ones Have confidence in was recognized, and the manufacturer continued to reach out, ultimately securing markets in The united states, Africa, Asia, and Europe.

    The company continued its enlargement, and in 1990, Michael Hilti, son of Martin Hilti, takes more than the situation of CEO. New global markets ended up before long to adhere to, like Russia and South The us, as Hilti ongoing its path in direction of globalization.

    Founder Martin Hilti died shortly following in 1997, but the organization continued its ahead trajectory. By the early 2000s, the firm had begun to prioritize local community culture. But in 2009, an economic downturn caused the business to go through some major alterations. This resulted in a alter of leadership and strategy, which permitted Hilti to split the one-billion-dollar turnover threshold in North America for the very first time in 2015.

    Brief History of Milwaukee

    Hilti vs Milwaukee: Which Power Tools Brand is Better in 2022?

    Milwaukee instruments had been first produced in 1924, but the brand’s tale commences a little bit earlier. Henry Ford needed the typical ¼-inch energy drill to be enhanced, and he discovered a male inclined to do it named A.H. Petersen. Before long, Petersen had produced the hole-shooter, a lighter and more compact version of the drill that weighed just 5 kilos. It could be operated with 1 hand but nevertheless experienced sufficient energy for large-obligation employment.

    Petersen shortly had a new business partner Albert F. Siebert. They established the A.H. Petersen Business jointly, but it was ruined shortly soon after its creation by a fireplace. Nonetheless, Siebert managed to obtain the remaining belongings of the firm at auction, and employed them to reopen as Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation.

    Whilst the gap-shooter was very profitable for Milwaukee instruments, they manufactured most of their income in the beginning by repairing instruments instead than selling them. But this allowed the brand to understand about all the distinct troubles in their types as well as determining who exclusively was employing their instrument. With this details, they revised the resource, and it grew to become a necessity for any individual doing work in automotive or metalworking.

    In the 1930s, Milwaukee power instruments took off. The high quality of their production enhanced and they unveiled many new equipment, including electric powered hammers, sanders, grinders, and eventually, a light-weight electrical hammer drill.

    For the duration of WWII, Milwaukee answered the contact for manufacturing, and their gap-shooter was a needed instrument in the production of navy plane. This resulted in a number of orders from the US Navy.

    In the fifties, Milwaukee unveiled a reciprocating Sawzall. They continued to expand and expand by means of the sixties and 70s all the way through the 90s when they introduced an substantial line of eighteen-volt contractor-grade cordless tools that turned standard for specialists in several industries.

    Hilti vs Milwaukee: Manufacturing


    Hilti has a total of 11 producing facilities for making their goods. These are situated in countries throughout the world, and every single one particular specializes in constructing a particular sort of part. For case in point, the Los Angeles, California plant in the US makes large-duty diamond tools. The Hilti plant in Navasari, India, manufactures cup-wheels, reducing discs, core bits, and large blades.

    The really very first Hilti producing plant was in Schaan, Liechtenstein, and it’s nevertheless working right now. It was originally started in 1941, though it has long gone through many expansions and modernizations because then. This plant specializes mainly in steel anchors and direct fastening aspects like nails.

    There are also Hilti production plants positioned in Thuringen, Austria Kaufering, Germany Strass, Germany Kecskemet, Hungary Zhanjiang, China Shanghai, China Lanzenkirchen, Austria and Matamoros, Mexico.


    Milwaukee Electrical Resource Company was initial started in Wisconsin. However, given that then, they’ve been acquired by an global corporation Techtronic Industries, which is based mostly in Hong Kong and also owns numerous other notable manufacturers, these kinds of as Ryobi, Hoover, and Filth Devil. As this kind of, considerably of Milwaukee’s manufacturing has been transported abroad to factories in China and Europe. In reality, their most common resources are now created in China, like many M18 and M18 Gasoline cordless instruments.

    Nevertheless, they do have a sturdy manufacturing base in the US. In whole, Milwaukee has 4 US-based mostly producing vegetation. This consists of a key production plant in Brookfield, Wisconsin, furthermore 3 far more in Mississippi, located in Greenwood, Jackson, and Olive Branch.

    Hilti vs Milwaukee: Which Power Tools Brand is Better in 2022?

    Hilti vs Milwaukee: Product Lines


    Hilti makes a diverse array of tools, from common electrical power equipment to specialty equipment that are only utilised for very distinct needs.

    Power Tools

    Hilti’s line of cordless power tools contains rivet instruments, rotary hammers, drills, affect drivers, demolition hammers, grinders, saws, and vacuums. Furthermore, you will find specialty cordless equipment such as hydraulic pipe presses, hydraulic cutters and crimpers, cordless fasteners, dispensers, and much more. And they’ve also got corded electricity equipment, these kinds of as beefed-up rotary hammers, demolition hammers, diamond coring devices, and diamond cutting saws.

    Direct Fastening

    One of the resources that assisted Hilti obtain success was their 1st actuated fastener, and these days, they supply a number of immediate fastening tools. They make powder-actuated, fuel-actuated, and battery-actuated fastening instruments.


    Hilti has lengthy been recognized for its line of fasteners which includes screw anchors, wedge anchors, injectable adhesives, anchor rods, undercut anchors, sleeve anchors, nail anchors, plastic anchors, drywall anchors, design screws, drywall screws, nails, and many more.

    Specialty Tools

    Hilti specializes in giving fleets and massive-scale functions. They provide specialty and outsized tools, this kind of as modular assistance systems for pipes, air flow, electrical, seismic, and sprinkler applications. They even supply application for the layout and purchasing of this sort of systems.


    Milwaukee’s main target is cordless electrical power instruments. They do create some corded types, but primarily, they manufacture cordless energy tools intended for discerning professionals.


    The M12 lineup is Milwaukee’s most compact and inexpensive offering. They have a extensive assortment of instruments in the M12 loved ones, which have a stunning amount of electrical power for 12-volt tools. All M12 equipment use the exact same batteries, and the loved ones involves affect wrenches, effect drivers, crown staplers, torque wrenches, pipe push equipment, and far more.


    The M18 household is Milwaukee’s principal line of cordless energy tools. They’re 18 volts, and there are much more than a hundred and fifty equipment in the lineup, including Sawzalls, pipe cutters, crimpers, knockout tools, drills, effect motorists, influence wrenches, press tools, table saws, and far more.

    M18 FUEL

    M18 Gasoline tools are nonetheless 18 volts, but they offer you improved functionality by way of brushless motors and intelligent integration in between the tools and batteries.


    The largest tools that have been often gas-powered are now available in cordless battery-powered variations in the Milwaukee MX Gas line. This consists of behemoths like the 14-inch minimize-off noticed, jackhammer, main drill, tower light, and even a 3600-watt electrical power provide.

    Hilti vs Milwaukee: Price

    Milwaukee is presently deemed a high-finish model. They are one particular of the most expensive mainstream instrument companies, outpricing other dear competitors this kind of as DeWalt. Even so, Hilti equipment are so pricey that they make Milwaukee tools appear inexpensive by comparison.


    If you are cost shopping or searching for a spending budget buy, you much better skip Hilti. They do not supply anything even shut to a spending budget-priced item. These tools are for pros, and they specialize in providing fleets and large-scale operations. All of their resources are high quality items, so, in standard, you can count on to devote more on Hilti instruments than almost any other effectively-known device manufacturer.

    Some of their least expensive goods are person drills and affect drivers. But even these are more pricey than comparable choices from competing brands. They’ve also obtained some quite expensive huge equipment like jackhammers that can value numerous thousand.


    Milwaukee is also acknowledged as a higher-stop model, though their equipment are generally far more affordably-priced than Hilti. You can decide up a fundamental M12 or M18 drill or impact driver with batteries for a reasonable value. But they also have some wildly expensive merchandise, this kind of as any of the huge resources in their MX Fuel lineup.

    Hilti vs Milwaukee: Which Power Tools Brand is Better in 2022?

    Hilti vs Milwaukee: Warranty

    In comparison to the average guarantee you are going to get from most resource manufacturers, equally of these makes offer you rather first rate warranties, even though Hilti’s warranty is certainly outstanding.


    The Hilti guarantee is relatively particular amid instrument companies. They offer a two-tier guarantee, and it is the same for all Hilti tools. For the 1st two years, the device is completely lined. It will be fixed at no cost if a problem takes place for any purpose, which includes standard put on and tear. And for 20 many years from the date of acquire, each Hilti instrument is warrantied against problems in supplies or workmanship.


    Milwaukee delivers several diverse warranties, relying on the type of tool you have acquired. For energy tools, the guarantee time period is 5 several years. Throughout this time, the tool is warrantied for the original purchaser only, and it handles only faulty materials and workmanship. Normal use and tear is not coated underneath the Milwaukee warranty.

    Hilti vs. Milwaukee: Customer Service

    Regrettably, neither Milwaukee nor Hilti is acknowledged for its excellent consumer support. Consumers of both manufacturers have reported many frustrations with equally organizations notably with regards to warranties and support.


    A single of the most common complaints regarding Hilti is that there are no mend or alternative elements offered. This would be okay if they have been very good about residing up to their warranty, but according to a lot of customers, this isn’t the circumstance. It seems that they typically send tools back without having repairing them. Other moments, they repaired the resource, only to have the same situation take place once again soon soon after. Many users described becoming extremely unhappy at the deficiency of buyer services when they compensated these kinds of a high quality for their resources.


    Sadly, the buyers of Milwaukee weren’t much happier with the very poor buyer provider they gained. Many folks stated they were continuously awaiting replies that in no way came, after prolonged intervals of currently being on hold, just to hear that they would obtain a callback. There ended up also really a handful of stories of Milwaukee refusing to repair equipment and batteries that have been effectively inside of the guarantee interval.

    Head-to-Head: Impact Drivers

    Hilti 4-A22 vs Milwaukee 2853-20 M18 FUEL

    Hilti vs Milwaukee: Which Power Tools Brand is Better in 2022?

    As significantly as influence motorists go, the two of these equipment are powerhouses. They equally offer standard ¼-inch hex chucks for compatibility with all typical bits. The Hilti product characteristics a few gears, with a max torque score of 1717 inch-pounds in third gear. But the Milwaukee impact driver outperforms the Hilti in conditions of sheer torque, supplying an extraordinary 2000 inch-kilos of max torque.

    Items seem about the identical when we seem at the pace of these two similar products. The Milwaukee affect driver manages 3600 RPM at best pace or 4300 impacts for each moment. Whilst no slouch, the Hilti cannot quite hold up with a max velocity of 2700 RPM and a peak of 3500 impacts for each minute.

    When we compare measurement, the Hilti is a bit for a longer time at 5.8 inches when compared to the 4.59-inch duration of the Milwaukee. They are really similar in bodyweight, even though here, the Hilti takes the slight edge at two.1 lbs . a mere .1 lbs lighter than the Milwaukee.

    Neither of these affect motorists is cheap, but Milwaukee is more cost-effective by a reasonable margin, earning it yet an additional acquire.

    Our Verdict

    About the only place the place the Hilti effect driver manages to conquer the Milwaukee is in excess weight, and only slightly. In each and every other category, the Milwaukee driver outperforms the Hilti. Of system, the Hilti driver comes with a far better guarantee, but as much as functionality goes, Milwaukee wins by a landslide.

    Head-to-Head: Drywall Screw Gun

    Hilti SD 5000-A22 CPC vs Milwaukee 2866-22 M18 FUEL

    Hilti vs Milwaukee: Which Power Tools Brand is Better in 2022?

    If you’re a drywall installer, you need to have a committed drywall screw gun. The good news is, equally Hilti and Milwaukee supply equivalent goods to fill this want, but they are not extremely near in phrases of functionality. Nonetheless, these two resources are probably the closest in cost of any two resources of the identical sort among these brand names. If you store around, you may well locate the Hilti for more affordable. But when you assess them, it seems preposterous that they are priced so intently.

    To start, the Hilti screwdriver has brushed motors, even though the Milwaukee is equipped with much more successful and lengthier-long lasting brushless motors. That by yourself ought to make Milwaukee far more costly. And when it will come to overall performance, Milwaukee wins pretty much every classification. The Hilti gives seven foot-lbs of torque lackluster beside Milwaukee, which provides far more than ten foot-pounds of torque.

    You may well anticipate the Hilti resource to be lighter since it is considerably less strong, but again, the Milwaukee wins out at a total excess weight of 2.5 kilos, when compared to the 4-pound bodyweight of the Hilti. The Milwaukee is also a entire inch shorter, generating it a lot more workable.

    Our Verdict

    When yet again, Milwaukee is excellent to the Hilti in just about every way possible. The Hilti is a little bit more cost-effective this time, but they are so close in price tag that you might not even depend the difference. But they are worlds aside when it arrives to efficiency, securing Milwaukee an additional win.

    Head-to-Head: Rotary Hammer Drills

    Hilti Max TE 50-AVR vs Milwaukee SDS-Max

    Hilti vs Milwaukee: Which Power Tools Brand is Better in 2022?

    Comparing these two rotary hammer drills supplies the closest competition nevertheless. They each excel in specific ways, and they are really related with regards to overall performance. That explained, the Hilti is almost two times as pricey as the Milwaukee, so it’s likely to have to critically outperform the Milwaukee to pull out a earn.

    These instruments are very related in several ways. Both have a maximum little bit capability of one-9/sixteen inches. They each seem very similar and are about the exact same size. But the Hilti device is a little bit lighter at thirteen.four kilos the Milwaukee weighs in at fifteen pounds. It’s a tradeoff though, as the Milwaukee provides more electrical power. It has a solitary influence energy of five.five foot-pounds, compared to four.four foot-pounds from the Hilti.

    The Milwaukee also wins on pace, with the hammer drill maxing out at 450 RPM, while the Hilti tops out at 360 RPM. Nonetheless, the Hilti regains some ground on hammering frequency, outpacing the Milwaukee 3510 impacts per moment to 3000.

    There is one particular unique attribute on the Hilti that is lacking from the Milwaukee rotary hammer drill, which is energetic vibration reduction. While this can decrease the impact on the user’s arms, it is not a beneficial adequate feature in our eyes to double the price of the tool.

    Our Verdict

    While these two rotary hammer drills are pretty near in terms of functionality, the cost difference is just as well significantly for the Hilti to defeat. Milwaukee is the winner once more.

    Overall Brand Reputation


    Edge: Milwaukee

    While Hilti resources offer respectable efficiency, Milwaukee resources seem to be to outperform them each and every time. The Milwaukee resources constantly provided a lot more energy and greater speeds in lighter, far more compact deals. Granted, in some situations, the Hilti resources have features that are lacking from the Milwaukee product, but in phrases of uncooked functionality, Milwaukee equipment tend to be much better performers than Hilti tools.


    Edge: Milwaukee

    When it arrives to cost, there is almost no comparison between these two firms. Milwaukee tools are already identified for becoming large-end and expensive, but Hilti resources are considerably and away a lot more costly than Milwaukee kinds. When equivalent instruments from each manufacturers are shut in price tag, they are distant in functionality, with the Milwaukee outshining the Hilti by a huge amount.


    Edge: Tie

    The simple fact is, both of these organizations make top quality resources. Issues will occur in any brand name, but on the complete, these makers have a tendency to produce tough resources that final over and above the lifespan of sub-par instruments from other makes. This is confirmed by the fact that these two businesses provide some of the very best warranties in the energy tool industry.


    Edge: Hilti

    Even though equally of these brands have excellent warranties, Hilti is the distinct winner in this classification. Their original warranty interval lasts for only two many years, but it covers use and tear on the tool, which Milwaukee does not go over below their guarantee for any length of time. Milwaukee gives a 5-12 months guarantee only in opposition to flaws in resources or workmanship. Hilti gives a equivalent guarantee on top of their initial two-year warranty, and it lasts for twenty several years.

    Hilti vs Milwaukee: Which Power Tools Brand is Better in 2022?

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    In a immediate comparison in between Hilti and Milwaukee equipment, we consider Milwaukee is the clear winner in just about each and every aspect. To be honest, Hilti has a outstanding guarantee probably the very best in the industry. But Milwaukee tools outperform Hilti equipment by a enormous margin, and they’re considerably a lot more reasonably priced. For just about every single predicament, we’d decide for Milwaukee tools above Hilti.