How Much Does It Cost to Pressure Wash a Driveway in 2022?

Stress washing your driveway is essential for keeping the area so the driveway will continue being in good form for several years to occur. Nevertheless, numerous men and women consider that strain washing the driveway is costly. It is accurate that most men and women spend amongst $one hundred fifty and $250 for a clean driveway, but hold studying as we appear at what goes into this expense to assist you be far better informed.

The Importance of Pressure Washing a Driveway

Frequently force washing your driveway is essential. It helps make the surface search better, which increases the value of your home, and it will also get rid of any grime and grime that could trigger injury to the driveway, foremost to pricey repairs or unsightly stains.

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How Much Does Pressure Washing a Driveway Cost?


The dimension of your driveway will be a large element of the all round price, and a tiny region will be much less costly than a huge one. Most professionals will cost amongst $.30 and $.forty for each sq. foot to pressure wash a driveway. Most one particular- or two-car garages have a driveway with a floor area amongst four hundred and 600 sq. ft, which performs out to in between $120 and $240. Bigger areas will be far more expensive, and a 1,two hundred-square-foot driveway will cost amongst $360 and $480.

Driveway Size in Square Feet Low Cost High Cost
400 $120 $160
600 $180 $240
800 $240 $320
1,000 $300 $400
1,200 $360 $480


The content that your driveway consists of will also effect the final expense simply because some are simpler to thoroughly clean than others. For instance, sleek concrete is generally the easiest to cleanse and normally costs between $one hundred thirty and $a hundred ninety. In distinction, rough gravel is a lot more tough to thoroughly clean and will usually take for a longer time to total, which will add to the expense. These customers can usually expect to invest among $a hundred seventy five and $225. Other supplies incorporate asphalt, brick, and pavers, which are slim brick or stone.

Material Low Cost High Cost
Concrete $130 $190
Asphalt $135 $180
Brick $155 $190
Paver $155 $190
Gravel $175 $225
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Additional Costs to Anticipate

Thankfully, there aren’t also many extra expenses to foresee, as the substantial-force drinking water the machine generates does most of the operate. If your driveway is especially soiled, you could choose to use further cleansers are detergents to help eliminate stains and other contaminants

Machine Rental

Renting a pressure washer can save you on labor charges, but you will require to shell out a rental price and decide up and fall off the machine when you finish your perform. The price of your rental can fluctuate relying on how strong it is. For instance, weak machines can price as little as $75 per working day, whilst potent machines can value as considerably as $one hundred eighty for every day.

How Often Should I Pressure Wash My Driveway?

To keep a like-new look to your driveway surface, we very suggest strain washing it anytime it needs it. Anything at all that leaves a mark or stain may possibly be harder to get rid of if you let it sit, supplying the sun time to bake it into the area so take away it as before long as feasible. We also suggest energy washing the driveway each 12 months in early spring and drop just before any snow comes to take away any grime and grime.

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What to Do for My Driveway Between Cleanings

  • Inspect your driveway frequently to have a good idea of its current condition.
  • If you notice cracks, pull out any weeds that might make them worse.
  • Seal cracks with tar to keep out moisture, especially during the cold months. Freezing water will expand and make the cracks bigger.
  • Adding a sealer to your clean driveway will help protect the surface and increase its lifespan.

Are Pressure Washers Dangerous?

Strain washers can be hazardous due to the fact of the higher-stress water that it releases. The strain can result in an harm and can hurt many surfaces that cannot endure its toughness, so it is important to stay concentrated although utilizing the machine and only stage it at the floor that you are cleaning.

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Electricity washing your driveway will normally value about $.40 for every sq. foot, typically between $one hundred fifty and $250. If you have a tough or soiled floor that will be difficult to thoroughly clean or a huge location, you can anticipate to commit far more. In some circumstances, renting a machine can assist conserve you income, but you will want to thoroughly clean oneself, which can be fairly a bit of function.

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