How Fast Do Olive Trees Grow (and How to Grow Them Faster)?

The olive tree is a fantastic plant that generates tasty fruit. It grows well in heat temperature, and you can even increase it indoors. Given that some kinds can get quite huge, a lot of men and women ponder how quick this plant can develop. The brief response is that most olive trees normally develop 2–4 inches for every year, but hold reading as we talk about the charge at which olive trees can increase and other intriguing details.

How Fast Do Olive Trees Grow?

Olive trees are exceptionally slow growing. Some versions expand less than twelve inches yearly, with a number of only growing 1 inch annually. However, most varieties will expand 2–4 inches a 12 months. These trees typically live much more than 500 years, so there is no hurry to reach their highest height.

Growth Rate Per Year

The age of your olive tree will affect its expansion rate. The initial yr soon after you plant your tree, it will grow a little bit slower even though the roots just take maintain, so it will most likely develop only 1–2 inches. In the course of the 2nd and 3rd many years, the roots will be more powerful, and the tree will typically produce faster at a fee of 2–6 inches for every 12 months. Once it is been expanding for four several years or more, the tree will expand at its maximum charge of 2–12 inches each year, relying on the assortment. Soon after the tree reaches 5 years outdated, it will create tasty olives each and every 12 months.

Age in Years Growth Rate in Inches
1 1–2
2–3 2 – 6
>= 4 2–12
>= 5 2–12 + fruit
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How Tall Do Olive Trees Grow?


The closing peak of your olive tree will rely on the assortment that you are expanding. Most olive trees will develop 25–50 ft tall if you plant them in the ground. If you develop them in pots, they generally grow to only about 10 ft tall, but which is even now too big for a lot of properties, so numerous gardeners will choose a dwarf range to develop indoors.


The weather the place you increase your olive trees will influence their expansion rate. Olive trees are heat-weather conditions crops that increase very best in a developing zone previously mentioned nine. You can expand them in cooler temperatures, specially indoors, but it will gradual the development charge. You can anticipate the very same range to expand more quickly in a hotter weather.


The spot of your tree will also influence the charge of development. Olive trees can produce large roots that penetrate deep into the ground, so a lot of gardeners advocate planting them at least eight toes away from constructions or underground utilities. Planting your olive tree in a pot can result in the roots to turn into compacted, which might sluggish its progress.

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Olive trees favor to develop in loamy soil, a mixture of sand silt and clay. They like dry soil and have an remarkable capacity to withstand drought. Planting an olive tree in moist soil might damage the roots, which can gradual its development. Transplanting your olive tree into a new pot every couple of years can assist maintain the roots from getting to be compacted.


Olive trees are extremely resistant to drought and have prolonged roots that can lengthen a extended length in research of water. Nonetheless, you will nevertheless need to h2o your olive tree every week to preserve it healthier. To stop injury to the roots, enable the soil dry out entirely after you drinking water the tree.


Olive trees are scorching-weather plants that increase ideal in lots of sunlight. Plant your olive tree the place it will get at the very least six several hours of immediate daylight every single day

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How Long Do Olive Trees Live?

Olive trees can live a lengthy time, and the common existence expectancy is about 500 many years. However, many trees can live fairly a little bit longer, and there are a number of examples of olive trees that can attain 1,five hundred several years old or far more.

Which Olive Trees Are Best?

The olive tree is an historic range of plant that folks have cultivated globally to produce different kinds with distinct functions. For instance, the Arbequina olive tree is resistant to frost, so you can expand it in cooler climates, and the Koroneiki olive tree is ornamental and easy to increase, so numerous gardeners like to expand it indoors.

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Olive trees generally increase 2–4 inches yearly, but some varieties can develop up to twelve inches a 12 months. Appropriate care will help the tree expand more quickly, although cooler temperatures and cramped pots can gradual development substantially. However, several conventional types need a expanding zone higher than what you will uncover in most of the United States, but modern breeding methods have developed numerous sorts that you can grow indoors, like dwarf types. For the greatest benefits, we recommend searching all around to find an olive tree that grows effectively in your region.

Showcased Image Credit score: Ulrike Leone, Pixabay