How Much Does it Cost to Install a Gas Fireplace Insert in 2022?

There is something cozy about curling up in front of the fireplace and reading a e-book or actively playing a board sport with the household. But a wood-burning fire can get high-priced, furthermore it’s a lot of work generating sure you are stocked up with firewood to final the wintertime.

If you don’t brain the preliminary value, changing your wooden hearth into a gas fire is a worthwhile investment. This a single is not for the typical DIYer, so let’s search at the pounds you can anticipate to devote.

Gas Fireplace Vs. Wood-Burning Fireplace

Other than the evident big difference between the two, there are a pair of notable variations in between a fuel hearth and a wood-burning fireplace. Allergy-sensible, a gas fire is much better simply because they usually melt away a lot far more effectively, thus releasing less irritants into the air. You will not find us arguing about the comforting odor of wooden heat—however, some studies display it can be a robust irritant to several individuals.

The other in addition for a gasoline hearth is instantaneous heat. You flip a swap, and the place is bathing in the warm orange glow of a fireplace, and you will feel the heat correct absent. A wooden hearth has to be began and constantly fed throughout the evening—and day if which is the major warmth supply for your home.

How Much Does it Cost to Install a Gas Fireplace Insert in 2022?
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How Much Does Installing a Gas Fireplace Insert Cost?

Two principal components contribute to the cost of getting a gasoline fireplace insert set up. Other than these two cost elements, we will go over a pair of other items to maintain in thoughts for the funds.

  • Cost of the fireplace: Depending on the particular features or type of fireplace you want, the price ranges from $580 to $900 on average.
  • Cost of installation: The average installation price is $300 to $1,800. The amount of work needed to prepare the existing ductwork and chimney play a role in the spread of this cost. Also, no regulations govern gasfitter labor rates.

There are some methods you can reduce again on these charges. For instance, making ready the spot beforehand and cleaning up can reduced the sum of labor you spend. One more important way you can help save income is by getting a number of estimates. As we mentioned, there is no regulation on contractors’ costs. So, by obtaining multiple estimates, you’ll be in a position to make positive you’re receiving the best offer feasible.

How Much Does it Cost to Install a Gas Fireplace Insert in 2022?
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Budgeting for Additional Costs

Like numerous property enhancement initiatives, there are frequently further charges that come up. Often they are predicted, but other occasions we get blindsided by them. Listed here are a number of added things to maintain in thoughts to give you an exact picture of the expenses of having a gasoline hearth installed.

  • Additional gas plumbing: Whether you’re replacing an existing gas fireplace insert or installing a new one, there will need to be some changes in the gas lines. This typically runs from $10 to $20 per linear foot.
  • Updating electrical: An electrician will also have to do electrical modifications in addition to the gas. When the electrical is changed, it will also need to be brought up to meet the current building code. There is no way to estimate this because each situation is very different. But you can expect a few hundred dollars in additional costs.
  • Redoing the surround: This is unavoidable as well. Like most cosmetic things, it can ultimately get as expensive as you want. But on average, to redo the fireplace surround, you can expect to pay from $3,500 to $7,500. Keep in mind you can get that price down, but it can also get much higher!
How Much Does it Cost to Install a Gas Fireplace Insert in 2022?
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Gas Fireplace Insert Maintenance

A major advantage of a gas fire versus its wooden-burning counterpart is that it needs quite tiny upkeep. The only two ongoing upkeep expenses are an once-a-year inspection that ranges from $75 to $one hundred twenty five and a chimney inspection/cleaning, which will expense a couple of hundred bucks on average.

These are not large fees, but they are essential. These jobs are for your basic safety, and they also add to the fireplace running proficiently. Above time, your fuel fireplace will commence to use out. In the course of these regular checkups, the technician will be able to fix or at minimum suggest repairs.

How Long Will a Gas Fireplace Insert Last?

Above the a long time, you will need to change parts in your gas fire. General, there are many cost-savings in contrast to a traditional fire, but it nonetheless will get pricey above time. So, when ought to you feel about changing it rather of fixing it?

Contemplating many gasoline fireplaces on the industry these days will final 10–15 several years, you’re greater off repairing it unless of course yours is obtaining up there in age. That getting mentioned, if repairs become much more recurrent or costly, it may possibly be time to replace it.

Visual appeal is a massive purpose 1 goes with a gas hearth. So, if yours is working but seeking dated, or you’re doing a major renovation to update the style of your residence, then it may possibly be value it to replace. The bonus is that much of the electrical or gasoline lines can be reused—hopefully with only slight modifications.

How Much Does it Cost to Install a Gas Fireplace Insert in 2022?
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Closing Thoughts

Set up of a fuel hearth insert can get very high-priced, especially when additional charges start incorporating up. But if you appreciate possessing a fire, it is almost constantly a worthwhile endeavor. Just feel, no a lot more getting cords of wood or spending the time and fuel by reducing your own firewood. Alternatively, flip a switch on the wall, sit again, and enjoy.

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