How To Fix A Door Frame In 3 Steps? (with Pictures)

With out a body, your door will by no means be degree to the ground or even get the help it needs to operate successfully. Feel about the body as your door’s spinal twine, a framework that holds almost everything in place.

Now that you know just how important the body is, let us talk about the methods to stick to to change one particular.

Why Replace a Door Frame?

Before we proceed, right here are some factors why you’d require to exchange a door frame. This is critical because the kind of damage usually dictates what actions are to be adopted.

They include:
  • Minor frame damage
  • Rotten wood
  • Split frame
  • A warped door frame

We’ll begin with the easiest approach, which is correcting small body damage, and function our way up from there.

Tools & Materials
How To Fix A Door Frame In 3 Steps? (with Pictures)
Image Credit: Bru-nO, Pixabay

Minor Frame Damage

1. Assess the damage

Minor body hurt can be caused by a multitude of causes. To evaluate the hurt, you will have to give the entire location modest taps to verify if any wood is pulling away since if there is, the hurt is extensive and ought to almost certainly no for a longer time be categorized as ‘minor.’

But if there is not, it can be fastened in a subject of minutes.

2. Fill up any dents and gouges

We frequently use fillers to repair up gouges, dents, gaps, holes, and even nicks. Grab some wooden filler and use your putty knife to carefully fill them all up.

How To Fix A Door Frame In 3 Steps? (with Pictures)
Image Credit: tookapic, Pixabay

3. Give it 12 hours to dry

Do not use primer or paint appropriate away. Give it a couple of several hours to dry up (ideally 12) before applying a one coat of primer, and two for the paint. If you don’t let it dry up 1st, the whole location will still be vulnerable to far more injury.

Rotten Frame Wood

Here’s one thing that a whole lot of you most likely are not conscious of—there are near to 5 million fungi in the air around us. And when those fungi and moisture appear into make contact with with wood, it starts off to decay, making it significantly less dense and as well weak to help any door.

To avoid this, make sure all your frames are constantly dry. But if the harm is currently carried out, this is what you can do:

1. Area identification

We have been in this recreation prolonged ample to know the decaying procedure often starts at the very bottom of the door. And you must know this due to the fact which is the portion which is more exposed to moisture, specially in the course of cleansing. Utilizing your pencil and measuring tape, uncover out how comprehensive the damage is, and mark it.

2. Chisel it off

We have to take away that entire region, or it will unfold and damage the whole frame. So, start off cutting it off from the marked position. Make sure you eliminate each final little bit of it, as everything remaining can jumpstart the decay procedure once more and take you back again to sq. one in a pair of weeks.

How To Fix A Door Frame In 3 Steps? (with Pictures)
Image Credit: FotoDuets, Shutterstock

3. Wire mesh and filling the gaps

When you are accomplished slicing, there will naturally be a gap remaining. We cannot just depart it like that—even if it does not have an effect on the operation of the doorway in any way. Fill it up with the wire mesh, and secure it employing a number of screws. You could constantly use the nails if you don’t have screws, or if you feel they are much better suited to get the occupation completed.

The final step is to cover it up employing the wood filler. Once completed, give it fifteen to twenty minutes to settle in, and then insert far more. Primer and paint software will be needed, but only soon after 12–24 several hours.

Split Frame

The area of the injury and its severity will rely on how the harm was induced. If it was a theft, odds are the break up will occur in the middle segment of the frame. This usually occurs when the door will get opened or shut with excessive pressure. But if it’s in the reduced section of the frame, that’s an indication that a person kicked the door inadvertently(or out of stress).

1. Remove the door strip

We can not do anything with the door strip and molding nonetheless hooked up to the body. So, use your chisel collectively with a hammer to get rid of them. And considering that we’re striving to keep away from accidents, we would recommend you to start at the base.

2. Take measurements

If the injury was induced in the center area, will have to begin cutting 5–6 inches above it, and then 5–6 inches below. But if it’s at a reduce segment following to the flooring, we’ll only be slicing 5–6 inches earlier mentioned. So, get your measuring tape, and commence getting measurements! Keep in mind to pencil mark the points just before chopping!

Chiseling will not be productive in this circumstance. Use a noticed.

Aspect Note:

The integrity of the remaining frame ought to continue being intact. If you suspect the saw’s movement will compromise it in any way, drill in some screws at the quite leading and bottom of the spot you’re planning to lower off. Also, try not to reduce way too deep.

How To Fix A Door Frame In 3 Steps? (with Pictures)
Image Credit: Dmitry Kalinovsky, Shutterstock

3. Fill the area with new timber

The piece of timber that you’ll be utilizing to fill up that minimize segment ought to be the exact same sort as the body of the doorway. If you are not positive, operate to the nearest hardware keep, and inquire for assist from the attendant. We’re sure they’ll be content to support.

Glue the wooden in and then safe it utilizing nails. Because we don’t want that segment to appear conspicuous, we’ll have to inquire you to sand it, then implement wood filler at the position the place it will come into make contact with with the primary frame.

The last action is making use of a solitary coat of primer, two coats of paint, and you are completed!

Warped Frame

The body acquired warped simply because it formerly experienced moisture in it, and then dried up unevenly. And you must know by now that this is nothing at all new. The dried-up part will shrink quicker than all the other components, consequently triggering the body to bend.

1. Remove the molding and the door stop

We do not care what method you use to remove the molding, but we care about the doorstop. Even although we’re inquiring you to yank each of them out, you have to be mindful with the stop. If you really do not safeguard it, it will be broken and you will not be in a position to use it yet again.

Use the claws of your hammer to support the nails if you have to. Just really do not damage it in any way.

2. Get rid of those shims

Their major purpose is to stage the door to the body. But because we’re functioning on the body, we have to get them out as well. So get them out, reshape the body utilizing your hammer or mallet, and then reinstall the shims.

If you desire to steer clear of troubles in the foreseeable future, you ought to put in plastic shims. They are acknowledged to be rot-resistant and a lot more tough. Also, attempt to spot them nearer to the hinges—the stage where all of the door’s fat gets transferred to the body.

How To Fix A Door Frame In 3 Steps? (with Pictures)
Image Credit: Skyliz, Shutterstock

3. Reinstall the molding and stop

Once you’re accomplished with the shims, reinstall the doorway stop and the molding. You will certainly have to resize the molding if you replaced your shims with new ones. Just make positive it is amount with the frame.


We do not know if you experienced enjoyable going by means of these actions, but we confident did! And we would like to do this again with you sometime! Correcting a picket body is a ability, but a talent that can be discovered in a make a difference of minutes, and with any luck ,, we have assisted you understand that new talent!

Showcased Image Credit: Andrii Anna photographers, Shutterstock