How Much To Install A Ceiling Fan In 2022 Without Existing Wiring?

Ceiling followers are one particular of the very best techniques to quickly include air flow to a place without spending a ton on heating and cooling. In fact, a ceiling fan can dietary supplement a home’s HVAC method by circulating air. Obtaining one particular installed can be a considerable problem, though, specifically if your residence is not presently wired for a ceiling supporter.

So, how significantly does it cost to install a ceiling supporter without having the existing wiring? We’ll split down all the pricing right here and give you an estimate of what you can anticipate to invest in this venture. Let us go!

How Do Ceiling Fans Help Air Conditioning?

Like all followers, ceiling enthusiasts operate to make spaces cooler by means of the wind chill result. When relocating air circulates across and all around your pores and skin, it will help sweat evaporate at a increased rate, as a result lowering your entire body temperature incrementally.

The Office of Energy estimatesone that with a ceiling admirer, you can increase the temperature of your air conditioner by about four degrees Fahrenheit and achieve the exact same amazing experience. This quickly will save you money on heating and cooling, which is a massive contributor to electric powered expenses. In fact, if you have a ceiling supporter you may possibly be able to remove making use of your air conditioner altogether in some regions, thereby rising vitality personal savings.

Ceiling supporters are specifically productive at cooling spaces simply because they are positioned at the prime of a room. Not like conventional supporters, ceiling supporters circulate the air from the best down, indicating they circulate more air. But they are not just helpful for the summer time. By reversing the route it spins in the winter, you can siphon chilly air, which makes them useful in all seasons.

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How Much Do Ceiling Fans Cost?

Ceiling enthusiasts range from tiny models without having lights for $100-$150, whilst a ceiling enthusiast with a standard pull chain mild fixture will run between $a hundred and fifty to $300. For greater enthusiasts or fans manufactured of stronger components, you can discover designs that operate $one,000 or far more.

What affects ceiling fan prices:

  • Material: steel and real wood are the most expensive, with high-end models reaching over $1,500.
  • The number of blades: three-blade fans are typically the cheapest available, with most models ranging from $100 to $700. Five-blade fans produce more air with less noise, though higher-end models get as pricy as $1,000 or more.
  • Style: there are regular, low-profile, rotational, directional, and more. Standard and low-profile start at about $100-150, while the others start at $150-200 and get as expensive as $800.
  • Dry-rated or wet-rated: this refers to whether the fan is an ‘indoor’ or ‘outdoor’ fan. Outdoor fans are constructed with more weather-resistant components, and they start at $150. Indoor fans start a bit cheaper at $100, but both have a higher range of $1,200.

What’s the Cost to Install a Ceiling Fan Without Existing Wiring?

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The expense of a ceiling admirer relies upon on regardless of whether you currently have the enthusiast. If you do, you can preserve very a little bit on the installation. A handyman will demand amongst $50 to $eighty an hour, not even counting the wiring or any other equipment included. Let us split down the fees to help you get a far better understanding.

Ceiling Fan Installation Cost:

  • Handyman labor: $50-80 (2-hour average)
  • Electrician labor: $85-$100 per hour (2-hour average)
  • Wiring: $6-$8 per foot
  • Mount: $10 (if not included)
  • Downrod: $5-$110

On typical, you are seeking at in between $400 to $800 to install a ceiling enthusiast with out existing wiring. This doesn’t contain the price of the ceiling fan alone, either.

Additional Costs To Anticipate

As with any residence project, you can anticipate to pay a lot more for your ceiling enthusiast set up below particular conditions. These are shown underneath for your usefulness, so you can get an thought if these will implement to you.

Additional Costs May Include:

  • Downrod: a downrod is a pipe that connects the fan to the motor housing and is most commonly used when you have a ceiling that’s 8 feet or taller. Downrods range from $5 for a 6-inch rod, while 72-inch downrods run as much as $100 or more.
  • Wall & Ceiling Repairs: if the handyman and/or electrician needs to cut into walls, ceilings, or other areas, that will cost more for hourly labor and possibly materials like drywall.
  • Additional wiring: If your home’s wiring is old, the electrician may run into unexpected problems that need to be fixed to install the ceiling fan, or they might find damaged or old wiring that needs to be replaced. This will cost you more on wiring and hourly labor.
  • Location: urban areas tend to have higher hourly rates for jobs like this, whereas rural contractors typically charge less.

Do I Need An Electrician to Install a Ceiling Fan?

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Sure! If you are undertaking any variety of wiring in your property, you need to have a qualified electrician do the operate for you. They’ll be conscious of any permits that need to have to be filed as nicely as how to securely wire every little thing collectively. Electricians are pricey due to the fact they’re qualified to do the work right the 1st time.

With no an electrician, you are just getting a handyman at his term that he’s capable to appropriately wire the ceiling admirer, junction box, and any other electric work that requirements to be done. Due to the fact he’s possibly not accredited both, any electrical work accomplished by a handyman typically has no guarantee. If the admirer falls out a 7 days soon after set up or you have a residence hearth due to the fact of defective wiring, you’re on the hook.

To be on the protected facet, just employ a experienced and accredited electrician. You’ll spend more, yes, but the further cash is well worth the peace of head you have by knowing the perform is confirmed to be done properly.

How To Take Care of Your Ceiling Fan

As with any machine, a ceiling fan requires maintenance to stay in the greatest possible condition. If it is not taken care of, it might not operate as nicely. Below are some useful ideas you can use to preserve your ceiling admirer in fantastic form.

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Ceiling Fan Tips:

  • Regularly dust and clean the fan blades. As dust builds on the blades, they’re unable to circulate air as efficiently, so it feels like the fan isn’t working.
  • Periodically tighten the screws on the fan. Ceiling fans vibrate a lot, and those vibrations can cause screws and other parts to come loose.
  • Clean the fan motor from time to time. This sounds complicated, but the easiest method is to simply hold a vacuum hose to the slits on the side of the motor housing. It’ll suck up any dust and other debris that might be keeping the motor from running 100%.


Ceiling fans are 1 of the best methods to remain great without increasing your electric bill by a ton, but they nonetheless value a quite penny to have mounted. You can conserve some cash by acquiring your possess ceiling supporter and downrod, but labor expenses are the primary aspect.

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