How Much Does It Cost to Install a Sunroof in 2022? (with Pictures)

If you dwell someplace that will get very hot summer season weather conditions, having a roof that opens is a massive furthermore. A moonroof is a regular choice on many automobiles today. However, at times it’s much more possible to preserve funds on a base design or get an more mature product that doesn’t have that alternative. Either way, there are still choices. You may well even be stunned to find out that introducing a sunroof will not split the bank.

Moonroof vs. Sunroof: What’s the Difference?

A moonroof is the most common kind of sunroof on the market nowadays. Nonetheless, it has a couple of substantial distinctions from a classic sunroof that will influence set up charges.


How Much Does It Cost to Install a Sunroof in 2022? (with Pictures)
Image Credit: Danylo Samiylenko, Shutterstock

Sunroofs on most new vehicles offered right now will be a moonroof. These are made of glass—clear or tinted—that either tilts up or slides back again into a hole between the headliner and the roof.


How Much Does It Cost to Install a Sunroof in 2022? (with Pictures)
Image Credit: Gawlik Creations, Shutterstock

A traditional sunroof is even now on some cars today but is much more common on more mature kinds. Not like a moonroof, a sunroof isn’t produced of glass. It’s a panel that either tilts up to enable airflow or is removed from the roof.

How Much Does Installing a Sunroof Cost?

On typical, you can assume to shell out anyplace from $400–$three,000 to have a sunroof installed in your automobile. We’ll go in excess of a few of your possible possibilities to further realize these fees, from the most pricey to the least.

  • Panoramic Moonroof: This sunroof is often a factory option but can be installed as an aftermarket add-on. It’s a multi-paneled sunroof that usually goes the length of your roof. You can expect to pay anywhere from $1,500–$3,000 depending on whether it’s a factory add-on.
  • Aftermarket Moonroof: If you didn’t opt for a vehicle with a sunroof from the factory, you could add an aftermarket moonroof for about $1,200–$2,500.
  • Factory Option: Many vehicles come standard with a moonroof, but others offer it as a premium add-on. Depending on the particular style of sunroof and vehicle it’s being installed on, this will add $1,000–$2,000 to the purchase price.
  • Standard Sunroof: This is the most inexpensive option for installing an aftermarket sunroof. For $400–$900, you can have a simple tilt-up/pop-off sunroof panel.
How Much Does It Cost to Install a Sunroof in 2022? (with Pictures)
Image Credit: André Luís Alves Campos, Unsplash

Additional Costs to Anticipate

Some experts advocate towards setting up an aftermarket sunroof because of to the potential for leaks. Even a manufacturing facility-put in sunroof is not immune to these potential problems. But apart from the achievable repairs essential, a number of other factors play into further expenses to foresee.

How Difficult is a Sunroof to Install?

Distinct factors lead to how tough a sunroof is to put in. For a standard sunroof, most specialists could install it in about two several hours. As the complexity of the system increases, so will the time necessary for installation. This accounts for some of the variances in pricing aftermarket techniques.

It is attainable to set up a sunroof by oneself and there are really a number of Do-it-yourself kits on the market place. Nevertheless, unless of course you have a bit of autobody experience, this could be problematic in the future. Due to the fact if not accomplished appropriately, the sunroof will have problems quicker instead than later on.

If you opt to have a specialist set up your sunroof, get numerous rates. Obtaining 3–5 estimates guarantees that you get the greatest offer achievable. If a dealer does not want to give you a firm quotation or there are other red flags about their professionalism, it’s greatest to transfer on to a distinct 1.

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Sunroof in 2022? (with Pictures)
Image Credit: Alvis Taurēns, Unsplash


On average, how long does a sunroof last?

You can expect most higher-high quality sunroof systems to last 15–20 many years. This could be much more or much less based on the material utilized. If you have a professional put in the program, ensure they offer at least a few many years on the installation in addition to the system’s warranty.

Who can install a sunroof?

If you are opting for a skilled installation, you have some possibilities. Most automotive dealers can set up a sunroof. In addition, cars accessory retailers, body stores, or glass shops are all likely options for finding a skilled installer.

Can any sunroof be used?

A sunroof can be equipped onto nearly any motor vehicle. If you have a skilled do the put in, they will confirm fitment. Even so, if you get a Do-it-yourself kit, guarantee that you acquire one created to fit your automobile.


If you’re willing to offer with the prospective troubles that crop up with an aftermarket sunroof, it’s a worthwhile expenditure. A single last factor to keep in brain when contemplating this addition to your motor vehicle is you get what you spend for. Spend in a better, higher-good quality moonroof or sunroof from the commencing. You’ll have fewer foreseeable future concerns down the line.

Featured Impression Credit history: JD Weiher, Unsplash