How to Fix Laminate Flooring in 4 Simple Steps

Economical, resilient, and effortless to maintain, there are a lot of motives to choose laminate above hardwood through the property. And if you are nervous about harm, it might shock you to discover that laminate flooring can be uncomplicated to repair as nicely!

In fairness, top quality flooring like hardwood has hardiness in the confront of damage that laminate never ever will. But even though you can not sand and end it to a like-new look, a dent, ding, or scratch will not often spell the stop for your laminate flooring both. If you have damaged laminate, we’ll display you how to fix it in 4 easy methods.

How to Fix Laminate Flooring in 4 Simple Steps

A random scratch or ding can be a fast correct with putty, marker, crayon, or other filler. Take a piece of scrap flooring to your neighborhood components keep to locate a repair package that can match the tone and the flooring’s all round seem. In only a number of minutes, you are going to be ready to make minor blemishes vanish.

What You’ll Need
  • Cleaning solvent
  • Wood putty, repair marker, or repair kit
  • Putty knife
  • Paper towels

1. Clean the Chip with Solvent

Use a solvent to clean the chip before making use of your filler. Wooden filler will have problems keeping on if loose dirt and debris are in the chip. Implement the solvent in and about the chip and blot it with a cleanse cloth. Allow it sit for a couple of minutes to permit the remaining solvent to evaporate.

2. Prepare the Wood Putty

How to Fix Laminate Flooring in 4 Simple Steps
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Wooden repair markers, crayons, and even several types of putty are ready to use with out any preparing. If the scratch is minor, these simple fills can work even if the color match is imperfect.

Other wooden repair kits require you to mix the filler just before implementing it. You might have to combine a few various tones right up until you get the correct hue to match. When functioning with putties, constantly adhere to the merchandise instructions, which typically entail mixing the filler on a scrap piece of cardboard or in a dish right up until it develops the color and consistency to fill the location.

3. Test the Repair Tool

How to Fix Laminate Flooring in 4 Simple Steps
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It can be tough to inform if a putty coloration matches the laminate even when you keep them next to every other. Just before filling in the chip, examination your filler in an inconspicuous area to see how it seems and make adjustments to the colour as necessary.

4. Fill the Chip or Scratch

How to Fix Laminate Flooring in 4 Simple Steps
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Use your putty knife to fill the chip in and clean it till it is flush with the floorboard. Some kits also offer a modest brush to texturize the filler so it matches the grain.

You might want a couple of programs to fill the chip. Enable the very first layer dry for about an hour, and then incorporate your 2nd layer. Smooth it out with the putty knife and cleanse off any surplus with some solvent on a rag. Permit it to dry, and cautiously sand it with fantastic-grit sandpaper to provide it even with the flooring, if necessary.

How to Replace Damaged Laminate Flooring

You can usually resolve small marks from dropped knives or pet claws with wooden fillers, but comprehensive harm is typically irreparable. For occasion, there may possibly be extreme scratching that filler can not protect. And simply because it has a wooden-based mostly fiberboard core, laminate flooring is susceptible to injury from excessive moisture penetration. Too a lot drinking water can trigger mold, warping, buckling, or breaking, all of which will usually require a substitution.

If you have a floating installation and the boards are not glued down or with each other, you can generally remove the floorboards with no chopping. Take the baseboards off and start detaching the floorboards starting up from the edge next to the wall, setting them aside right up until you reach and exchange the broken piece. Right after replacing the issue spot, attach the floorboards yet again, fix your baseboards backs in spot, and you’re very good to go.

If you glued the floorboards in location or the broken board is also far away from a wall, you will have to reduce into the board to substitute it. Adhere to these methods to substitute a destroyed laminate floorboard with a saw.

What You’ll Need
  • Circular saw
  • Pry bar
  • Table saw
  • Utility knife
  • Pliers
  • Wood glue

1. Mark the Cut Lines

To take away a laminate floorboard from the middle of the ground, you are going to require to lower into it with a round observed. You don’t want to reduce precisely along the seam. That will demolish the tongue and groove of the bordering boards, which you’ll want to maintain intact to support resolve the new board in location.

Mark lower strains on the damaged floorboard on every single aspect about 1 inch from the edge, generating a rectangle. Draw four far more diagonal minimize lines connecting the corners of your hand-drawn rectangle with the corners of the board. These brief aid cuts will make it less difficult to pry the piece out.

2. Cut the Damaged Plank

Employing a spare piece of flooring, set your round saw to the floor’s depth. You want your noticed to go just deep sufficient to minimize by means of the whole board but not harm the subfloor underneath. Reduce together the rectangular minimize lines you marked and the 4 corner strains.

3. Pry Out Edge Pieces of the Damaged Board

How to Fix Laminate Flooring in 4 Simple Steps
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Consider the centre portion out of the board that you minimize, leaving only the sides in location. Use a pry bar or chisel to dislodge the facet items from the relaxation of the floor. Be careful eliminating them to avoid any hurt to the surrounding floorboards.

4. Cut the Tongue and Groove of New Board

How to Fix Laminate Flooring in 4 Simple Steps
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A laminate floorboard has a groove on a single facet and a single end as effectively as a tongue on a single facet and one finish. When you try out to insert a new board in amongst 4 pre-existing floorboards, you are going to locate that the tongues will keep it from fitting. With a number of effectively-placed cuts and some wooden glue, you can connect the new board securely in spot.

On the new board, use your table saw to cut only the bottom lip off of the groove aspect. Then, reduce the base lip off of the groove finish. Last but not least, cut the tongue off of the opposite end by scoring it several instances with your utility knife and snapping it off with pliers. Leave the tongue intact on the long aspect.

5. Glue Down the New Board

How to Fix Laminate Flooring in 4 Simple Steps
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With the base lip lower off of the groove finish and side and the tongue lower off of the other conclude, you can match your board in area with relieve. Prior to installing it, fix any hurt to your underlayment that your noticed might have caused.

After taping any rips in your underlayment, you can attach the new board. Run glue together the best of the tongue side and stop of the pre-present floorboards around the alternative. Then, operate a line of wooden glue down the duration of the tongue on the new board. Ultimately, utilize glue to the end of the new board from which you removed the tongue, exactly where it will kind a butt joint with the board up coming to it.

Slide the tongue facet of the new plank into the groove of the corresponding floorboard. Situate the prime lip of the groove finish and facet over the tongues of the other floorboards, urgent them down so that the glue spreads and develops a organization bond.

Allow the wooden glue dry, and your new floorboard will be prepared for use. For a stronger keep, you can also confront nail the new board on the groove side. Countersinking two nails on that aspect must be ample, and you can fill the holes in with matching wood putty.

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Final Thoughts

Laminate flooring has a good deal likely for it, and it will only get much more tough and desirable as producing technology improves. It may possibly be acknowledged for its reduced expense and straightforward installation, but with these 4 simple actions, you can now add “easy to fix” to laminate’s developing checklist of rewards. Just take a search about your home for mend chances, and uncover how rapidly, simple, and gratifying it can be to breathe new daily life into your laminate flooring!

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