Hitachi C12RSH vs Hitachi C12RSH2: Which One’s Best?

Hitachi C12RSH vs Hitachi C12RSH2: Which One’s Best?

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The Winner

Hitachi C12RSH vs Hitachi C12RSH2: Which One’s Best?
Hitachi C12RSH vs Hitachi C12RSH2: Which One’s Best? Hitachi C12RSH2
  • Somewhat lighter
  • Large sliding fence
  • Compact slide system
    The Runner-up

    Hitachi C12RSH vs Hitachi C12RSH2: Which One’s Best?
    Hitachi C12RSH vs Hitachi C12RSH2: Which One’s Best? Hitachi C12RSH
  • Excellent quality
  • Powerful and accurate
  • Plenty of capacity for large stock

    This assessment is a bit uncommon in that it compares one outstanding observed to its substitute, also an excellent observed. Comparing technical specs, there are slight changes to the successor observed, some lamented and some welcomed. These variations are inclined to drop into the capacity, adjustability, and good quality of each. Since the two receive leading marks, let’s get started.

    • Cutting capacity in both versions is excellent. Users report the ability to cut up to 12” wide stock and crown moldings up to 7+”.
    • Accuracy of cutting is spot on out of the box for both.
    • Both have a compact rail system that enables users to place and use the saw near walls.
    • One is manufactured in Japan, the other in China.
    • One is discontinued.

    Hitachi C12RSH vs Hitachi C12RSH2: Which One’s Best?

    What’s the difference between them?


    The technical specs and capacities of the two saws are virtually similar. The two attribute a belt-driven, 15 amp motor. The original spins at a no-load 3800 RPM in contrast to its replacement’s 4000. The capability to reduce huge inventory and intricate miters is only off by oneo in the favor of the C12RSH’s still left miter chopping variety -forty sixo as opposed to -forty fiveo. The attribute set is also virtually equivalent with some little, but noteworthy exceptions.

    • The C12RSH2 has a slightly wider stance (2 and 1/16th”) yet weighs a few pounds less.
    • The C12RSH2 offers taller sliding fences to accommodate larger stock, but reviews did not indicate one saw had greater capacity that the other.
    • The C12RSH offers micro-adjustments for setting both miter and bevel angles that the C12RSH2 lacks.
    • The saw guide rails on the C12RSH2 are exposed which might increase maintenance.

    Hitachi C12RSH vs Hitachi C12RSH2: Which One’s Best?


    Discovering accurate retail rates for the discontinued C12RSH was a bit tricky and probably does not mirror what you will pay out for a single right now. Present prices discovered on-line and in other places will mirror the issue of the observed, if it is used, new aged inventory (NOS), or refurbished by Hitachi or one more enterprise. And that is something end users want to be careful about particularly about guarantee.

    The C12RSH2 is about ten% considerably less costly than the first retail cost of its predecessor. This is most likely the driver guiding Hitachi discontinuing the C12RSH to lessen the price tag for every noticed by modifying production areas and reducing some characteristics.

    Be aware: If you go right after the C12RSH, verify with Hitachi about when a guarantee commences. The manufacturing facility guarantee is 5 (five) several years on new saws. Some manufacturers start off the guarantee clock on the date of obtain or product registration. Some manufacturers begin warranties on the date of manufacture. Since the observed was discontinued someday in 2017, it is greatest to understand this aspect. Refurbished saws could have a five yr or considerably less guarantee. Used saws could not have any warranty if Hitachi prohibits remaining warranty existence transfer between homeowners. Validate all warranty specifics with Hitachi.

    Hitachi C12RSH vs Hitachi C12RSH2: Which One’s Best?


    If you equate the fat of the saw with sturdiness, equally must operate for a long time. The C12RSH weighs sixty three.nine lbs and the C12RSH2 suggestions the scales at fifty nine lbs. Users experienced couple of, if any, concerns with the longevity of either. What users did report appeared to be receiving a “lemon” from the factory concerning the C12RSH2. For the C12RSH, grievances associated beauty problems for the most element like broken adjustment knobs.


    The compact dimensions is a key characteristic of the two saws coupled with their “zero-clearance” wall-hugging capability. The saws are ergonomically created with a vertical, cushioned grip to decrease fatigue in excess of prolonged intervals of use.

    Out of the box experience

    With a number of exceptions, the unboxing knowledge was constructive. Packaging was good, and the solution arrived prepared to operate following a number of setup methods. Precision was overwhelmingly rated as dead-on. However, a single significant area with people providing equally saws a reduced ranking was with poor precision that could not be corrected. Before utilizing possibly saw extensively, be sure to check out the precision and report any concerns to your retailer or Hitachi’s guarantee provider.

    Quick Rundown of C12RSH

    Hitachi C12RSH 15 Amp 12-Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw with Laser (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

    • Hitachi Power Tools has renamed to Metabo HPT. Same great tools, with only a new name.
    • Watch the Hitachi Tool Corner video for this miter saw
    • Watch the Hitachi Tool Corner video for this miter saw (long version)

    The original set higher requirements.

    • Excellent quality
    • Plenty of capacity for large stock
    • Powerful and accurate

    Quick Rundown of C12RSH2

    Hitachi C12RSH2 15-Amp 12-Inch Dual Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw with Laser Marker

    • Hitachi Power Tools has renamed to Metabo HPT; Same great tools, with only a new name
    • Compact slide system allows the saw head to slide along fixed rails, for zero clearance. Laser Marker System from Hitachi increases…
    • Max Cutting Capacities (HxW) 90 Degree Cross Cut 4 to 3/16×12 ,1/4 inch or 4 11/16×10 3/16 inch. 45 Degree Miter (L/R) 4 3/16×8 5/8…

    The 2nd generation inherits most of its predecessor’s qualities.

    • Same as noted above plus,
    • Somewhat lighter
    • Still heavy
    • Still not a beginner’s saw
    • Still poor dust collection
    • Missing the micro adjustments for miter and bevel
    • Quality has taken a slight hit

    General user impressions

    The optimistic massively outweighs the unfavorable when it will come to user reactions to each saws. As mentioned in the previous sections, the accuracy, good quality, capability for big inventory, quiet however powerful operation, and potential to use the saws in constricted regions or on a shallow bench arrived up repeatedly. The blades supplied with both saws produce clear, correct cuts but you will want a far better blade for expert ending operate.

    Weight is a slight issue for consumers who transfer the noticed often. For these who leave it in one particular spot, further bodyweight will stabilize procedure and aid minimize vibration. It looks that dust selection is not a “thing” with either observed even when linked to a shop vac system. A few lamented the loss of the micro-adjustments from the C12RSH but only rarely. Acquiring a “lemon” from the manufacturing unit was the largest unfavorable for each saws, and the ordeals getting gratification either from the retailer or Hitachi ended up not universally positive.


    Let us wrap this up if you favored the first, you will like the replacement. They are so comparable in characteristics, abilities, and overall performance that the small variations will be unnoticeable and not impact functionality. Nonetheless, there is a specified cachet in possessing the Japanese version. Several folks like to obtain a item manufactured in Japan since of their popular reputation for good quality. If that is you, shop for a C12RSH. For every person else, Hitachi has accomplished an superb work creating an equally able successor to the C12RSH in the C12RSH2.