How to Clean Headlights with WD-40? 4 Easy Steps

When you 1st get a new automobile, your headlights are crystal distinct. However, you could discover above time that the transparency of your headlights has diminished, only to be replaced by a dusty, yellow haze. The hazier your headlights get, the dimmer they are. This can direct to serious hazard even though traveling in the dim.

But what do you do about it? Effectively, the most typical trigger of hazy headlights is filth and chemicals from the roads you generate on. This is normally a problem a excellent cleaning can resolve. Even though professional vehicle cleaning will consider care of your headlights, it can be pricey to do so every single time your headlights begin to dim. Fortunately, headlight cleansing is fully doable on your very own, thanks to WD-forty!

WD-40 is a multi-use aerosol solution typically utilised to take away rust, lubricate hinges and chains, and loosen tough grime on mechanical parts. This solution is offered in virtually any shop that sells car or components areas.

If you want your headlights to seem good as new for a good cost, follow these recommendations.

Resources Needed

  • A single can of WD-forty Multi-Use Product.
  • Two or far more clean microfiber cloths—new microfiber cloths are ideal to guarantee no particles are ready to scratch your headlight covers.
  • A single abrasive sponge or loofah. New is ideal even so, any thoroughly clean 1 will do.

How to Clear Headlights with WD-forty

1. Wipe off your headlights with a moist cloth

cleaning headlight
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Begin by dampening one particular of your microfiber cloths in heat water and wiping absent any area grime accrued on your headlights. The warmth of the drinking water will loosen the grime, creating it easier to get rid of. Get as a lot dust and muck as feasible although wiping in a gentle, circular pattern, but don’t be concerned about the tougher stains. People will be dealt with later on on.

two. Spray WD-40 on your headlights

hand holding a can of WD-40
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As soon as your headlight handles have been wiped off, it’s time to apply your solution. Spray a good layer of WD-forty Multi-Use Item over your headlight addresses, creating confident to go over the entire point in foam. You are going to want to let it sit for 5–10 minutes. This makes it possible for WD-40’s special system to function its magic on the plastic, cleansing and safeguarding it towards long term use and tear.

three. Scrub your headlights

man cleaning headlight
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When waiting time is in excess of, take your car sponge or loofah and gently scrub your headlights in the very same round motion as just before. This will loosen any remaining filth and actually ensure that your headlights appear clean at the stop of the procedure.

4. Wipe your headlights with a new fabric

man cleaning car headlight
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Lastly, take your other cloth, dampen it, and wipe off any excessive product to reveal your freshly-cleaned headlights! As a bonus action, you may also consider a 3rd dry cloth, and dry your headlights to prevent any watermarks from remaining following air-drying.


And you’re completed! What was after an ugly driving hazard has been restored to a virtually clear, vibrant beacon for your night-time travels—all for an inexpensive price tag. As an extra reward, you have also safeguarded your lights from more damage, many thanks to WD-40’s particular method.

Headlight servicing is essential, but really don't fail to remember about the relaxation of your vehicle. A nicely-taken care of automobile is safer, indicating you are less most likely to run into unexpected breakdowns and expensive mechanic expenses. Here’s a bonus tip—the actions earlier mentioned will also work for your brake lights!

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