How Much Do Window Screens Cost in 2022?

Window screens are an essential function in the design of a residence that results in a more welcoming and calming setting. Even though window screens are helpful and practical, it is critical to know that they are typically discovered at a reasonably higher price tag.

Make sure to study until the stop of this article to discover out the correct charges of window screens and any further needs you might require to consider along the way.

The Importance of Window Screens

Although window screens may possibly not seem like an vital component of your home’s design, they can drastically effect the quality of dwelling. Window screens protect the entire outer surface area of the window, gathering grime and debris that would otherwise adhere to the window. They serve as a protective barrier amongst the outdoors and the indoors, trying to keep away all the crawling and flying friends on the outdoors.

They supply an added layer of safety, permitting you to open the window totally and be shielded from insects coming into your residence. The mesh on the window monitor is usually made of metallic, plastic wire, or fiberglass, and they hold absent dust, leaves, birds, bugs, and other animals.

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How Much Do Window Screens Cost?

Finding the perfect window display can be difficult due to the fact so many alternatives are obtainable on the market place. The very first thing you have to contemplate is the content you want to use for the mesh. The mesh can be produced with different components, from minimum protective to most tough and lengthy-lasting. Fiberglass and aluminum are the least durable materials for window screens consequently, they arrive at a lower price. The 2nd issue you will want to contemplate is the kind of home windows you possess, which will give you a clue into what kind of display screen you want to get.

Screen material Price Screen type Price
Fiberglass $25–$150 Standard $25–$500
Vinyl $25–$250 Hinged $75–$800
Stainless steel $30–$400 Retractable $50–$800
Copper $75–$800 Adjustable $40–$800
Bronze $75–$800 Custom $75–$800
Brass $100–$800 Security $100–$1,000

Additional Costs to Anticipate

Installation Costs

If you buy currently assembled screens with the mesh connected to the frame, it will consider you only a couple of minutes to connect almost everything to the window. On the other hand, if you requested a window display specifically customized to the dimension of your window, it may possibly take some time and labor to set up every little thing in place. Typically, labor charges can differ in between $15 to $sixty for a standard window display screen. Labor expenses for measuring a custom made display, generating it, and fitting it on the window can price from $fifty to $250 for each window. One more thing that can impact the price is the measurement of your window— the greater the job, the larger the labor costs.

Replacement Costs

If you have older window screens and are hunting to replace them, maybe for a a lot more high quality mesh, you will need to have to pay out in between $thirty to $three hundred for every window. The price tag is higher for a easy substitute since the aged window display have to get taken out initial to in shape the new 1.

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Repair Costs

Restore costs will rely largely on the amount of window screens that want fix and the dimension of the home windows. Small window screens manufactured of fiberglass usually value close to $35 for every monitor, although more substantial screens can go up to $a hundred twenty five to change.

How Often Should I Replace Window Screens?

Window screens need to be managed and if there are any damages to the display, you might need to have to correct or change them immediately. Some occurrences are out of your control, this kind of as injury from wear and tear. It is advised to exchange the windows screens each 10 many years, even when their issue may appear fine. When you find some of these signs on your window display, it’s time to change them with new types.

  • Damaged fabric
  • Fading and discoloration of the mesh
  • Loose or warped frame
  • Difficulty in opening and closing windows

Does Home Insurance Cover Window Screen Repairs?

Home insurance coverage will never ever cover alternative or repairs of accidental harm you have completed or hurt from use and tear. The only state of affairs when residence insurance policies could go over the fees of replacing the window display screen is if it becomes destroyed owing to bad weather conditions. If a tree branch falls on your home, destroying the window monitor, you will most probably get insurance protection.

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How to Properly Maintain a Window Screen

There are a number of effective approaches of cleansing the window monitor with out detrimental it and prolonging its existence. To get the dirt and debris out of the mesh although the monitor is still up, you can use numerous techniques, these kinds of as vacuuming with a gentle attachment or utilizing a lint roller, toothbrush, or eraser. You can also clear the window screen with vinegar for a much more comprehensive, deep cleanse.


Window screens can significantly improve the lives of numerous property owners. Although they are wonderful to have, you have to preserve them effectively and put in them with caution to get the best benefits.



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