How To Fix Cigarette Burns In A Car Ceiling In 4 Steps (with Pictures)

The suggestion of a cigarette can get to temperatures as higher as 900°C, so it is hardly astonishing that they can lead to severe injury to the cloth, vinyl, and leather inside of a auto. Cigarette burns are much more common in seats, but they can also happen in the ceiling of a automobile, particularly when driving over a bumpy street with a lit cigarette in your mouth. These ceiling burns most typically arise just above the window and as a result of catching the cigarette idea when making an attempt to flick ash out of the window.

For what is generally a small region of damage, these kinds of a burn up can truly stand out and as nicely as getting an eyesore, it will deplete the resale benefit of the auto and may grow to be even worse in excess of time if it is left as a little melt away hole. A automobile detailer could be in a position to fix the headliner, or you can get a alternative and glue it in location, but these alternatives can insert up to numerous hundred bucks or much more. Fashioning your possess repairs could preserve you the funds and trouble, while still leaving you with a totally repaired liner that looks as excellent as new.

Whether you’ve bought a utilized car that has a burn up in the ceiling, you have leant your automobile to a smoker who is responsible for the harm, or you have accomplished it your self, attempt the subsequent actions to fix the hideous-seeking melt away mark in your car.

Car Headliners

The car headliner is a mixture of layers that are connected to the ceiling of the automobile. Not only are they used to protect up the bare metallic and give a greater aesthetic, but their use of foam and additional supplies also helps to decrease sounds and increase heat retention inside the automobile. The outer layer of the headliner is manufactured from a composite fabric and is used to contain a foam filler.

How To Fix Cigarette Burns In A Car Ceiling In 4 Steps (with Pictures)
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Headliner Burns

Burn marks in the ceiling hardly ever burn off correct via the liner simply because this would require that the cigarette stop be held from the liner for a couple of seconds. A lot more frequently, it is just the outer layer of the liner alone that is burned. It’s nonetheless hideous, but it means that it shouldn’t be automatically to substitute the complete thing.

Fixing Cigarette Burns In the Car Ceiling

Be informed that most residence repairs are likely to depart proof. You could be capable to see a seam in which a homemade patch fulfills the existing fabric, for instance, or the patch materials might not exactly match that of the headliner. In either circumstance, it will look greater than a scorched burn mark.

Materials and Equipment
  • Cloth
  • Craft knife
  • Fabric adhesive
  • Patch
  • Scissors

If you have decided that the foam is undamaged, typically indicated by the reality that you simply cannot see any of the foam protruding from the burn up spot, stick to these steps to consider and vogue a fix for by yourself.

How To Fix Cigarette Burns In A Car Ceiling (4 Steps)

1. Source A Patch

Before you start, you will want to source the substance you will use as a patch. Ideally, this ought to be the very same materials as is in your vehicle. You can try contacting the company or seller that you got the automobile from or even go to a wrecker or scrap yard and see if they have any vehicles of the very same make and design. Alternatively, you may have to locate one thing that looks similar but is not an precise match.

You can use pens and needles to include any texture or sample to the material and get it as close as achievable.

The substance shouldn’t be high-priced, and it is worth acquiring more than you require, particularly if you do locate a extremely shut match. You never know when you may need to make an additional patch, and the materials may well confirm far more challenging to uncover up coming time all around.

2. Clean and Clear the Area

Use heat drinking water and cloth to clear the spot. You can attempt a delicate detergent, which may get rid of some of the staining about the location, but it will not be ready to repair the gap or scorch mark. Minimize off any items of dangling substance and try to make positive the hole is as neat as possible. It will make it less complicated to apply the patch and it means that there will be less bubbles and creases so the mend task will not stand out as simply.

3. Apply Solvent

Allow the spot dry after you’ve cleaned it, and then use a fabric glue and implement it around the melt away region. Try out not to stray too considerably from the burn gap itself but go over any scorch marks that you have been not able to eliminate and try to develop a sq. or rectangular condition since it will be less complicated to match the patch to an location like this.

4. Attach the Patch

Guarantee that the material is minimize to the same measurement as the area you have put adhesive and thrust the patch firmly towards the glue. Distinct glues have various drying instances, but you will normally have to hold it in place for at the very least 3 minutes before it at least commences to consider.


Burn marks are a nightmare on any surface area, but they are hugely obvious in the ceiling of a car. With any luck ,, the hurt is only pores and skin deep, or else you may have to change the whole lining to fully fix the problem.

In any other case, cleanse the spot, use a good cloth adhesive, and affix a do-it-yourself patch to cover the gap and the burned places all around the offending internet site. Enable every thing dry totally, according to the glue manufacturer recommendations, and then give the location a wipe with a damp fabric to eliminate any stray dust or debris and to attempt and ensure that the patch matches the pale seem of the auto headliner.

Highlighted Graphic Credit score: Антон Воробьев, Unsplash