How to Attach a Headboard to a Wall (7 Simple Tips)

The headboard on your mattress supplies help for your pillows and head even though you sleep and read through. The headboard also aids the mattress search much more like a complete piece of household furniture and helps make the place far more inviting. However, a lot of men and women wrestle with installing the headboard since there are distinct sorts.

If you have a bed you need to have aid with, maintain reading although delivering numerous guidelines and tips that will assist you complete the project so you can consider it out.

Installing a Headboard to a Bed Body

Beds with a headboard that attaches directly to the frame are extremely typical in the United States, and you have very likely seen a handful of in your life span. Fortunately, you can typically locate directions for this sort of headboard with the paperwork that arrives with your mattress.

  • These headboards generally attach using bolts, screws, or specialty fasteners, so make sure you have all of the elements prior to you get commenced. You will also likely need to have pliers, a wrench, or a socket established to loosen and tighten bolts that hold the headboard to the major bed frame.
  • Take away the mattress and box spring from the bed frame to obtain the holes to attach the headboard.
  • If the headboard arrived with the mattress, you will probably only need to line up the headboard legs with the body, put in the bolts, and tighten them down.
  • In some situations, the headboard is portion of the body and will basically be the best crossbar. You will hook up it as you build the bed utilizing nuts and bolts.
black bedroom with cushioned headboard
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Totally free-Standing Headboards

Free-Standing Headboards are the least difficult to install if your mattress did not appear with a single, and it’s a wonderful alternative for folks that aren’t mechanically inclined. As the name indicates, these headboards really don't demand you to drill holes or set up nuts or bolts. Area it guiding your mattress to generate the look of a headboard, and if it’s up from the wall, it can be fairly durable.

This kind of headboard often has plenty of space to shop publications and other items, so it is a wonderful decision if you spend a whole lot of time in bed.

The seven Ideas On How to Connect a Headboard to a Wall

Wall-Mounted Headboard

Wall-mounted headboards are desirable but are also the most difficult to set up. Below are some guidelines that can aid you obtain a greater outcome.

  • Meticulously evaluate your wall making use of a tape measure and mark it to discover in which you will hang the headboard. Measure the wall several instances to guarantee your marks are exact and do not forget to contemplate mattress placement. Leave sufficient space for the mattress basis, mattress, and headboard.
  • When you know in which the wall studs are, use your measuring tape to establish the place the headboard hangers will go.
  • When you know where the headboard hangers will go, you can mark in which you need to have to drill. Most hangers will call for you to drill two holes and screw in heavy bolts that will maintain the hanger on each facet of the headboard. It’s essential that all four screws go all the way into the wall stud to hold the headboard securely.
  • Measure cautiously and spot the mounting hangers evenly, or your headboard can show up tilted.
  • Connect the headboard to the hangers to verify it is amount.
  • Location your mattress in entrance of the wall-mounted headboard, and get pleasure from.
bed with oversized headboard
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What is the typical dimensions of a headboard?

  • Twin: A twin mattress generally has a headboard about 41 inches broad, extending 14 inches over the mattress.
  • Entire: A full-dimensions bed will have a headboard 56 inches broad and will usually increase 28 inches previously mentioned the mattress.
  • Queen: A queen-sized mattress will have a sixty two-inch-broad headboard that rises 28 inches previously mentioned the mattress.
  • King: A king-sized mattress is the biggest and usually has an eighty-inch-extensive headboard that can increase 58 inches earlier mentioned the mattress.


Installing your headboard to a wall is not challenging and typically only calls for you to drill and set up four screws into your wall studs. Two screws in each and every hanger, one particular hanger on each and every facet of the headboard. Locating the wall studs and cautious measurements are the keys to good results. The wall studs supply the toughness to maintain the headboards, while appropriate measurements make certain almost everything is straight.

If you uncover you cannot drill into your walls for some explanation, a totally free-standing headboard can assist you attain a equivalent visual appeal without having the work.

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