How to Flea Bomb a House – Step-by-Step Guide (with Pictures)

Ctenocephalides felis, or the common cat flea, is the bane of pet house owners, with almost seventy five% of them acquiring flea-tick merchandise for their animals. The sobering truth is that professionals assume the market to carry on to develop by means of 2026 with a compound annual growth price (CAGR) of 4.nine%. That arrives on the heels of findings by the Centers for Illness Management and Prevention displaying a 3-fold improve in ailments.

It’s essential to realize that managing your pet isn’t the stop of the problem. That is what helps make flea bombing your residence a portion of the therapy. Of program, prevention is the best program of action by making use of a topical merchandise in the course of the period. All it will take is a single female flea to infect your house with up to 2,000 eggs in the course of its life span.

Before You Start

You need to have to know numerous issues just before you get to battle with the fleas. These insects can go extended durations in between blood foods. So, even if you are not looking at them in your house, they just may possibly be dormant. We talked about the quantity of eggs a feminine can create. That existence-stage gives them excellent protection.

Which is why answering how lengthy does it take to flea bomb a home implies more than 1 treatment. That complete approach may possibly just take a month or far more, depending on the product you use. Companies will frequently point out as significantly with their merchandise descriptions. That tends to make our description of a fight fitting for these pests.

The other issue to recognize is that some crucial prep is included prior to you start off. Remember that you are employing a pesticide that is meant to get rid of fleas. There are dangers to non-focused species, such as you and your family members. Even so, you must harmony that with not dealing with the difficulty. Fleas have ailments that are transmittable to your pet and your family members.

How to Flea Bomb a House – Step-by-Step Guide (with Pictures)
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Buying the Right Fogger for the Job

Manufacturers have reformulated foggers to make using them and managing fleas easier for pet homeowners. Today’s merchandise typically have a residual result that can cut down on the number of moments you need to use them. Several have natural compounds known as pyrethrins from certain species of chrysanthemums. That’s great information for you but poor for honey bees and aquatic organisms.

Many foggers are also non-selective, broad-spectrum pesticides. They’ll also kill other pests in your home, this sort of as silverfish, mosquitoes, and gnats, in addition to the fleas that are tormenting you and your pet. You are going to also see artificial versions of pyrethrins referred to as pyrethroids. The former is unstable in the environment and breaks down swiftly. The latter will final more time with far better steadiness.

We strongly urge you to read the fogger’s label meticulously. The merchandise will condition the region it will cover, generally in cubic ft. One particular with a two,000 cubic ft assortment is ample for a 16-foot x 16-foot place with an eight-foot ceiling of unobstructed space. The latter is the major takeaway message. Bear in mind that you are heading to have to fog your whole property considering that the fleas are cellular.

Nonetheless, the a single caveat is closets or other modest rooms. Bear in thoughts that the fogger’s contents are below enormous stress. It can even explode if used in these spaces. As an alternative, open up the doorways to any adjacent rooms.

If in doubt, evaluate the rooms to establish how several foggers you are going to require. Luckily, you’ll usually see them sold in multi-packs which can preserve you some cash. Pay interest to the residual outcomes, also. You may locate that if you wipe out the stop of the flea time, your pet will not deliver any a lot more into the property. That can give you much better management more than the scenario. Supplies that you will need include:

How to Flea Bomb a House (Step-by-Step Guide)

1. Have a Game Plan

How to Flea Bomb a House – Step-by-Step Guide (with Pictures)
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Most foggers will work for two hours. You, your family, and your pets have to vacate the premises in the course of this time. That signifies you must have a prepare, especially with indoor animals these kinds of as cats. You might contemplate using the pup to doggie daycare and maybe boarding the cats for the day to make things less difficult for you.

2. Prepare the Rooms

How to Flea Bomb a House – Step-by-Step Guide (with Pictures)
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You are going to need to eliminate or shop absent any toys—pets or kids—in the rooms you’re managing. You can also protect any tables or home furniture with sheets or tarps to safeguard them. Defend any location that may come in contact with meals. Remove any meals or serving products sitting on the countertops even if you’re not fogging the kitchen.

3. Extinguish the Pilot Lights in Any Appliance

How to Flea Bomb a House – Step-by-Step Guide (with Pictures)
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You should also extinguish any open up flames or pilot lights in fuel ovens, fireplaces, or other appliances. If you have firewood in your home, either get rid of it or cover it with a cloth.

4. Turn Off Your HVAC System

How to Flea Bomb a House – Step-by-Step Guide (with Pictures)
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It is essential to maintain the fogger’s spray within your house to focus it for the best outcomes. For that reason, you ought to flip off your HVAC program to keep away from contaminating the outdoor from the exhaust. The very same precaution applies to enthusiasts or air purifiers.

5. Close All Windows

How to Flea Bomb a House – Step-by-Step Guide (with Pictures)
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Yet again, it is all about concentrating the spray. Make sure to near all windows in your house just before you start off. We recommend doing a area-by-room examine prior to you set off the flea bombs to engage in it safe.

6. Lay Down Some Newspaper in the Center of Each Treated Room

How to Flea Bomb a House – Step-by-Step Guide (with Pictures)
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The foggers will operate greatest if you have them earlier mentioned the ground. You can use either an overturned box or a chair. Cover the foundation with newspapers or a fall cloth to safeguard the encompassing area.

7. Set Off the Foggers

How to Flea Bomb a House – Step-by-Step Guide (with Pictures)
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Follow the instructions on the label for making ready the foggers for use. That normally indicates shaking them nicely to combine the contents. Thrust down the nozzle to begin them while keeping them upright. The fogger’s spray will be powerful, so just take care when location them down on their platforms. Depart your house instantly following you have started them.

If possible, we suggest using an outside property spray around the property. It’d be a shame if your dog introduced some fleas into your residence after your difficult function acquiring rid of them. It is also an superb time to bathe your pet with a flea and tick shampoo. It is critical not to use dog items on cats because of their increased sensitivity to the substances.

8. Return After Two Hours

How to Flea Bomb a House – Step-by-Step Guide (with Pictures)
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Most merchandise recommend you vacate the premises for at minimum two hrs. The fogger likely won’t be spraying its contents the total time. However, the air will continue to be thick with its fumes, making it unsafe to enter your residence any previously. We recommend 1 man or woman enter the home 1st. Open up the home windows and doorways to air out the rooms for an additional two or more hrs as necessary.

9. Clean Any Exposed Surfaces

How to Flea Bomb a House – Step-by-Step Guide (with Pictures)
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Cleaning your property afterward is critical to take away any residual spray and get rid of the useless pests. Wipe down any uncovered surfaces with heat, soapy water. Mop any tile or wood floors. You must also vacuum the carpeting in all rooms. Toss the bag out or empty the contents in a bag and set it in an out of doors garbage can.

10. Bring the Pets and Family Back Home

How to Flea Bomb a House – Step-by-Step Guide (with Pictures)
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As soon as factors are cleaned up, you can provide everybody again home to take pleasure in their pest-totally free space. You can hold the home windows open up if you detect a lingering scent of the foggers. The good news is, several companies maintain this in thoughts to make them significantly less disagreeable to use. Comply with up as essential as advised by the manufacturer’s instructions.

Final Thoughts

Fleas are not only irritating, but they are also harmful for your pet and family. They can carry illnesses and parasites that can make the difficulty even worse. Thankfully, foggers give an powerful answer for obtaining rid of these pests, alongside with other individuals that you may uncover in your home. The most important thing to don't forget is to follow the directions to the tee. Following all, these items are primarily poisons.

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