How Long Do Cars Last? Car Longevity Statistics (2022 Update)

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A automobile is arguably a single of the most important human inventions in history. It gave us far more than just independence, and that’s why we have no qualms about it being referred to as “The Social Match Changer.”

Nowadays, we’ll be sharing with you data about the average car’s longevity. Why, you request? Well, due to the fact we feel these are the sort of factors that ought to be public information. Also, they’ll make you appreciate the a variety of advancements that we’ve witnessed in the technological field, and possibly even train you a factor or two about that 4 wheel beast of yours.

Top 8 Car longevity statistics

  1. A car’s depreciation rate is 15-35% in year one.
  2. Life expectancy of a typical car is 8 years or 200,000 miles.
  3. In the 1930s, cars had a life expectancy of 6.75 years.
  4. Well maintained cars can cover more than 1,000,000 miles.
  5. Keeping a car for more than 15 years will save you $30,000.
  6. Temperatures above 220 degrees will damage your car engine, and several other components.
  7. Cars should not be exposed to temperatures below negative 76 degrees.
  8. On average, a tire has a 50,000-mile lifespan.

The recommended years of usage

1. A car’s depreciation rate is 15-35% in year one

(Money Helper)

Depreciation is fundamentally what you stay with right after deducting the car’s promoting price from its getting price tag. Say, you bought it at a marketplace price tag of $ten,000. A 12 months afterwards, you choose to market it. But you are going to have to sell it at $7,000 due to the fact which is what the marketplace forces dictate. If you do the math, you are going to recognize it has depreciated by thirty%.

How Long Do Cars Last? Car Longevity Statistics (2022 Update)
Image Credit: andreas160578, Pixabay

2. Life expectancy of a typical car is 8 years or 200,000 miles

(Consumer Reports)

‘Typical’ in this circumstance is used to refer to brands that are reputable and common in the market. Not the kind that have not even been graded by Client Reviews. So if you’re searching to commit in anything that will easily go over 200,000 mile or even far more, go for a manufacturer that has withstood the check of time.

Most of these brands make autos that are so durable because they’ve carried out their thanks diligence, and now know what sort of lubricants to use, how to prevent rust, and far more importantly, how to consider benefit of an powerful powertrain technologies.

3. In the 1930s, cars had a life expectancy of 6.75 years


A lifespan of six.seventy five many years intended individuals cars could only protect fifty,000 to 90,000 miles, just before getting rendered unusable.

We know this sounds crazy, but it’s in fact true. Element of the cause why that was, was since technological innovation wasn’t fairly as advanced as it is in this day and age. Also, the roadways and infrastructure have been horrible.

The strides that we have produced in the auto business need to mostly be credited to the advancements in technologies, by the way.  The results trickled down to the vehicle producing workshops, and which is why we can all see price in the money we are inclined to spend.

How Long Do Cars Last? Car Longevity Statistics (2022 Update)
Image Credit: salmanbutt8999, Pixabay

4. Well maintained cars can cover more than, 1,000,000 miles

(Guinness Entire world Record)

Have you ever read of Irv Gordon? He was a Guinness Planet Report holder, who owned the 1966 Volvo p1800, a vehicle that lined 3,039,122 miles with no slipping apart. When he was questioned by Well-known Mechanics what he did to make all that feasible, he stated he usually made sure that his transmission fluid was changed following every single 25,000 miles, and the engine oil right after each and every 3000-three,500 miles.

And that’s not the only crazy component about this complete tale. Mr. Gordon also managed to extend the lifestyle of his car’s clutch (it was a handbook transmission, by the way) to 450,000 miles. In scenario you didn’t know, an common clutch has a life expectancy of fifty,000 miles. These who’ve tried to preserve it earlier that length, have only managed to get it to a hundred,000 miles.

Even though carrying out routine maintenance and repairs, don’t spend in cheap parts or fluids. Of program if you do, you’ll be able to save a few coins and almost certainly get that car running once again. Even so, there is a caveat. And it is the truth that you are going to have to offer with some financially draining consequences down the road.

Just take the transmission fluid, for case in point. If you get a single that hasn’t been advised by the company, the damage triggered will diminish the extended-time period trustworthiness of the vehicle, and compel you to invest in costly repairs.

If the company receives wind of what you have completed, they’ll most most likely void your warranty. So the issue that you should to be inquiring by yourself is, “Is it value it?”

5. Keeping a car for more than 15 years will save you $30,000

(Consumer Reports)

This fact appears perversely counterintuitive, but analysis specialists at client reviews have confirmed it to be true. 1st off, the restore and routine maintenance charges are items that will always be there. No one can dodge those. However, if you know all things autos, you can simply restrict the depreciation impact. And in doing so, you are going to be conserving income in the lengthy run.

For the file, coaxing any sort of vehicle to two hundred,000 miles is not that tough. All it demands is a minor cash and some diploma of patience. But… if you sort of feel like you are being strained monetarily, we would advise you to get rid of it. A good expense should not take in into your financial savings.

How Long Do Cars Last? Car Longevity Statistics (2022 Update)
Image Credit: Bromine, Pixabay

6. Temperatures above 220 degrees will damage your car engine, and several other components

(McNally Institute)

Heat can extensively damage your car’s parts, thereby decreasing its longevity. Let’s speak about the battery, for a minute.

We’ve always been advised by producers (and even mechanics) that the two worst enemies of a car’s battery are warmth and vibration. But the outcomes of vibration aren’t as significant as those of high temperatures since the vibration will only loosen up the plates.

Heat, on the other hand, will go as much as evaporating all the battery’s fluid. And as soon as that’s gone, the internal structure of the part will be compromised. It’s also the trigger of a cracked engine block.

7. Cars should not be exposed to temperatures below negative 76 degrees

(Mr. Transmission)

Hypothermia is not something that you are going to have to be concerned about if you expose your auto to chilly temperatures. But, if you’re searching to extend its longevity, you’ll want to pack it in a warmer setting.

Extremely low temperatures will have an effect on different automobile elements, including the gas strains, transmission, batteries, tires, and motor oil. The oil, for case in point, will thicken and make it tough for the pump to effectively circulate it.

How Long Do Cars Last? Car Longevity Statistics (2022 Update)
Image Credit: Pexels, Pixabay

8. On average, a tire has a 50,000-mile life

(Bob Moore)

If we had to give an estimate in terms of many years, we would say you should think about altering them after a few to five several years. But of program, this depends on a quantity of factors. Assuming they are softer tires, they’ll give an amazing grip on pavements. Which means, they’ll put on out more rapidly than tough tires.

Treadwear ranking is another important factor to consider into account. If the scores are high, your tires will very last for a longer time than the typical tire.

Frequently asked questions about car longevity 

Is a 20-year-old car a good investment?

(Office of Transportation)

There is absolutely nothing wrong with purchasing a 20-year-aged car. It could be a vintage with a realistic mileage. But prior to you make investments your hard-earned funds, you initial have to do some owing diligence.

The one particular issue that we’d want to question the proprietor is, “Do you dwell in a salt point out?”

This question might seem like 1 that has no bearing on the transaction you are about to make, but it does. States that usually expertise weighty snow pounding down on roads typically have their Division of Transportation salt their roadways to ensure driver protection.

Winter season roads have been acknowledged to result in a whole lot of accidents in excess of the many years, due to the slippery nature of ice. And to solution the difficulty, regional authorities constantly sand and salt their roadways. It’s a approach which is intended to fall the ice’s freezing position from 32 levels to 20 degrees, and improve traction.

But however, there’s a draw back to this. That precipitation will come with carbon dioxide and oxygen components. Aspects that will certainly react with the car’s metal parts in the presence of cost-free-radical ions (found in highway salt) to produce iron oxide—Also recognized as rust.

How Long Do Cars Last? Car Longevity Statistics (2022 Update)
Image Credit: reverent, Pixabay

Is rust bad for cars?

It is amusing how drivers normally consider that rust (iron oxide) is a beauty problem that can be remedied whenever. When in essence, it’s one of those difficulties that can speedily snowball into one thing costly. If it somehow manages to get by way of the car’s floor, it will transfer on to assault the vehicle’s body, and that’s when the actual difficulty begins.

Any experienced mechanic will validate that body rust is a significant security issue. It is a issue that affects the vehicle’s integrity, as it has the prospective to lead to some of the areas to crack or snap off. You are going to not only be compromising your personal security, but also that of other motorists and passengers.

Furthermore, since the afflicted components will not be as sturdy as they utilized to be, your survival fee substantially reduces ought to you uncover by yourself in a collision.

What’s the most reliable car brand?

(Consumer Reports)

We’re happy you requested since Customer Stories released their 2021 survey just the other working day, and we received to understand some interesting items about what goes on in the marketplace. They had Lexus as the most reputable vehicle brand, adopted by Mazda and Toyota. They had been also gracious ample to share what the most improved brands had been, and the award went to Acura and Infiniti.

Brand trustworthiness is completely an important factor to contemplate when you are making an attempt to determine out a car’s longevity. You don’t want to acquire anything that only provides bells and whistles. These characteristics won’t previous, and you will locate yourself back again in the marketplace after two-a few years.

How Long Do Cars Last? Car Longevity Statistics (2022 Update)
Image Credit: Pixabay

How much mileage is too much mileage?

There’s actually no particular variety, but if the vehicle has protected fifteen,000 miles or much less in a one calendar 12 months, that is a very good quantity. Something above that should be categorised as substantial mileage.

Or we could look at it from this point of view if it has accumulated a total of two hundred,000 miles or much more, it’s lived a excellent existence already. It may possibly not be all set for retirement, but you ought to know chances are you are going to commit seriously in repairs and servicing.

Are gas-powered cars better than electric cars?

Depends on how you appear at it. If you want to get something that will not make you sweat striving to appear for spare components, then the reply is sure.

Fuel-driven cars have been all around the block for a moment now. You could actually switch the corner, and locate a spare element that you didn’t even know you necessary. But when it comes to electric powered automobiles, you will have to seem for certain sellers. Sellers who, by the way, might ask you to area an get and wait around, so that they could ship in the areas on your behalf.

Final Word

Having excellent treatment of a automobile does not imply that it will serve you for the relaxation of your existence. You are going to get to a position where you will no longer come to feel protected driving it, or the fees of servicing will be way too large for its benefit. When that time comes, you will know it is time to transfer on to some thing greater.


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