How To Fix Cigarette Burns In A Car Ceiling In 4 Steps (with Pictures)

The idea of a cigarette can reach temperatures as high as 900°C, so it is hardly shocking that they can trigger severe harm to the fabric, vinyl, and leather-based interior of a vehicle. Cigarette burns are far more common in seats, but they can also arise in the ceiling of a car, specially when driving above a bumpy highway with a lit cigarette in your mouth. These ceiling burns most typically occur just earlier mentioned the window and as a outcome of catching the cigarette tip when making an attempt to flick ash out of the window.

For what is generally a small area of hurt, this sort of a melt away can really stand out and as nicely as becoming an eyesore, it will deplete the resale value of the car and could become worse above time if it is still left as a little burn off gap. A vehicle detailer might be ready to fix the headliner, or you can get a substitution and glue it in location, but these choices can include up to several hundred pounds or more. Fashioning your personal repairs could preserve you the income and trouble, whilst even now leaving you with a fully repaired liner that seems to be as great as new.

Whether or not you’ve bought a employed automobile that has a burn up in the ceiling, you’ve leant your vehicle to a smoker who is liable for the damage, or you’ve accomplished it by yourself, try out the pursuing methods to correct the ugly-hunting burn off mark in your automobile.

Car Headliners

The car headliner is a mixture of levels that are attached to the ceiling of the automobile. Not only are they used to cover up the bare metallic and give a far better aesthetic, but their use of foam and additional components also will help to decrease noise and boost warmth retention inside of the car. The outer layer of the headliner is created from a composite fabric and is employed to have a foam filler.

car interior
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Headliner Burns

Melt away marks in the ceiling not often melt away right by way of the liner simply because this would require that the cigarette conclude be held against the liner for a handful of seconds. Far more often, it is just the outer layer of the liner by itself that is burned. It is nonetheless hideous, but it means that it should not be always to exchange the total factor.

Fixing Cigarette Burns In the Car Ceiling

Be aware that most house repairs are likely to go away proof. You could be ready to see a seam the place a homemade patch fulfills the existing fabric, for example, or the patch substance may not precisely match that of the headliner. In either scenario, it will look greater than a scorched burn up mark.

Materials and Equipment
  • Cloth
  • Craft knife
  • Fabric adhesive
  • Patch
  • Scissors

If you have determined that the foam is undamaged, generally indicated by the simple fact that you simply cannot see any of the foam protruding from the melt away spot, adhere to these measures to try and trend a mend for by yourself.

How To Fix Cigarette Burns In A Car Ceiling (4 Steps)

1. Source A Patch

Before you begin, you will want to resource the substance you will use as a patch. Ideally, this need to be the very same substance as is in your auto. You can try out making contact with the company or dealer that you got the car from or even go to a wrecker or scrap lawn and see if they have any cars of the exact same make and product. Alternatively, you may possibly have to discover something that looks equivalent but is not an precise match.

You can use pens and needles to incorporate any texture or sample to the material and get it as near as possible.

The substance should not be costly, and it is well worth acquiring much more than you need to have, specifically if you do locate a very close match. You never know when you may possibly require to make another patch, and the content may possibly show a lot more tough to locate next time close to.

2. Clean and Clear the Area

Use warm water and fabric to cleanse the region. You can try a sensitive detergent, which may well get rid of some of the staining about the area, but it will not be ready to repair the hole or scorch mark. Reduce off any items of dangling material and attempt to make sure the hole is as neat as feasible. It will make it less complicated to use the patch and it signifies that there will be less bubbles and creases so the fix job will not stand out as simply.

3. Apply Solvent

Permit the location dry as soon as you have cleaned it, and then use a cloth glue and implement it close to the burn location. Try out not to stray also significantly from the burn gap itself but go over any scorch marks that you have been unable to take away and try out to develop a square or rectangular condition due to the fact it will be easier to match the patch to an location like this.

4. Attach the Patch

Make sure that the cloth is lower to the exact same dimension as the region you have positioned adhesive and push the patch firmly in opposition to the glue. Different glues have different drying instances, but you will usually have to keep it in area for at minimum a few minutes ahead of it at the very least starts off to get.


Burn marks are a nightmare on any surface area, but they are hugely obvious in the ceiling of a auto. Ideally, the harm is only pores and skin deep, normally you might have to substitute the whole lining to completely correct the issue.

Otherwise, thoroughly clean the region, use a good fabric adhesive, and affix a homemade patch to cover the gap and the burned places all around the offending internet site. Enable almost everything dry completely, in accordance to the glue producer guidelines, and then give the spot a wipe with a damp fabric to get rid of any stray dust or particles and to try and make certain that the patch matches the pale look of the automobile headliner.

Showcased Impression Credit history: Антон Воробьев, Unsplash