How to Cut Retaining Wall Blocks in 5 Simple Steps

A brick or stone retaining wall is often one of the most straightforward yet most stylish functions you can incorporate to your landscaping. But even in their loosest types, retaining walls want organizing, framework, and at the very least a small precision to accomplish a appealing search and sturdiness. Underneath most conditions, you are going to need to reduce your retaining wall blocks to pull off a clear aesthetic.

Cutting wall blocks is simple, and you can take your decide in between using hand resources or energy equipment to form your pieces. To make certain you get skilled final results with out squandering any bricks, stick to alongside as we describe how to reduce retaining wall blocks in 5 basic methods.

What You’ll Need

  • Masonry chisel
  • Hammer
  • Tape measure
  • Square
  • Marker
  • Gloves and goggles

The 5 Easy Steps To Cut Retaining Wall Blocks

1. Measure Your Cut

How to Cut Retaining Wall Blocks in 5 Simple Steps
Image Credit: tostphoto, Shutterstock

No matter whether you’re making use of bricks, pavers, or normal stone, you will likely have to make cuts on the edge and corner pieces to total an eye-catching retaining wall. Evaluate the sum of area your block requirements to fill to operate flush with the relaxation of the wall. If you’re making use of mortar between your blocks, subtract ½” to account for the joint.

2. Mark the Cut on the Block

How to Cut Retaining Wall Blocks in 5 Simple Steps
Image Credit: Selezneva Olga, Shutterstock

Evaluate the lower on your retaining wall block and mark it. Using your square, operate a straight line with your marker about all four sides of the block to reveal the reduce line.

3. Score the Cut Line with the Chisel

Spot the block on a durable, strong perform surface area. Keep your chisel by the stem and position the blade straight more than the minimize line on your block. Faucet the chisel with your hammer to rating the line.

Go the chisel down the line and score it once more. Right after scoring the complete line on one side, flip the block and do it yet again on the line on the up coming side. Keep on doing so till you have marked the lower line on all sides.

4. Split the Block

Following scoring the minimize line with the chisel, all that is still left is to proceed chiseling till the block splits in half. Insert the chisel into the score mark and hammer it into the block right up until it at some point falls aside in a clean crack.

5. Smooth the Edge

The edge of your lower block must be easy adequate to use, but if not, you can thoroughly clean up any imperfections with your chisel. Gently chisel away any protrusions from the lower side. Maintain the flat chisel side flush from the side of the block to stop your self from accidentally breaking off a lot more of the stone.

How to Cut Retaining Wall Blocks with a Circular Saw

If you only have to make a couple of cuts, a hammer-chisel combo is an uncomplicated choice for getting ready retaining wall blocks. At times, you may have a number of blocks to lower or require more precision. There are numerous conditions the place wall caps, 90° stone corners, and curved walls demand smoother, a lot more exact cuts that you can only complete with an electric powered observed.

To energy by means of stone and concrete for a easy minimize, you will want a damp observed, circular observed, or chop saw with a masonry blade. If you are not utilizing a soaked saw, cutting stone like this can kick up a whole lot of dust, so you will have to put on gloves, eye protection, and a dust mask for safety.

When you have all your equipment in place, adhere to these steps to cut a retaining wall block with a saw:

  • Mark your cut line all around the block
  • Clamp the block to a work surface to prevent movement as you cut
  • Power up your saw and bring it to full RPM before making contact with the block
  • Cut slowly, making shallow passes as you go deeper into the block
  • If the block is particularly thick, rotate it to gradually cut into each side until you finish a clean, complete cut

To prevent your noticed blade from overheating, enable it great for 30–60 seconds ahead of pulling it out of the block. If you are generating angled joints, this sort of as for a 90° corner, smooth your joining sides out and glue them collectively with exterior-quality concrete adhesive.

Final Thoughts

A retaining wall is usually a stylish option when you need to have a suitable backdrop and a considerable improve to landscaping. Partitions can be basic, ornate, natural and organic, or exact, but in almost each occasion, you will have to type some blocks to create a extended-long lasting and appealing construction. When you are ready to finish out a fulfilling and functional function for your flower beds, patio, or backyard, stick to these easy steps to reduce retaining wall blocks to perfection—every time.

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