How Much Does It Cost to Replace Countertops in 2022? What You Need To Know!

Is your kitchen area looking uninspired and outdated? Occasionally, it requires more than a coat of paint to give your kitchen a properly-deserved aesthetic overhaul. When you want to get your style in a fresh new course, 1 of the greatest areas to commence is with your counter tops.

A new countertop can increase the type, operate, and total ambiance of your kitchen area for a long time. If you haven’t shopped for counter tops in a even though, you may be amazed by the accessible options and value ranges. Let’s break down the expense to exchange counter tops in 2022 so that you can get the best offer in your funds.

The Importance of Replacing Countertops

The apparent sign that it’s time to substitute a countertop is when it has harm. Stains or scratches may possibly occur out with maintenance, but a worn-out counter with cracks, chips, and other irreparable damage is unsightly and probably unsafe. If the countertop breaks or shifts, it could hurt cabinetry, plumbing, or electrical fixtures.

You may also be updating your kitchen area, which is an ideal time to swap out your counter tops. Maybe you really do not like the design, you need one thing a lot more purposeful, or you want to up grade every thing to improve the resale worth of your house. Changing your counter tops will maintain your type cohesive and give you the style and purpose to keep you cozy in the kitchen.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace Countertops in 2022? What You Need To Know!
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How Much Does It Cost to Replace Countertops?

In accordance to HomeAdvisor, new countertops can assortment from $25–$one hundred for each square foot. Components expense close to $15–$70 per square foot, and set up labor expenses roughly $10–$30 for every sq. foot. The common expense to put in countertops is about $three,000, with house owners having to pay between $one,800 and $4,000 on typical.

Several factors can affect the final cost of countertops, including:
  • Countertop size
  • Installation complexity
  • Countertop material

Other factors, which includes waterfall variations, polishing, staining, and edging, can all include to the ultimate cost of your new counter tops. The materials is the essential determination you have to make, and it has the most important effect on the ultimate price tag. The pursuing are price tag ranges you can anticipate for numerous countertop resources:

Additional Costs to Anticipate

Changing a countertop will likely incur extra expenses together with the $three,000 regular substance and installation fees. These expenditures can consist of $100­–$300 to get rid of and dispose of the aged countertop as well as the cost to put in new plumbing, which can operate over $1,000. If you need to have a total array of companies, such as electrical and plumbing work, rewiring appliances, and sink set up, you may pay out up to $6,000 further to change your countertops.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace Countertops in 2022? What You Need To Know!
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How Often Do Countertops Need to Be Replaced?

There is no expiration day on any countertop, but some components are far more inclined to the kind of dress in that can eventually warrant a substitution. Laminate is an affordable alternative that will only very last about 20–30 a long time when stored in very good condition, and it damages effortlessly. Once it suffers a scratch or deep stain, it is also tough, if not extremely hard, to fix.

Normal stone, tile, and wooden are some of the longest-long lasting supplies. Stone possibilities like granite and marble really do not scratch simply, and they’re effortless to cleanse. Sound wood and butcher block countertops might undergo stains and some marring, but you can sand them down several moments to renew the look.

Does Insurance Cover Countertops?

Insurance will pay out to substitute your countertops under certain conditions that would be out of your management. For case in point, if a burglar breaks in and damages your countertop, you will be ready to file a declare. Likewise, a tree slipping by means of your roof or a residence fire that burns up your kitchen area will drop below most regular insurance policies.

Accidental damage and some excessive temperature activities are not element of house owner insurance policies. You cannot post a claim if you fall anything on it. Natural disasters like floods and earthquakes would need to have riders, as regular insurance policies does not typically protect them.

If your insurance addresses the hurt and delivers a replacement, you will get compensation based on possibly substitution price or true money worth. Replacement worth considers the initial value of your countertops. Real money worth accounts for depreciation to compute how considerably you get from your insurance coverage. That can be a critical aspect in figuring out how a lot you will have to appear out of pocket to get the substitute counter tops you want.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace Countertops in 2022? What You Need To Know!
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How to Take Care of Your Countertops

Countertop treatment relies upon on the material. Some stone countertops, like limestone, want regular sealing to avert damage to their porous surfaces. Granite and marble don’t need sealing, but it’s typically suggested to increase the lifestyle of your countertop.

Avoid using severe cleaners on stone or wood. Acidic substances can harm granite and marble, whilst commercial cleansing sprays can dress in down the end on all sorts of resources. For natural countertop resources, use mild dish liquid and h2o for basic cleaning and a light baking soda scrub for stains. Sustaining and refreshing the stain or seal on these surfaces will support them previous lengthier with significantly less repairs.

Laminate, acrylic, and sound surface area countertops are the most minimal-maintenance choices. They can handle a variety of cleaners and their water-resistant surfaces are effortless to wipe cleanse. Some strong area supplies, this sort of as Corian, can even get mild refinishing if they have small scuffs and scratches.


There is a huge spectrum of resources, shades, and variations obtainable for your next countertop installation. For the spending budget-minded house owner, price-effective choices like laminate, acrylic, and even some normal stone supplies are simple to install and keep. If you want a a single-of-a-variety appear, there are bolder seems in copper, recycled glass, and soapstone to impress any person strolling into the kitchen.

No subject your functional wants or private preferences, there is a excellent match for you amid the various countertop possibilities. Adhering to this information on the value to change counter tops in 2022, you are going to be certain to find the excellent mix of price tag and overall performance.


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