How to Fix Solar Lights In 12 Easy Steps (with Pictures)

Photo voltaic lights are a great way to illuminate your out of doors room although preserving on charges and taking treatment of the surroundings. As with any other gentle fixture, solar lights can get broken or start malfunctioning, so you require to know how to repair them if there’s a issue.

Right now, we’ll supply you with a phase-by-step guide for how to correct photo voltaic lights in 12 simple methods. Given that there can be several issues, we will mention the most common types and their options.


The Most Common Solar Light Problems and Their Solutions

There are a couple of issues that usually arise with photo voltaic lights. They are generally easily workable, so you ought to be ready to correct them with out any problems. Beneath, you can see the problems along with actions to solve them.

Not Getting Ample Daylight

The very first dilemma that can come about is that the photo voltaic light is not getting sufficient daylight. Photo voltaic lights should be put in bright, sunny locations to operate correctly. So, they may possibly not satisfy their goal when they’re in the shade or a lined region. Here’s what you need to have to do to resolve that.

1. Verify the issue

Ahead of you do something, validate that the photo voltaic lights are not acquiring enough light-weight and this is creating the malfunction. Examine the battery and all other parts of the solar light-weight to check out for other likely troubles. Once you’re certain the difficulty is not sufficient sunlight achieving the solar lights, you can move forward to the up coming stage.

How to Fix Solar Lights In 12 Easy Steps (with Pictures)
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2. Provide enough sunlight to the solar light

As you almost certainly guessed, you want to offer ample sunlight to the photo voltaic mild to fix this problem. If there is an overgrowth of bushes or grass close by, trim it to enable daylight to reach the photo voltaic gentle.  On the other hand, if some thing else is blocking the daylight but you are not able to alter or shift it, simply go the solar light to a different location. Make sure that it is a sunny area with no shadows. That way, the solar light will soak up all the sunlight it needs and it will function as new.

Useless Battery

An additional common difficulty in photo voltaic mild is that its batteries can die. If that occurs, all you need to have to do is exchange it, and the solar mild will perform effectively once again. Right here are the measures on how to modify a solar light battery that has died:

3. Take the solar light inside

You need to consider your photo voltaic mild inside when changing the batteries. If you do it outside, dirt or water might accessibility the mild and jeopardize its potential efficiency. So, ahead of you open it up, make positive you are in a thoroughly clean, and protected area.

4. Unscrew the top and open the battery casing

Most solar lights have their battery and the photo voltaic panel underneath the best area previously mentioned the bulb. Relying on how the top is secured, you may possibly need to have to unscrew it or merely twist it to open up. Once you have taken out the prime lid, open the battery casing and verify which batteries you need for the substitution.

How to Fix Solar Lights In 12 Easy Steps (with Pictures)
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5. Remove the old battery and add a new one

Get rid of the old battery and discover/purchase new types that fit your photo voltaic gentle. Make positive that you use the same battery kind and not blend two distinct sorts. Once you have added the new 1, near the battery casing and place the top back again in spot.

6. Test it out

Take a look at out the photo voltaic light as soon as you’ve finished all the preceding actions. Most new batteries arrive charged, so the photo voltaic light ought to operate immediately. If that does not take place, go away it in the sun for a even though and return to do one more take a look at.

Damaged Sensors

Damaged sensors are another typical situation with solar lights. To make sure which is your concern, place your hand or fabric over the photo voltaic light-weight. If it turns on, everything is all right. If it does not, there is certainly an concern with the sensor.

7. Make sure the issue is in the sensors

As we pointed out previously mentioned, test the sensors out. They respond to darkness, so you need to make a dark environment to see if they switch on. If not, sensors are indeed an issue.

8. Check the wiring

Wiring troubles are one more factor that can end the sensors from functioning. If you have a bit of electrical understanding, check the wiring. If not, it may possibly be great to make contact with the maker because most provide a substitution.

How to Fix Solar Lights In 12 Easy Steps (with Pictures)
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9. Replacing the sensor

You can remove the old sensor and get a new a single for set up. Honestly, we nevertheless advise getting in contact with the solar light producer simply because they have the capabilities for correcting their solution. That way, you will not compromise the future of your photo voltaic light.


Given that solar lights are positioned outside, a typical reason for their malfunctioning is filth. At times dust, mud, and dirt can get on the solar mild and quit the sun from reaching the panel. Which is why photo voltaic lights must be cleaned routinely.

Drinking water Damage

Yet another frequent situation you can come across when employing photo voltaic lights is drinking water hurt. Although photo voltaic lights are produced to endure drinking water, weighty rains can potentially damage the solar light. If that occurs, here’s what you must do:

10. Take the light inside and disassemble it

This is another step in which you require to take the mild inside of to a clean, dry spot. When you do that, disassemble the light so that you can dry it.

11. Dry the solar light

Right after disassembling the gentle, you ought to carefully dry all the components. Be cautious, specially when drying the sensor, to not hurt it.

How to Fix Solar Lights In 12 Easy Steps (with Pictures)
Image Credit: PxHere

12. Reassemble

Soon after you’ve dried it manually, assemble the photo voltaic light back. It might nonetheless have some gathered drinking water on the surfaces you are not able to see, so it is best to go away it in a warm space to dry overnight. After that, examination it out. If the photo voltaic mild is operating, h2o was the dilemma. If it’s nevertheless malfunctioning, get in touch with the maker to get to the base of the problem.

How long should solar lights last?

Photo voltaic lights are really enduring, and generally speaking, they ought to last anywhere from 3–4 years. Of program, that relies upon on how you treat them and if you do maintenance regularly. You must notice when a photo voltaic light is near its alternative time as it will not be capable to accumulate daylight and illuminate the region properly. In that scenario, a replacement will be needed.

Can you put new batteries in solar lights?

We talked about this in one particular of the measures in the write-up, and the solution is indeed. Nevertheless, you require to make positive you are placing the identical batteries for the very best performance of the solar gentle. An additional crucial factor to point out is that typical alkaline batteries are not the ideal option for solar lights. Our recommendation is to use NiMH (Nickel Metallic Hydride) rechargeable batteries or NiCd (Nickel Cadmium) rechargeable batteries.

How do you test a solar light?

If you are screening a solar panel during the evening, there is nothing unique you need to do. But, if you are tests it throughout the day, you will require to make it respond. Considering that solar lights reply to darkness, you ought to recreate a darkish atmosphere close to the mild. To do that, you can merely place your hand above it or cover it with a dark cloth. If it turns on, every little thing should be all right. If it doesn’t, you may have sensor difficulties, so you ought to get to out to the maker.


Solar lights are a great way to mild up your property or any other place even though minimizing your expenses. Like each and every other technological system, they can get broken, ruined, or merely just malfunction. With any luck ,, our guidelines have aided you diagnose and repair your photo voltaic light-weight in no time!

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