How Much Does It Cost to Drywall a Basement in 2022?

As the identify implies, drywalling is the construction, environment up, or reworking of partitions with no mortar. It is common in American properties as a cost-preserving and practical way to set up walls. Generally, a homeowner spends among $one.five and $two.five for each square foot on basement drywalling.

However, the sum you spend on a distinct undertaking depends on the kind of supplies, labor prices, and place dimensions. On that note, listed here is a comprehensive overview of the price of drywalling a basement.

Cost of Drywalling According to Type

Standard Drywalling

A home-owner will commit roughly $two for every square foot on regular drywall. This sort of development typically includes effortless-to-source and low-cost supplies, this sort of as gypsum and papers. Gypsum is a comfortable calcium compound that leaves powering a flat and clean floor when sanded down.

Even though regular drywalling is low-cost, the ultimate item is plain and unattractive. So, including sharp contrasts and bold people with wall artwork will beautify the wall. Of course, at a higher value.

Drywall Mud
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Fire-Rated Drywall

Also recognized as Variety X, hearth-rated is a unique kind of basement drywalling for residences and dormitories. Most men and women use fiberglass and other flame-resistant materials, which charges in excess of $.four per sq. foot. In addition, you will commit between $1 and $2 for each square foot on labor expenses. The labor expense of fire-rated drywalling is slightly greater when compared to other approaches simply because fiberglass is hard to operate with.

Moisture-Resistant Drywall

Moisture is a consistent in the basement. Humid and damp basements usually degrade more rapidly so you want moisture-resistant materials.

Greenboard is a perfect type of moisture-resistant design invented in the 1990s. It is frequently utilized in extremely humid regions such as loos to prevent mould progress and resist drinking water leakages.

The normal price of moisture-resistant drywall is above $2 for each square foot. But since specialists usually use greenboard, you must prepare the wall for mounting. Ideally, this involves cleaning and sanding down free particles, which are expensive and time-consuming.

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In a world obsessed with sustainability, we’d be remiss not to point out eco-pleasant drywalling ways. The bulk think about gypsum a suited prospect for this kind of design because it is eco-helpful, natural, and recyclable.

If you want a long-lasting item, go for gypsum boards. Gypsum boards are a high quality remedy to interior partitions, manufactured by molding gypsum into a ¼–1-inch thick boards to be mounted on walls.

Even even though gypsum is low-cost, the labor expenses of mounting boards are high. So put together to pay out far more when using them for basements.

What Do Professionals Look for When Determining the Cost of Drywalling?

Seasoned contractors draft invoices in accordance to:

The Size of the Wall

Modest basements have tiny surface area areas which will be quick to drywall. Hence, contractors will devote a handful of several hours planning and functioning on the site. The lesser the hrs, the cheaper the price.

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Location of the House

In some states like Hawaii, in which the price tag of a residence is shut to $1 million, drywalling a basement is costly. This might be because of to the rarity of construction resources, lack of skilled staff, or high dwelling specifications.

The same simply cannot be mentioned in Mississippi, exactly where the average cost of a home is nearly $160K. Here, house owners invest considerably less on basement initiatives.

The Shape of the Basement

It is simpler and quicker functioning on cubicles, unlike on round basements. The latter requires deep knowledge of geometry and sufficient time to make certain almost everything falls in the correct place. Thus, you will invest more on irregular and round basements.

A breakdown of the romantic relationship among labor specifications and the expense of drywalling a basement

There are 6 stages of basement drywalling tied to different labor charges.

  • Level 0 – This is the initial stage of construction where the structure is set up, and frames are secured in place with studs and screws. You will spend less than $0.6 per square foot on level 0 construction.
  • Levels 1 and 2 – A contractor will request between $0.7 and $1.6 to form compound joints and hang the walls.
  • Levels 3 and 4 – Spending between $0.7 and $2 on a fully covered, smoothly sanded, and painted wall at this stage is not bad. At this level, the wall is almost done, and a few layers of paint to cover loose gypsum particles will brighten up the basement.
  • Level 5 – For just $2.5 per square foot, homeowners will settle in for a glossy and perfect wall.

Cheaper Alternatives to Drywalls

Drywalling is one particular of the most hassle-free techniques of partitioning or developing a wall in the basement. But there are less expensive options you can indulge in.

Basement Floors
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Plywood is a single of the best developments in indoor assignments since it is affordable and spectacular. Additionally, a number of plywoods go over a huge area, but at the cost of diminished sturdiness and susceptibility to rot.

Veneer Plaster

Veneer surfacing is the software of a thin layer of plaster on a substrate. However the ultimate product is sturdy, the technique is exceptional in the United states, apart from in Massachusetts.

Textured Wall Panels

Designers enjoy prescribing wall options that will rapidly rework a spot inside the shortest time feasible. Textured panels are one particular of people materials created from plastic or paperboard. You can artistically merge them with an array of lighting fixtures and home furniture.

However, paperboard textured wall panels deteriorate when uncovered to large humidity. It is best to keep away from them in basements.


Drywalling is the artwork of environment up walls with minor use of drinking water. In a basement, this strategy is valuable to management dampness construct-up and reduce building expenses. On typical, you will spend in between $one.5 and $2.five for each square foot. Operating on irregular rooms that require intricate types scales up the value.

To slash down charges, search into drywalling alternatives this sort of as textured panels.



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