How Much Do Americans Drive? The Surprising Answer!

Travel is a main part of America’s id, with totally free vacation amongst states enshrined in the Constitution’s Article IV. With much more sprawling land than Europe, People in america rack up a great deal of miles a year—13,474 miles per year, in accordance to the Federal Highway Administration.

That adds up to four cross-region round excursions for each 12 months, or three.2 trillion miles a yr as a region. That is an completely staggering quantity of journey! You’re almost certainly questioning how Individuals evaluate to other nations around the world about the world. Don’t be concerned! We’re acquiring into that beneath. Study on to locate out.

What Nation Drives the Most?

You might previously have a suspicion, but we’ll just tell you—it’s the US. Other nations push a great deal also, although. Let’s check out out how the entire world compares!

Nations That Push the Most by Once-a-year Mileage
  • The US: thirteen,474 miles for each year
  • Australia: 8,555 miles for each year
  • Italy: 8,256 miles for each yr
  • France: 7,424 miles for each 12 months
  • Germany: seven,209 miles per calendar year
  • The United kingdom: six,987 miles for each calendar year
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What States Travel the Most?

You may well have a broad guess as to what states drive the most, but we guess the real stats will shock you. Let us get a appear at what states push the most miles for every calendar year.

States That Push the Most by Mileage
  • Alabama: 17,817 miles for each 12 months
  • Arizona: thirteen,090 miles for every year
  • California: twelve,524 miles for every calendar year
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What Age Team Drives the Most in the US?

It’s hard to say who must be driving the most out of America’s age teams. There are youthful people with far more time on their hands, active middle-aged experts, or retirees who frequently have the two cash and time to invest. The responses may possibly shock you, or you may have guessed correct. Let’s examine the stats out under.

Age Teams by Annual Mileage (The two Genders)
  • 16–19 a long time previous: 7,624 miles per yr
  • 20–34 years outdated: fifteen,098 miles for every year
  • 35–54 many years previous: 15,291 miles for every yr
  • 55–64 several years previous: 11,972 miles for every calendar year
  • 65 many years previous: seven,646 miles per calendar year

It turns out that the youthful and the aged don’t drive that a lot it’s mainly in their twenties when a particular person starts driving a good deal. Retirement age sees a steep drop-off in mileage way too, so it looks seniors want to loosen up at home much more often, and we can’t blame them.

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Do Gentlemen or Girls Push Much more in the US?

Gentlemen, as it turns out. On regular, American males push about 16,550 miles for each year, although the common American female drives just ten,142 miles for each calendar year. This right interprets to an elevated opportunity of accidents, which is not served by the fact that guys are a lot more likely to interact in reckless driving habits than ladies.

Eventually, all that indicates men spend greater auto insurance policy premiums in the US than girls. The gap increases with age, way too. It’s crucial to be conscious of aspects like gender that can influence your car insurance policies rates.


Individuals love cars and the ability to journey, and the quantity of miles they travel for each year reflects that. Men travel significantly much more than ladies, and distinct states have various miles that they generate, as well! With all that explained, we really do not anticipate America’s love affair with driving to conclude at any time shortly.


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