How to Fix a Pocket Door (14 Simple Steps)

How to Fix a Pocket Door (14 Simple Steps)
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A pocket doorway is an exceptional option if you are brief on place but want the positive aspects of closing off a space. Slide it above, and voilà, you have some welcome privacy. They are generally one thing you’d see in an older house due to the fact of their popularity during the 19th century. A nicely-managed and varnished door is an attractive characteristic, particularly with ornate wooden.

Whilst pocket doors normally really do not lock, that is effortlessly remedied with a straightforward hook and eye latch or a sliding bolt. On the draw back, some are noisy. Home settling may impact their efficiency. The wood might adjust or warp over time, causing other difficulties impacting its usability. Our information will stroll you by way of some of the typical repairs and the far more extensive options.

Before You Start

With any luck ,, you are going to locate that it is an easy repair. Some leads to of a defective pocket door are easy repairs that any individual can do. That’s searching at the vivid aspect. The other facet of the coin is not fairly, specifically if you have to change the total construction or even just the tracks. It requires some energy tools, this kind of as a miter saw and a round observed.

It is not the least difficult of Diy initiatives, possibly. It’s involved with a need for precision. The clearance between the bottom of the pocket doorway and the flooring is only about ¼” to be purposeful. If you’re cozy with woodworking initiatives, read through on to discover more of what’s concerned just before you commence.

1. Figure Out What Kind of Pocket Door You Have

Pocket doorways occur in two main styles, both prime-hung or a ground-keep track of model. The previous is a lot more common, whilst the latter is usually some thing you’d see in older houses. A search up and down will explain to you the place you need to emphasis your consideration.

How to Fix a Pocket Door (14 Simple Steps)
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2. Check the Rollers

This 1 is our initial of two simple fixes. Get a flashlight and examine their place on the monitor. Often, the roller might slip out, causing the door to fight you when you want to open or shut it. If a single or more is out of area, you can basically pop it again into the keep track of cautiously. Don’t combat it if it does not budge. Remember that these doors are often more mature with equally more mature elements.

3. Clean the Track

Sometimes, debris gets in the monitor and can interfere with the procedure of the pocket door. Even small things can cause troubles. Run a damp paper towel via its length, and try the door again. If it functions, your dilemma is solved. If not, it’s again to the rollers.

4. Inspect the Rollers

Some versions might have an adjustment screw to enable you to reduced or raise the pocket door. Wood can warp more than time, which can influence its fit. Seasonal outcomes on the shrinkage of the framework can also engage in a position. A clearance of about ¼” is perfect. You can change its place as essential and set some shims in to make sure it stays at the advisable height.

If none of these issues set the issue, you have to kick up a notch by removing the door. If it’s an older 1, you could uncover getting a buddy around to assist you with the weighty lifting is a intelligent idea.

How to Fix a Pocket Door (14 Simple Steps)
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5. Remove the Casing Along the Top of the Door

You’ll discover this job straightforward or a discomfort, dependent on the amount of coats of paint there are on the casing. You can use a putty knife, an all-purpose utility knife, chisel, or the conclude of a hammer if it is actually stubborn. However, be mindful as you go to steer clear of damaging the body and drywall.

6. Remove the Door from Its Track

How you do this activity relies upon on the type of roller. You’ll see single, double, or J-style sets. Older pocket doorways have a simple hanger pin that you will have to release initial. The situation you might run into is one particular of adequate clearance to pop off the doorway. If that’s the scenario, your subsequent stage is to remove the jamb to give you the quantity of area you will need to get rid of it.

You can get rid of the double roller models by pushing them up and employing a rubber mallet on the rollers. If it is a J-design roller, move the door absent from you and pop them out. Newer pocket doors often have cam-lock pins that you can loosen to consider them off the tracks.

7. Make Sure That the Door Isn’t Warped

Now is the perfect time to get a seem at the door. If it’s misshapen, it won’t slide together the track appropriately. If it appears defective, it is time for a substitute. Evaluate the size, width, and thickness before you go shopping for a new one.

How to Fix a Pocket Door (14 Simple Steps)
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8. Examine the Rollers

This stage involves seeking at the current components for symptoms of injury. Often, you are going to uncover a bent a single is the culprit if a person pressured the door open or slammed it. If it is an older established, you might contemplate changing them even if they are nevertheless intact given that you have the doorway off, in any case. If you’d instead hold them, give them a shot of silicone spray to aid them shift much more freely on the observe.

9. Inspect the Track

If the rollers search very good, the issue possibly is with the monitor. Make confident that it is even now in place and isn’t destroyed or bent. We’d also propose managing a damp fabric via it to eliminate any debris. You are going to want a flashlight to get a very good search at it. If it is ruined, you will have to get obtain to it via a gap that you have to minimize in the wall to get to it.

10. Use a Stud Finder to Determine Where They Are Before Sawing

Unfortunately, reducing an accessibility position is your only selection. Your objective is to give by yourself ample area with nominal injury to the wall and body. Use the stud finder to locate the studs and then mark the wall with the places of the studs.

How to Fix a Pocket Door (14 Simple Steps)

11. Cut the Hole with a Drywall Saw

Do by yourself a favor and make sure that your saw is sharp ahead of you get started. It’ll make your job a good deal simpler. Once you have received accessibility, eliminate the previous track. If you have stored the rollers, just take the keep track of with you to your favored home enhancement store to get the right alternative.

12. Install the New Track

Slip the substitute through the hole and fasten it into location. We recommend verifying that it sits amount against the frame to guarantee that your pocket door opens and closes smoothly. Make confident that the rollers work with the monitor prior to transferring onto the subsequent step. Then, connect them to the door using the present hardware or the new types you have purchased.

13. Rehang the Pocket Door

Install the pocket door, following the instructions that arrived with the new track. More recent types have adjustment pins so that you can get it to the right peak. Be certain to consider into account any rugs or carpeting that can influence the door’s placement. Adjust it as needed.

How to Fix a Pocket Door (14 Simple Steps)

14. Fix the Drywall

Use the piece of reduce drywall to plug up the accessibility gap you lower. You might discover it beneficial to place collectively a mini body on which to drill in the drywall screws. Use spackle or drywall mud to end the task. Once it is dry, sand, primary, and paint the wall.

Final Thoughts About Fixing a Pocket Door

There’s no denying the usefulness and practicality of a pocket doorway. The only difficulty is when it stops doing work. Even though there are some swift fixes, occasionally, it turns out to be far more of a venture than you could foresee. Thankfully, there are many steps you can take just before you have to crack out the electrical power instruments. We propose lubing your rollers at times to guarantee that your doorway operates effortlessly.

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