How to Get Cat Poop Stains & Smells Out of a Carpet: 4 Practical Options

If you are a cat proprietor, you know that at times they do their organization outdoors the litter box. It’s effortless to cleanse cat poop from hard flooring and other difficult surfaces, but what if it gets on your carpet?

If you have at any time been unlucky to learn a poop stain on your carpet, it was one particular of those occasions you wished your cat would “go” like a wild animal and go away poop outside. Regardless of whether the mess is appropriate there, or you have to lookup all around on your carpet right up until you discover it, working with cat poop can be a hassle. But, it does not have to be that way.

This write-up requires you by way of four functional options for getting rid of cat poop stains and odors. Go through on to understand more!

The 4 Ways to Get Cat Poop Stains and Smells Out of a Carpet

Before you start cleansing poop stains, set on some rubber gloves. You are going to require them when scraping the leftover reliable pieces from the carpet and for any of the cleanup techniques below. Also, gather all the equipment and things you require. The tools you’ll use rely on the approach you select.

It’s not too difficult to remove cat poop stains and odors. But it’s critical to do it right so that you really don't end up with a lingering poop scent. If you odor cat poop, use a black gentle to verify your suspicions. Black lights illuminate organic and natural substances that wouldn’t be seen in other lighting conditions.

When you discover the region exactly where your cat has defecated, thoroughly clean it. The for a longer time you enable cat poop to sit on a surface area, the much more tough it will be to remove.

Now moving appropriate ahead, listed here are four functional choices for acquiring rid of cat poop stains and smells.

1. Hydrogen Peroxide and Dish Soap

How to Get Cat Poop Stains & Smells Out of a Carpet: 4 Practical Options
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One of the very best techniques to use is hydrogen peroxide and dish cleaning soap. This combination works nicely for stains and odors on a carpet.

What You Need
  • Paper towels
  • ¾ cup of hydrogen peroxide
  • One tablespoon dish soap
  • Water
Steps to Follow
  • Place some paper towels over the stained area to soak up poop wetness. Apply pressure on the spot to soak up as much of the wetness as you can before beginning the stain removal process.
  • Combine one part hydrogen peroxide with two parts water in a spray bottle.
  • Mist the solution onto the area that needs cleaning until it’s thoroughly saturated.
  • Allow it to sit for approximately three minutes. It will begin loosening up the stain.
  • Prepare a solution that consists of one teaspoon of liquid dish soap with two cups of warm water.
  • Use this solution to wash the area where the stained part of the carpet.

While this option is strong on its very own, it may possibly not be enough to get rid of the stain completely. If you see any remnants of the cat poop stain still left in excess of after blotting up the combination, incorporate baking soda to the combine in the second method underneath.

2. Using Baking Soda and Vinegar

How to Get Cat Poop Stains & Smells Out of a Carpet: 4 Practical Options
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The most successful approach is to use a blend of natural substances that you currently have in your kitchen. Baking soda and vinegar function in tandem to get rid of cat poop stains and odors.

What You Need
  • One tablespoon baking soda
  • Two cups vinegar
  • Two cups lukewarm water
  • Rag
Steps to Follow
  • First, remove the cat poop from the carpet by scooping it with a paper towel. If the poop has dried, use a spoon or dull knife to scrape it off the carpet.
  • Take a clean rag and run it under cool water.
  • Squeeze out any excess liquid so that the rag is damp but not dripping wet.
  • Sprinkle baking soda over the stain until it’s completely covered.
  • Pour a small amount of vinegar onto the baking soda and allow it to foam up like a science project.
  • Use the damp rag to blot up as much vinegar and baking soda as possible.

The vinegar will react with the baking soda and aid carry it (and the stain) out of your carpet fibers. It disinfects the location and neutralizes the cat poop scent.

3. Use a Commercial Carpet Cleaner

How to Get Cat Poop Stains & Smells Out of a Carpet: 4 Practical Options
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Industrial carpet cleaners are a great way to eliminate cat poop stains and smells from your carpet. The advantage of commercial carpet cleaners is that they are practical and straightforward to use.

What You Need
  • Scrubbing brush or sponge
  • Commercial carpet cleaner
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Water
Steps to Follow
  • First, get a good commercial carpet cleaner. Do not use one that you would use on clothes or upholstery as this will not work. You need to get a good commercial-grade carpet cleaner designed to remove cat poop stains and odor from your carpet.
  • Next, mix the commercial carpet cleaner with water in the recommended ratio according to the instructions on the package.
  • Put the mixture in a spray bottle.
  • Spray the entire area where the cat poop stain is. But do not saturate it with water as this can cause more problems.
  • Then, allow it to sit for an hour before vacuuming it back up with your vacuum cleaner.
  • Check the area and make sure all the stains and smells are gone.
  • If there is still a stain or smell, repeat steps four and five to ensure that the cat poop stain and odor are completely gone.

Professional cleaners are usually marketed as pet-helpful, but it is critical to read the label initial. Also, make certain that the industrial carpet cleaner is non-harmful. You can purchase carpet cleansing answers that are totally free of chlorine.

4. Using Enzymatic Cleaner

How to Get Cat Poop Stains & Smells Out of a Carpet: 4 Practical Options
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Enzyme cleaners are unique cleaners that aid remove cat poop stains and smells from carpets. They appear in various kinds, some of which you can make with items all around your house.

The most frequent disadvantage of enzymatic cleaners is that they’re far more pricey than other cleansing items. But if you go with the powder version, it can final for a prolonged time, so your investment decision will pay off in the stop.

What you need
  • Carpet brush or broom
  • A vacuum cleaner
  • Enzymatic cleaner
  • Lukewarm water
Steps to Follow
  • Use a carpet brush or broom to scrub the area where the stain is located. It will help loosen the cat poop stain and make it easier to remove.
  • Remove any loose debris that may have stuck on the spot. It is also crucial to vacuum any remaining dirt particles before applying any cleaning solution.
  • Apply an enzymatic cleaner. It breaks down the proteins found in cat poop. This way, you can remove them from the surface of your carpet without leaving behind an odor.
  • Allow the cleaner to sit for about five minutes before rinsing off with warm water or vacuuming up any remaining residue.
  • If you have a household pet, take them outside for an hour after cleaning up their mess so that they don’t track any of it back inside.

Not only do enzyme cleaners take away smells and stains but also discourage your cat from likely back to that place yet again. Because the enzymes break down waste goods into non-toxic factors, they are protected for youngsters and animals.

Also, if you use an enzyme cleaner, your cat won’t use your carpet as a bathroom.

Odor-Removers You Can Use To Get Rid Of Cat Poop Smell

Let us now look at many other odor removers that you can use to battle cat poop smells out of your carpet.


Candles are a excellent way to get rid of the odor from your residence, specially in regions where it is hard to get rid of the scent. The best candle for this objective is a single that is manufactured with enzymes. It is simply because it can break down the odor molecules.

Also, it assists to disguise the foul odor with a nice scent. You can use it in any area of your property that requirements an odor neutralizer. It can consist of locations such as your car, bathroom, or kitchen.

How to Get Cat Poop Stains & Smells Out of a Carpet: 4 Practical Options
Image Credit: Sam_92120, Pixabay

Scent Diffusers

Scent diffusers are like fragrance for your space. But as an alternative of making factors scent great, they mask the odor of your cat’s poop by emitting a much better scent into the air.

Scent diffusers are an superb choice for cat poop smell. They are affordable and simple to find on the web or in shops. You can also acquire refills. So, you really don't have to get a new diffuser every time.

Absorbing Gels

These goods usually consider the kind of scented crystals or granules and can absorb odors. You can location them around pet beds or regions where incidents typically occur.

It is an superb device if your pet has an accident although they’re by yourself at house. The only draw back is that you need to have to replace them soon after a certain interval.

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Cat poop stains and odors are a issue that numerous of us have knowledgeable just before. No one would like that terrible odor or ugly mess on their living place ground!

The good news is, there are confirmed techniques to get about this issue. You can use all-natural or industrial products to take away your cat’s poop stains and odors from a carpet. But, be well prepared to place in a little time and hard work to get rid of the stains.

If you’re a cat proprietor, use any of these practical options in this article, and your dilemma will be gone. If you don’t have animals, you can nonetheless share this article with someone who does have one particular. They’ll value it!

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