How Many MPG Does a Motorcycle Get?

With the expense of fuel on the rise, a lot of men and women are searching for ways to get far better fuel mileage, and a motorbike can be a excellent way to do that. Many individuals thinking about getting a motorcycle want to know how numerous miles per gallon (mpg) they can anticipate to get. The brief response is that motorcycles typical a little more than 56 mpg, but that can vary considerably primarily based on numerous aspects. Hold reading as we look at how to get the greatest gasoline mileage from a motorcycle.

Things Affecting Motorcycle Gas Mileage

How Many MPG Does a Motorcycle Get?
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Engine Size

The size of the engine in your motorcycle will be one of the biggest factors impacting your gas mileage. Bikes with massive engines will source more power, but they will also use a lot more gasoline. The Kawasaki Z900, for occasion, has a big 948-cc engine, so its MPG is going to experience, and some customers report it currently being as lower as 37.nine. The Yamaha YZF-R1 will get a minor underneath 32 miles per gallon with its 1,000-cc motor. Other bikes with a little engine can get better gasoline mileage. With its 159.six-cc engine, the Honda PCX receives 106 miles for every gallon, and the Yamaha YZF R15 V4 with its one hundred fifty five-cc engine receives about 104.

Bike Name Engine Size CC Gas Mileage
Yamaha YZF-R1 1,000 32
Kawasaki Z900 948 37.9
Honda PCX 159.6 106
Yamaha YZF R15 V4 155 104

Transmission Type

How Many MPG Does a Motorcycle Get?
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Manual Transmission

One factor that can influence how significantly gas the motor utilizes is the transmission. Handbook transmissions are the the very least costly and the most common, but they have the poorest gas mileage. That mentioned, this sort of transmission needs the rider to change the gears when essential, so a much more knowledgeable rider can get far better gasoline mileage than a new rider.

Dual-Clutch Transmission

A twin-clutch transmission is a sort of manual transmission that enlists the support of an onboard computer to hasten the transition from one particular equipment to one more, which can aid enhance gasoline mileage. Much more experienced riders will nevertheless have an gain more than new riders, but equally would experience an enhancement.


Automatic transmissions consider care of all the gear shifting for you, so it takes place at the suitable time, resulting in a significant improvement to gas mileage. This sort is becoming much more well-liked, and it delivers a new rider the same gas cost savings that it delivers an experienced a single.

Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)

Whilst most transmissions use many gears and hydraulics, a constantly variable transmission utilizes a single solitary equipment that tends to make use of a pulley program. This transmission sort allows bikes to get much better gas mileage, but it’s not that popular however. Both rookie and expert riders will obtain the very same reward to gasoline milage because the program is completely automatic.

How Many MPG Does a Motorcycle Get?
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A semi-automated transmission is equivalent to a guide transmission, but the driver doesn’t use a clutch. It permits the driver to have comprehensive manage above gears with no the complexity of operating the transmission. It gives a easy trip and raises gasoline mileage. While experienced riders will encounter much better fuel mileage, the studying curve is significantly more compact, so beginners will gain also.

Other Options

1 choice that modern bike riders can decide on is an electric powered engine. Numerous brands, like Harley Davidson, Zero, and Brammo, have bikes that can get far more than 100 miles on a one demand. This technologies will only boost in the future.


When selecting your subsequent motorbike, we highly suggest getting a search at an electric powered design, as it can assist cut the expense of gas although lowering your environmental impact. If battery power isn’t for you, you will discover a lot far better gasoline mileage with an automated transmission than a handbook 1, however the guide transmission is much easier to discover and much less high-priced. A CVT, dual-clutch, or semi-automated transmission will also support boost your fuel mileage, and it will shell out for itself in personal savings.

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