How Much Does It Cost to Install a Prehung Door in 2022?

If you are seeking at replacing your front or back doorway, you could be considering a prehung doorway. If so, it is essential to know how much it would cost to install a single.

Every property or developing owner will observe the rewards of a pre-hung door. It’s a specific variety of merchandise currently put in on the frame. You can use it quickly following purchasing it. Apart from other benefits, the installation will help save you a lot of time and funds.

In this article, we’ll talk about the cost and every little thing else you want to know about pre-hung doors. Hold reading to learn much more!

The Importance of Prehung Doors

If you have ever tried to set up a doorway in your residence, you know how handy a prehung door can be. The very last point you want to do is drill holes that harm the wall or the solution.

Here are several benefits of a prehung doorway.

Fast Installation

You do not have to commit hrs or times developing and setting up every piece of the doorway frame. If you set up the whole door in minutes, you save time for other initiatives. Also, you are going to decrease labor fees even if you employ the service of an individual else to do it for you.

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1 advantage of prehung exterior doorways is that they are weatherproof. They have an adjustable threshold that helps prevent the components from coming in under the door. This threshold is also created to maintain rodents and bugs out of your residence.

There are frequently temperature strips on either facet of the doorway body. They hold chilly and warm air from escaping close to the edges of your door, so they make your residence much more vitality-productive.

Already Cut Doorknob Holes

Due to the fact they currently have doorknob holes cut into the door, you will not have to be concerned about setting up them oneself. You’ll only require to connect the doorknob and lock once your doorway is installed.

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Prehung Door?

Prehung doorways are currently hinged to a body and can be installed as a unit. They cost far more than slab doorways, but they are simpler to set up and have much better strength performance. The installation may possibly call for some carpentry skills. Nonetheless, it’s doable for an intermediate DIYer.

The cost of installing a prehung door is between $322–$497 for each and every door. The whole value relies upon on the doorway measurement, the installation site, and labor charges in your spot.

Setting up an exterior prehung door will be costlier than an interior door since of aspects this sort of as weatherproofing and insulation.

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Breakdown of the Costs

  • Installation Cost: The installation cost of a six-panel interior door starts from $100–$154. However, this price can vary depending on the type of door, whether you want to replace the frame, and the project’s complexity.
  • Professional Labor Cost: Labor involves preparation, installation, and cleanup. The prehung door unit is set in a rough opening. Then, it’s leveled well and fastened into position with jamb edges. Professional labor cost ranges from $152–$246.
  • Job Supplies Cost: When installing the prehung door, you need supplies such as flashing, perimeter foam insulation, shims, and a drip cap. These materials can cost from $13–$15 for one prehung door.
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Here’s a summarized desk of all these expenses:

Installation $100–$154 per door
Professional Labor $152–$246 per door
Job Supplies $13–$15 per door
Equipment/tools $57–$82 per piece of rental equipment
Overall Cost $322$497 per door

Factors Affecting the Installation Cost of a Prehung Door

The Door’s Material

The major cost element of a prehung door is the door alone. The kind of content you pick will affect the cost significantly. For example, wood doorways are a lot more high-priced than fiberglass and metal doors.

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The Complexity of the Project

You’ll locate it simple to put in a prehung doorway if there is an existing frame for it. It is even simpler if the current frame is sq. and degree. But, setting up this door turns into far more sophisticated when there isn’t a frame or if the current one particular is broken.

In this kind of cases, you may possibly need to have to spend additional to eliminate and replace the old body just before setting up your new door.

Complexity of Customization

If you decide on to personalize your prehung doorway, it might value a lot more. For case in point, introducing glass panels will enhance fees. These panels should be lower and fitted into your new doorway prior to set up starts.

Does Home Insurance Cover Prehung Door Installation?

Your residence insurance policy firm should include the costs of changing your home’s exterior doorways if they are destroyed or destroyed in a covered peril, this sort of as a hearth. However, it will not go over prehung doorway set up if you only want to exchange your existing doors with new types. It also will not include if you are installing a prehung doorway because you do not like the colour of the present a single or really do not feel it coordinates with your decor.

There are some instances where installing prehung doors can be deemed a house improvement that boosts the value of your home. In these circumstances, it may possibly qualify for coverage beneath your policy’s extended substitute value provision. It would be some thing you’d want to discuss with your insurance business.

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How Long Does It Take to Install a Prehung Door?

Setting up a prehung door is effortless, but it might consider some time to ensure that almost everything goes effectively and the door fits.

A rough estimate for a professional carpenter would be about 20 minutes to 1 hour per door. If you install two or more doors at a time, that timeline would likely be more. As a novice, expect to spend at least 2 hours on each door.

When installing a prehung door frame, contemplate that these frames are produced a bit wider than needed to accommodate shrinkage in the wooden above time.

Uses of Prehung Doors

  • At New Construction: Prehung doors are commonly used for interior and exterior doors in new construction. The door is delivered to the site ready for installation. Then, it’s placed and secured into a rough opening in the wall.
  • In Damaged Door Openings: Another common use of prehung doors is when existing doors have been damaged or have deteriorated beyond repair. In such cases, it’s necessary to not only replace the door but its frame or jamb.  As long as the opening is sound, you can install a prehung door in place of your old one. It’ll save you time and money.
  • As an Exterior Door: If you are building a new home or adding a room to your home, you might need to install an exterior door in your new wall. If this is the case, you will need to use a pre-hung exterior door. The doorway needs to be perfectly square and plumb to install an exterior pre-hung door. This way, the door hinges will line up well with the hinge jamb.
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Disadvantages of Prehung Doors

The main drawback to using a prehung door is its excess weight. A common prehung door can weigh up to one hundred lbs . or a lot more. Moving it may possibly be a little challenging for one particular man or woman, but if you have help, transporting the doorway isn’t usually a issue.

A prehung door is an high-priced selection for your residence. If you are remodeling on a budget, this may not be the most value-powerful alternative for your home. Aside from, if you need to change several doorways in your house, getting many prehung doorways could expense far more.

The other limitation with prehung doorways is the variety of accessible proportions. These doorways have restricted dimensions. If you require some thing personalized-match for your opening, you won’t uncover it in the prehung door aisle. You will need to uncover a carpenter to build it, purchase one on the internet, or acquire it via a local shop with customization capabilities. This will very likely boost the total price of the door.


Ultimately, the expense of a prehung door installation is dependent on a variety of elements, which includes the materials you select and the contractor carrying out the operate. You may want to get several estimates prior to leaping into the undertaking. This way, you will guarantee you really don't wind up paying much more than necessary or going with reduced-good quality supplies.

That explained, a prehung door is often less high priced to put in than other kinds of door installations. As lengthy as you pick a trustworthy contractor, it’s most likely that your venture will slide in line with your spending budget anticipations.



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