How To Clean Solar Panels In 4 Easy Steps

Solar panels are a wonderful way to health supplement your home’s energy offer, preserve a couple of bucks, and help the setting. They have a steep upfront cost, but right after installation, all you want to do is maintain them clear.

Photo voltaic panels caked up with grime, chicken droppings, dust, and other grime won’t be capable to absorb as much photo voltaic power, greatly decreasing the quantity of energy they produce. It is in your very best curiosity to keep your photo voltaic panels so you can maximize your electric power savings.

It is not that challenging to cleanse your photo voltaic panels. Even so, it is dangerous to work on a ladder or roof at the ideal of moments. Include in water, and you have the slippery reason why most individuals just employ a cleaning specialist.

If you’re self-confident in your talents, even though, you can save a rather penny by just cleansing them your self. Let us verify out what you need to have to do.


The 1st phase is to switch off your photo voltaic system. You should check with your system’s documentation on the correct shut-down method, but normally, there’s a switch on the electrical power inverter for AC systems. DC systems are distinct in that they need to be totally turned off.

Following, you are going to need to have to choose when to cleanse your panels. It’s vital that you select a amazing, shady time of working day. If it is blazing sizzling outside, the panels are really scorching and will likely crack if sprayed with water. Not to mention that if drinking water speedily evaporates off your panels from extreme daylight, it’ll go away grime.

You are going to also need to make a decision if it’s attainable to cleanse your panels from the floor, which is simpler but doesn’t get the panels as cleanse. If you want to clear your panels from the ground, it is advisable to commit in a squeegee with a soft brush on one particular side and a plastic blade on the other side.

If you are okay with doing work on your roof or a ladder and have slide arrest tools, though, it is best to get up there and clean them thoroughly.

How To Clean Solar Panels In 4 Easy Steps
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You Will Need:

  • Soft cloth
  • Soft nylon brush
  • Water hose with a nozzle
  • Mild soap
  • Fall arrest harness

How To Clean Solar Panels: A Step-By-Step Guide

1. Erect Your Ladder

Established up your ladder as near to a forty five-diploma angle as attainable. The steeper the angle you have to climb, the a lot more you chance falling. If feasible, tie a rope about the prime rung of your ladder and tie the other end all around a steady fixture on the roof. This will aid give your ladder much more security.

2. Spray Down Your Panels

Spray drinking water on to your photo voltaic panels. Don’t spray in the gaps in between panels or the underside of the panels, simply because there could be modest gaps in the casing that water can penetrate and destroy your photo voltaic cells. Do not spray h2o onto any other solar tools except the confront of the panels.

How To Clean Solar Panels In 4 Easy Steps
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3. Scrub & Wipe Down The Panels

It helps to carry a bottle of warm h2o with a little sum of delicate cleaning soap so you really don't have to have a good deal of things up to your panels. Spray any trapped-on debris like chicken droppings or filth with the answer and gently scrape it off with the nylon brush. For panels that aren’t very soiled, you can just wipe them down with a soft fabric to clean the panel.

4. Wipe The Panels Dry

Employing a dry cloth, wipe your panels dry. If you enable h2o to straight evaporate off them, it can go away guiding grime, which defeats the objective of cleaning them in the first place.

How To Clean Solar Panels In 4 Easy Steps
Image Credit: Lev Kropotov, Shutterstock

Can You Pressure Wash Solar Panels?

No, you should not pressure wash photo voltaic panels. It’s very tempting to do so because force washers spray a excellent length, but the pressure of the drinking water is apt to injury your photo voltaic panels. Plus, the drinking water can get into the other put in gear that ought to undoubtedly not get soaked in any way.

If you want to hose your panels down from the floor, you must get a standard drinking water hose nozzle. People usually really do not spray tough adequate to harm solar panels, specifically from the ground.

Do Solar Panels Require Any Other Maintenance?

A periodic light cleaning is the only typical repairs photo voltaic panels demand, but certain conditions may contact for far more perform. If your area gets hefty snowfall in the wintertime, for example, you are going to need to have to maintain the panels free of charge of snow, which can be labor-intensive.

If you notice that your photo voltaic panels are cleanse, but their electricity output is nevertheless dropping for no apparent cause, it’s time to contact a specialist to diagnose what’s mistaken with them. The most likely offender is that your energy inverter wants to be changed, but it is difficult to say just what is incorrect without having searching at the method with a educated eye.

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