How To Fix A Window Lock In 10 Steps

It is terrifying when a lock breaks on a window simply because thieves can really simply use that as a way to enter your house, whether you’re there or not. Nobody needs that, so we’re here to help you correct that window lock ASAP.

When a window lock is worn, damaged, or free, it is greatest to entirely replace it. Not performing so will increase your threat of not just split-ins but also humidity, which can direct to mould. Appropriately sealed windows are essential to retaining your property effectively-ventilated.

Home mend can audio like a daunting process, but it is not terribly hard if you have some basic resources and stick to our useful phase-by-stage information. Let’s dive into what you need and what to do.


1st of all, this manual assumes that your lock broke although the window is in the open placement. If your window lock has damaged in a way that is jammed the window shut, skip down to the part under on repairing jammed windows.

Ahead of we get commenced, you are going to need to evaluate your window lock to make certain you get a suitably compatible substitute lock.

To Measure Your Window Lock:

Step One

Measure from the outer edge of the lock to the center of the manage to get your backset dimensions. Common backset dimensions are 20 mm (millimeters) and 22 mm.

Step Two

Measure from a single stop of the window lock faceplate to the other aspect to get your lock size. Common dimensions contain four hundred mm, 600 mm, and 1000 mm.

Step Three

Alternatively, look on the lock faceplate for a maker title and code. Letters in the code range, but the quantities are typically the dimensions of the lock.

Step Four

Lastly, measure the width of the lock. The most common dimension is 16 mm, but you will want one particular a bit wider if you have a steel or vinyl window body.

You Will Need:
  • Replacement lock with same dimensions as the broken lock
  • Drill with bits
  • Screwdriver (optional)
  • Wood putty
  • Fine-grit sandpaper (120+)
  • New screws (only if the old ones are stripped or worn)

How To Fix A Window Lock | Step-By-Step Guide

Step by step:
  • Step One: Using your screwdriver or drill, remove the screws securing the window lock handle.
  • Step Two: Remove the window handle.
  • Step Three: Unscrew and remove the screws securing the lock on the faceplate.
  • Step Four: Remove the window lock.
  • Step Five: This step is for wooden windows only. For aluminum or vinyl frames, skip this step. Fill the mounting holes with wood putty and wait for it to dry. Sand the putty until it is flush with the window frame.
  • Step Six: Insert your replacement window lock where you removed the old one.
  • Step Seven: Insert your window handle and make sure it’s in the correct position.
  • Step Eight: Reinsert the screws securing the window handle. For a metal frame, you may wish to predrill holes to make the process easier.
  • Step Nine: Insert the screws securing the faceplate of the window lock. It may be necessary to predrill holes in some cases.
  • Step Ten: If the lock is not the same type as the old, broken lock, it may be slightly different in dimensions. You may need to fiddle with it to get it in position with the window frame.
How To Fix A Window Lock In 10 Steps
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What If The Window Lock Is Jammed?

If your window lock is broken in a way that has jammed your window shut, the approach is very a bit much more laborious due to the fact you’ll have to fiddle with your window seals. Undertaking so will void any warranties on the window, and you danger damaging it. We would recommend hiring a specialist to do this if you’re not absolutely assured in your Do-it-yourself capabilities.

If you’d instead do it your self, we realize. You will require a number of equipment to aid the job.

You Will Need:
  • Drill with bit
  • Vice grips/channel locks
  • Allen keys
  • Screwdriver
  • Hammer (if the mechanism is rusted shut)
How To Fix A Window Lock In 10 Steps
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How To Open A Shut Window With A Broken Lock

Step by step:
  • Step One: Unscrew the screws securing the window handle, and check the lock to make sure the handle isn’t broken. Sometimes it seems like the lock is broken when it’s really just the handle.
  • Step Two: Completely remove the handle.
  • Step Three: Use a screwdriver to carefully pry out the window seal in between the window and the frame. Once it comes loose, you can pull it with your hands.
  • Step Four: Clamp the vice grips onto the long, straight end of your Allen key.
  • Steep Five: Holding it horizontally, insert the Allen key into the gap where the seal was.
  • Steep Six: Slide it down the gap until it hits the lock.
  • Steep Seven: With the tip of the Allen key in the lock, sharply turn the vice grips to disengage the locking mechanism. If the lock is rusted or seized, you may need to tap the vice grips with a hammer to get it to loosen.

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