How Much Does It Cost to Paint a Brick House in 2022?

Are you pondering about repainting your brick home? Possibly the paint is worn out, or you just want to try one thing new. Effectively, you are in the appropriate place. In this article, we will seem at the expense of repainting a brick property even though providing some vital information that will arrive in handy if you choose to go for it.

Benefits of Repainting Your Brick House

Generally speaking, the cost of repainting a brick house will price you everywhere among $3,500 and $10,five hundred for a 2,five hundred-square-foot home. This interprets to around $one.40–$4.20 for each sq. foot. Apart from these average prices, other charges might need to be factored in. If it’s inside your budget, painting your brick home has a lot of positive aspects.

How Much Does It Cost to Paint a Brick House in 2022?
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Boosting Curb Appeal

Portray your brick house is an superb way of rising the worth of your home and increasing its control attractiveness. When accomplished appropriate, it makes a important visible influence.

Protects the House From the Elements

Portray your home will lessen fading and help detect any rot repairs that require attention. The paint will also near your residence off from any seasonal temperature damage.

How Much Does It Cost to Paint a Brick House in 2022?
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Easier to Clean

Brick siding is naturally porous, which signifies particles can get lodged in each and every little crack. On the other hand, if you paint the residence, the brick will be much simpler to clear.

Average Cost of Painting a Brick House

The price of painting a brick property might range based on the dimensions of the house, kind of paint, and no matter whether you employ the service of professional contractors rather of doing it by yourself.

The table beneath exhibits the typical value of painting a brick residence with no which includes the cost of doors and trim.

National average cost $5,000
Minimum cost $500
Maximum Cost $18,000
Average price range $2,000–$8,000

Additional Costs to Anticipate

A couple of factors will further influence the cost of repainting a brick house, including:
How Much Does It Cost to Paint a Brick House in 2022?
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The desk below breaks down the price tag based mostly on the residence type and the number of stories.

Home Type Cost Per Square Foot
Ranch style house $1.50–$2.50
Two-story house $2.50–$3.50
Multi-level or tall homes $3.50–$4.50

Cost of Repainting Through a Professional Painter

Businesses will demand otherwise for their companies. It is often a good notion to get estimates from several businesses just before determining.

The regular expenses for most contractors will be among $2–$three, which translates to around $one,500–$seven,five hundred, depending on the measurement of your home. Most contractors charge by the dimension of the house rather than by the hour.

Exterior partitions typically value more when compared to interior walls due to the fact they need a lot more paint.

How Much Does It Cost to Paint a Brick House in 2022?
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Brick Masonry Paint Jobs

Bricks demand a specified kind of paint, which charges between $25–$a hundred and fifty for every gallon. Masonry paint costs amongst $600–$1,one hundred for an regular residence. It can additional be broken down as follows:

Type Price Per Gallon
Masonry primer $25–$70
Mineral-based paint $100–$150
Acrylic paint $20–$50

Staining vs. Brick Paint Cost

You can also use a a lot more everlasting way of altering the shade of the bricks with a stain. This will dye the brick but still keep the texture and breathability. On the other, portray adds a layer of shade, which smoothens the area of the bricks nonetheless, the paint will demand ongoing maintenance.

Method Cost Per Square Foot
Painting brick $1.50–$4.50
Staining brick $1.00–$4.00
How Much Does It Cost to Paint a Brick House in 2022?
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Painting the Chimney

Most contractors will suggest against portray chimneys due to the fact they have a large chance of water hurt. Even so, if you choose to paint your brick chimney, the ideal advice is to use mineral-dependent paint to aid keep the brick’s breathability.

Service Cost Per Square Foot
Brick chimney repainting $8–$309
Brick chimney repair costs $150–$1,000

Removing Paint From a Brick House

You may well find by yourself in a scenario in which you will require to eliminate the current paint just before including new paint on best. It will price you all around $one.50–$9.fifty for each square foot. You will need to have to buy some substances, like trisodium phosphate, to strip the color. Stay away from using a stress washer or other blasting strategies that may ruin the bricks.

How Much Does It Cost to Paint a Brick House in 2022?
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DIY Painting Brick Houses

As long as you have the skill, it will be less expensive to repaint the residence yourself as opposed to outsourcing.

For a Do-it-yourself work, you nevertheless have to issue in the value of materials and instruments, which may possibly translate to the figures revealed:

Item Price
Drop cloths $30
Caulking gun $15
Putty or caulk $10
Exterior paint (1 gallon) $35–$85
Exterior primer (1 gallon) $35–$55
Safety goggles $12
Paint tray bucket $20
Ladder $50–$80
Detailing paint brushes $10
Power washer $40–$150
Painter’s tape $7
Paint sprayer $35–$85

Alternatives to Painting


Limewash is a type of paint manufactured with lime and water.

It is really worth noting that the limewash will not modify the unique brick coloration but as an alternative adds a skinny coat of white to the brick, which can be painted over to any colour you choose.


One more way you can help save far more if you do not want to repaint the complete property is by making use of diluted white paint. This approach is referred to as whitewashing, and it offers a classic search on the brick for a minimal price tag.

How to Save Money While Repainting a Brick House

There are a pair of methods to conserve some cash on paint purchases. If you are utilizing multiple paints, it is far better to acquire in bulk to help save funds.

The variety of paint you pick also goes a long way in helping preserve you funds. Large-gloss and semi-gloss paints will value you much more than matte and flat paints. On the other hand, latex paints are cheaper compared to oil paints and simpler to use.

How Much Does It Cost to Paint a Brick House in 2022?
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Buying vs. Renting Supplies

Particular painting provides can be rented from your nearby components retailers. You can even borrow this equipment from buddies to cut down on the total undertaking price.

In scenario you decide on to acquire the materials, you might devote some income in the commencing, but you will have the products for a extended time, reducing the fees of repainting the property more than a for a longer time interval.

Discount Sales

A single of the best methods to help save cash is by generating purchases where there are ongoing sales. You may conclude up receiving a considerable price reduction on the equipment you want.

You can also check out for bargains in spots like the Facebook marketplace. If you do this, constantly inquire to see the materials and ensure they are in very good form ahead of committing.

How Much Does It Cost to Paint a Brick House in 2022?
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you paint a brick house?

You will initial have to force-clean the home’s exterior to remove the debris, spider webs, and other substances on the walls. Use a caulk gun to protected places with injury. You could also need to have some brick and mortar.

Protect all the non-brick locations to avert any paint hurt. You can then incorporate a layer of primer to the brick.

Ultimately, begin portray the brick utilizing paintbrushes and rollers and check that you painted every very small nook and cranny.

What is the best exterior paint for brick?

As extended as the brick is not thoroughly broken by cracks and humidity, you can paint it with any kind of exterior paint. The quickest way is to use a spray gun or a roller. If you dwell in a historical residence, you might require permission to repaint the residence.

How Much Does It Cost to Paint a Brick House in 2022?
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How long does paint last on a brick house?

Paint of brick houses can very last up to 20 several years. However, it is a good idea to repaint the property at specific intervals to keep the quality and attract of the paint.


So, that’s most of what you need to have to know when it will come to portray a brick house. Costs may fluctuate relying on your situations, but there are a lot of choices that aid you conserve funds. Ultimately, each and every task will come with specific cost ranges, but at least you will be in the ballpark in phrases of budgeting.

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