How To Fix a Warped Floor In 12 Easy Steps

Warped flooring can be extremely irritating. A single day, your flooring is great and flat, and the next, you discover oneself walking above a wavy spot. This is generally nothing to be alarmed about, but warped floors can be a lingering issue that can lead to headaches if not dealt with. The great information is, fixing a warped floor is reasonably straightforward to do. With the proper supplies and determination, anyone can correct a warped ground.

Here is how anybody can resolve a warped floor in twelve straightforward-to-do methods.

Assessing The Warp

Not all warps are produced equal. Some warps in the floor are quite tiny and will demand an similarly little repair. Other warps are considerably larger and will require a more substantial repair. Just before beginning on your undertaking, you want to assess the dimension of the warp to determine if the floorboards will want to be replaced or simply put again into spot.

A great rule of thumb is to evaluate the warped area. If the warp is 16” lengthy or much less, it is a tiny warp and can almost certainly be worked back into place without changing any boards. If the warp is lengthier than sixteen inches, you need to plan on changing the damaged boards with fresh kinds.


The 1st point to do before beginning any project is to evaluate your flooring. If you are arranging on replacing floorboards, you require to supply and receive identical or matching boards so that they can match the restore. Substitute flooring demands to be the very same thickness as the present ground and most people want it to be the exact same coloration and type.

When you are out acquiring your replacement boards make positive that you have every thing else you will need to end the work.

Items required:
  • Circular saw with a proper blade
  • Miter saw
  • Replacement boards
  • Rag
  • Scraper
  • Trowel
  • Floor adhesive
  • Hammer
  • Pry bar
  • Pencil
  • Tape measure
Time required:
  • One day
  • Intermediate

Once you have all the needed resources and an thought of what variety of warp you are working with, you can move on to the up coming steps.

For Small Warps

Modest warps that do not need boards to be changed can be fastened in 5 simple steps. It will just take a handful of times for the board to get back its shape, so established apart a weekend that you can keep an eye on your floor.

1. Clear and Mark The Area

How To Fix a Warped Floor In 12 Easy Steps
Image Credit: Kiddkos, Pixabay

The first step is to obvious the location about the warped portion of the ground. Shift any home furniture or objects from the workspace. Then mark out the affected area with a pencil so you know in which just the location is.

2. Wet The Area

Next, moist the influenced location. Pour some drinking water onto the flooring enough to get the ground damp. Even though this may possibly look counterintuitive, drinking water assists boost the malleability of flooring. Oftentimes, drinking water is why the boards warped in the initial location. Drinking water is now currently being used to established factors proper.

Do not place too much drinking water on the ground. You don’t want to damage nearby flooring. Make confident you are only wetting the modest location that is warped and not any of the close by straight boards.

3. Set Heavy Object On Area

Following the floor is wet, set a heavy object above the afflicted board. Many folks recommend using a cinder block. A piece of close by large household furniture will function also but you want to make certain that the total size of the warped board is protected. Do not set one thing with a leg on it exactly where the pressure will be distributed unevenly.

Even a sufficiently weighty book will work if it will include the location. Established your heavy object and make sure the location is becoming flattened evenly more than the size.

4. Wait

Now you wait. Maintain the weighty object in excess of the warped area for at minimum forty eight hrs. There is no time frame. You can depart it sitting down for a week if you feel like it. Give the board time to get back its first shape. The excess weight additionally the h2o and then being dried although flat should return the warped area to standard.

5. Assess Results

After a handful of days, take away the weighty item and assess the final results. The ground need to have returned to its original flat shape. The flooring might even now be a bit warped but the warp should have undoubtedly enhanced. If you are content with the benefits you are carried out. If you are disappointed, you can attempt once again. If a next endeavor fails, then the area may want to be changed totally. If that is the scenario, follow the next segment on how to replace a warped part of the floor.

For Larger Warps

Huge warps increase at the very least sixteen inches together the ground and frequently extend significantly farther. Any warp that is for a longer time than that constitutes a big warp which will require to be fully replaced for a everlasting correct.

1. Clear and Mark The Area

How To Fix a Warped Floor In 12 Easy Steps
Image Credit: Mouaad Jaaidi, Shutterstock

Distinct the influenced location of any things or furniture. Assess the extent of the boards that need to have to be replaced. As soon as you have the region prepped, mark out just what boards you are replacing and make strains the place you are going to make your cuts. It is least difficult to replace boards in a square spot rather of offset or mismatched spaces.

2. Cut Old Boards

How To Fix a Warped Floor In 12 Easy Steps
Image Credit: Levent Konuk, Shutterstock

Set your circular noticed to the height of your floorboards. Many floorboards evaluate 3/4” in thickness. If you are not certain how thick your floorboards are you may want to pry a board up and evaluate. The round noticed requirements to be established to the suitable top to avoid cutting into your subfloor.

Once the round saw is set, lower the influenced boards. Make straight thoroughly clean cuts. Minimize the boards on both ends and clear up any ensuing sawdust.

3. Remove Old Boards

How To Fix a Warped Floor In 12 Easy Steps
Image Credit: Levent Konuk, Shutterstock

Now it is time to remove the previous, warped floorboards. Making use of your pry bar and a hammer, pry up the previous boards using the cuts in the boards to get below them. Depending on how the boards are attached to the subfloor this can be an arduous process. Consider treatment not to harm close by healthy boards.

Leverage the boards up and pull them out. The boards might crack or crack. That is okay. Totally remove all the boards and toss them away.

4. Clean Under Area

Next, you require to thoroughly clean the region underneath the floorboards. In most properties, the subfloor will be flat plywood. Eliminate any outdated adhesive, nails, dust, and debris from the hole. If you only have joists underneath your flooring, make confident that they look excellent and are free from any hurt or rot.

The area wants to be cleaned in get to make a very good floor to area the new boards. A filthy subfloor will interfere with the flooring adhesive or nails that are going to be utilised to set in the fresh boards.

Scrape absent any leftover adhesive. Use a wet rag and the scraper to make positive there is no debris caught to the subfloor.

5. Measure and Cut Fresh Boards

Measure your new boards and prepare to make your cuts on the miter observed. You want to go away a one/8-inch hole on possibly stop to let your floors to breathe during temperature modifications. No matter of how several boards you are replacing, make your cuts and brain your gaps. Keep in mind, evaluate twice and lower after.

After you have your freshly reduce boards, lay them out and get ready to put in them.

6. Replace and Secure Fresh Boards

How To Fix a Warped Floor In 12 Easy Steps
Image Credit: Freepiks

Most flooring nowadays are secured to a flat subfloor with ground adhesive. You need to have bought some when you discovered your substitution boards. Put a bead of glue on the back of every board you are installing. Try out not to overdo the quantity of glue. Each and every tube should have a advised sum to location for every board.

Set the boards into the location one particular at a time. Press down and keep every board in location for at the very least 30 seconds. Do this for each and every board you are changing.

Some boards are put in with nails, although that is not frequent in most cases right now. Boards that want to be nailed down must be completed with a end nailer in the advised nailing sample.

7. Flatten Area and Assess

Push down on the region to make confident that the boards are flat and secure. If you used adhesive, make certain no adhesive is coming up via the gaps. If you see any wayward glue coming up, wipe it away quickly.

The flooring ought to be good to go at this stage. It is ideal to permit the glue dry and set for at least a working day. Try out not to wander more than the spot in the course of that time and really do not replace any home furniture until the waiting period of time is more than.

Why Do Floorboards Warp?

Floors can warp for a variety of different reasons. Over time, old floors will naturally lose their original shape and take on new shapes after years of use and temperature swings. New floors often warp after being exposed to a large amount of water. Water can warp the surface of the boards or erode the adhesive that keeps the floors attached to the subfloor. Both of those things can cause a floor to warp.

Wooden flooring in regions with sizzling summers and large humidity can warp seasonally and can drop their shape gradually over time owing to environmental elements.


By following these steps, you can resolve a tiny warp or a huge warp. Small warps are straightforward to manage whilst greater warps call for a much more in depth repair. Modern day floors are rather effortless to repair and exchange. Soon after pursuing these measures and paying attention to your certain flooring you will be able to evaluate and correct virtually any warp in your house and get rid of that annoying imperfection.

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