How Much Is Car Insurance in Washington in 2022?

In accordance to the Insurance coverage Investigation Council¹ (IRC), practically 13% of US motorists are uninsured. Washington has one particular of the maximum percentages in the nation at Not only is it unfair, but it puts a fiscal toll on all motorists, with the paying clients footing the monthly bill for the slackers. The 2019 average nationwide high quality¹ was $one,070.47. In the meantime, it was $1,066.84 for Washington.

The Importance of Car Insurance in Washington

Washington, like most states, has a obligatory legal responsibility insurance legislation. The least protection you have to have consists of:

  • $10,000 for damage to another person’s property
  • $50,000 for injuries or death to all other people
  • $25,000 for injuries or death to another person

This insurance will protect the costs of injuries and injury you cause for another driver and their passengers. It’ll also go into influence for household associates and any person you permit to use your motor vehicle. It typically includes rentals for most insurance policy programs.

That does not protect your car or accidents. You will have to decide in for additional protection to handle those expenses. It’s well worth noting that Washington is an at-fault point out. That signifies whoever triggered the accident is dependable for the value incurred. Even so, you do not have to have uninsured motorist coverage.

Of system, it’s not possible to put a value on the toll of accidents. Nevertheless, from an insurance coverage standpoint, Washington¹ incurred about $nine.2 million in bodily injuries liability promises and almost $seven million for residence hurt in 2018.

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How Much Does Car Insurance in Washington Cost?

Several elements can determine the price tag you’ll pay out for auto insurance policy in Washington. They incorporate the clear factors like your driving file and the value of your motor vehicle. Other factors that affect the value are:

  • Medical and legal costs
  • Weather
  • Population density
  • Auto repair costs
  • Vehicle theft rates
  • Traffic density

Premiums can fluctuate in the state based mostly on neighborhood aspects. As you can see, many items are exterior of your control but engage in a role, nevertheless. Insurers use three parameters to established condition-based mostly rates: disposable income per capita, miles pushed for every amount of freeway miles, and city populace. Figures for Washington are:

  • $55,924 per capita disposable income
  • 773,273 vehicle miles per highway mile
  • 113 persons per square mile
  • 7% of the state’s population in urban areas
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The national average targeted traffic density is 775,207 miles. To set it in perspective, the figure is one,992,294 miles for New Jersey.

The regular value for the needed liability insurance policy was $705.eleven, based mostly on the most current accessible knowledge from 2019. Collision coverage was $325.38 and $121.thirteen for comprehensive insurance policy. Washington ranked 17th in the region primarily based on these figures. It ranked 18th in 2018. The percentage alter amongst those two a long time was a 3% improve in the premium expense. Even so, the 2019 regular expense is nearly a twenty% spike in excess of the 2015 numbers.

According to MoneyGeek.com¹,  car insurance coverage fees in Seattle variety from $809–$2,566, based on the provider. Geico is the minimum high-priced. However, energetic navy staff and veterans can do even far better with USAA and a $655 top quality. Bear in mind that Seattle is the most pricey industry as the most populous metropolis¹ in the point out. The charges also exceed Washington’s typical.

Extensive ranges in quality price exist with age. For example, it’ll price you $7,460 to insure a teenager¹ in Seattle. The costs are least expensive for a fifty-one thing specific at $one,467.

Additional Costs to Anticipate

If you do not want to buy insurance policy, you have three other possibilities¹. You can possibly get a liability bond for at least $sixty,000 or utilize for a certificate of deposit. You can also self-insure your vehicle. Unnecessary to say, most residents get third-social gathering insurance policies. Bear in head that you must have proof of coverage with you when you’re on the highway.

Not obtaining insurance policy arrives at a price tag if you’re caught. Fines start at $550. You are going to also get your driver’s license suspended for failure to spend the charges of an incident.

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How Often Should I Check Car Insurance Quotes?

We advise buying about for insurance policy each pair of many years. Your price very likely will not alter as your motor vehicle ages. You’ll possibly locate it will get less expensive as your auto will get more mature. That’s particularly real if you acquired your car new.

What Effects Does My Driving History Have on Insurance Costs?

Surprisingly, the insurance coverage rates are similar, no subject what accident or violation is on your file. According to The Zebra¹, the regular price is about $two,036 if you have a rushing ticket from going 16–20 miles for each hour above the restrict. The top quality with a DUI on your file is $two,416.

Where Is Insurance Most Expensive or Affordable in Seattle?

Area! Spot! Spot! Zip codes are one particular of the determining aspects for insurance coverage costs.

  • Most Affordable: 98107, 98110, 98117, 98155, 98199
  • Most Expensive: 98106, 98108, 98118, 98126, 98144

Of course, these results are in conjunction with the other factors we’ve talked about. Undoubtedly, targeted traffic density performs a important role in what you are going to pay out. Vehicle theft also figures into the price. Washington has a relatively substantial car theft charge¹ at 4 for each 1,000 cars. It is one.91 in Illinois and one.18 in New York.

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Washington is about typical for auto insurance coverage charges. The price tag is increased in metro areas. Seattle is no exception. The essential takeaway is to get your vehicle insured. You could not like composing that month to month examine. Nonetheless, the coverage you are going to get for the bills you might incur from a one accident tends to make it nicely value the cash and the head aches.



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