How to Clean the Bottom of Your Pool (4 Simple Steps)

How to Clean the Bottom of Your Pool (4 Simple Steps)

If you are noticing a whole lot of sediment or particles at the bottom of your pool, you could be having difficulties with how to thoroughly clean it up.

There are numerous actions you can just take to clear the bottom of your pool, but it mainly depends on what it is you are striving to select up.

Let’s go over a number of methods for cleansing the bottom of your pool and what every single method is greatest to clear.

1. Plastic Garden Rake

How to Clean the Bottom of Your Pool (4 Simple Steps)
Image Credit: Osama Alrowhani, Unsplash

When we advise making use of a plastic yard rake in your swimming pool, you possibly think we’ve misplaced our minds. Nevertheless, the plastic backyard garden rake can be the ideal resource to pick up larger particles like broken twigs and branches, or huge deposits of leaves and seedpods, which can collect in massive amounts and block or clog other approaches of elimination.

Make sure the rake is plastic and not steel, and use it like you ordinarily would. Rake the particles into a pile in the center of the pool so you can scoop it out.

2. Pressure Side Vacuum

How to Clean the Bottom of Your Pool (4 Simple Steps)

The following method we recommend for cleaning up the base of your pool is the strain facet vacuum. The pressure side vacuum gets its identify since it makes use of the return pressure from the pump instead of the suction facet typically used. This type of vacuum uses h2o pressure and a internet to lure huge particles. This type of vacuum also operates with the yard property, but when employing a backyard garden hose, you incorporate h2o to your pool, and you may possibly or could not want to do that.

The force aspect vacuum captures debris in the web, so it does not enter the filter technique and clog the sand or cartridge. This variety of vacuum is perfect for picking up seedpods and numerous varieties of suspended particles and grass clippings.

3. Suction Side Vacuum

How to Clean the Bottom of Your Pool (4 Simple Steps)

The suction aspect vacuum is the most widespread kind of pool vacuum. It operates with your pool’s filter technique and will come with the pool. The suction side vacuum connects to your pool’s filter system by way of the skimmer. You can then use it as an common vacuum and suck up the filth from the bottom of the pool. The debris gets trapped in the sand filter.

If the content you are vacuuming is also dense, it can clog your filter and demand backwashing to get rid of from the filter technique.

4. Pool Brush

How to Clean the Bottom of Your Pool (4 Simple Steps)

If none of the methods previously talked about were in a position to remove the material from the bottom of the pool, some excellent aged fashioned elbow grease and a pool brush may possibly do the work. The pool brush is extremely related to a deck brush, but the bristles aren’t as harsh on your liner. You want to use the brush to carefully scrub absent the contaminants from the bottom of your pool.


As you might have discovered, the variety of sediment that you have on the base of your pool is heading to establish the approach you use to clear it up. If the particles is mostly large items, like branches, leaves, twigs, and so forth., then you can use the plastic rake to decide them up. If the particles are way too modest for the rake but could clog up your sand filter, we suggest utilizing the pressure side vacuum and capturing the contaminants in the web. If the contaminants are small and do not pose a danger to your sand filter, you can use the suction facet vacuum to get rid of them. Some debris needs scrubbing, and in that case, you want to use the pool brush.

In most cases, either the pressure side or the suction side vacuum will do the work. Often the force facet vacuum can direct to cloudy water due to the fact it pushes contaminants up by means of the web. If the pollutants move by way of the web, they’re dispersed again into the pool. The suction side vacuum pulls the water directly into the skimmer and into the sand filter.

All of these tips will operate for over floor as well as in-ground swimming pools. If you have uncovered a minor little bit a lot more about how to cleanse the base of your pool, you should share this quick information on Fb and Twitter.

Featured Picture Credit: Ludwig Willimann, Pixabay