How To Get Dog Pee Smell Out of Concrete: 5 Practical Options

We all adore our dogs and attempt to be the ideal puppy homeowners we can be. They are beautiful, fun, and wonderful to be about, but they can result in some difficulties around our households. One frequent difficulty is canine peeing in the garage and on the concrete locations of our residences. When that occurs, the surfaces soak in the pee and develop an unpleasant odor that just will get even worse if not handled.

That’s why you should always consider to clear up the mess and get the odor out as speedily as attainable. It will not be an straightforward activity, but it is effectively really worth it once your concrete regions and the garage start off smelling nice again.

Today, we’ll appear at how to get pet pee scent out of concrete & garages and supply you with 5 useful options that will support.

Why does pee smell stay on the concrete?

Concrete is porous, so puppy urine will get effortlessly trapped in the small holes in the concrete. It soaks the urine in, so you will nevertheless scent the disagreeable pee odor coming out no matter how a lot you mop the area.  It’s vital to know how to prevent and deal with this problem when it occurs. It may possibly be a tough activity, but a couple of cleaning tactics will aid you solve this concern proficiently. Proceed studying to uncover out much more about them.

How To Get Dog Pee Smell Out of Concrete: 5 Practical Options
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Before you begin

Before you begin with a single of the remedies, you want to establish where the odor is coming from. Urine can be hard to locate just by scent, so you can use a UV gentle to track down the pee resources. If you do not have one particular, you could handle the total concrete spot, but that may possibly be time-consuming.

As soon as you discover the location you require to deal with, clean it before the method. Sweep the area and clean it with cleaning soap and lukewarm drinking water. Rinse it off with sizzling drinking water and allow it to dry ahead of starting the treatment. The greatest products for cleansing dog pee smells from concrete are commonly positive ion-dependent or enzyme-primarily based. We’ll search at both, additionally some other methods you can try out out. These are the most effective approaches for removing dog pee odor out of concrete & garages.

The Top 5 Ways to Get Dog Pee Smell Out of Concrete

1. Vinegar and baking soda

Vinegar and baking soda mixture is a house solution for stains and disagreeable smells. It normally operates really well and because most of us have these ingredients at residence, it won’t cost significantly to attempt this method out.

Very first, you should sprinkle the baking soda on the region exactly where the smell is coming from. As soon as that is completed, pour the vinegar on the baking soda. Since vinegar is acidic it will respond with baking soda and eliminate the odor. This strategy may not function for more mature stains, however, so you might need to have to try some of the other strategies under.

How To Get Dog Pee Smell Out of Concrete: 5 Practical Options
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2. Enzymatic cleaner

Pet enzymatic cleaners are specially manufactured to take away pet urine from concrete and other surfaces. You need to prepare the mixture according to the instructions on the packaging, make sure you adhere to them carefully and stay away from adding way too significantly water as it can weaken the mix. You’ll need to have a respectable amount of the enzymatic cleaner as it evaporates rapidly.

When you’ve combined it, pour it in excess of the influenced spot and scrub the mixture in with a deck brush. Keep it wet for 10–15 minutes so that the concrete can soak in the remedy. A tip for greater results is to cover the spot to keep away from evaporating. There is no want for rinsing as soon as this is carried out, but you may possibly want to repeat the remedy if the odor is quite sturdy.

3. Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide is an acid that is used to get rid of poor odors. It sanitizes and disinfects the spot taken care of, so it could be a solution to your canine pee scent issue. To execute this treatment, you’ll want to blend two teaspoons of baking soda with two drops of liquid cleaning soap. Mix that up and incorporate two cups of hydrogen peroxide. Stir every thing till you get a cohesive mix and pour it in excess of the affected region. Make positive that it is entirely coated. The combination will soak into the concrete and get rid of traces of urine, but this strategy must be recurring each and every 24 hrs for a pair of days to get the greatest outcomes.

How To Get Dog Pee Smell Out of Concrete: 5 Practical Options
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4. Trisodium Phosphate (TSP)

Trisodium Phosphate (TSP) is frequently employed to clear stubborn garage and concrete stains. It can get rid of urine and all the bacterial content collected in the location. If you pick this approach, be positive to dress in protecting goggles and garments as it can result in pores and skin injury. You need to do small areas at a time due to the fact it evaporates rapidly.

For this technique, blend ½ cup of TSP for every gallon of sizzling water. Use the mixture to the region that the odor is coming from. Scrub the place and leave the mixture on for at least 5–10 minutes. Whilst the reaction among TSP and urine is transpiring, you might sense a powerful odor owing to the chemicals performing their occupation. Final but not the very least, pour sizzling drinking water in excess of the spot to rinse it off and get rid of the combination utilizing a moist vac. Rinse two much more occasions and allow the location to dry right away.

5. Ion-based solution

The ion-based resolution is yet another fantastic option for acquiring rid of pet urine scent out of concrete & garages. This technique is a single of the most basic and most efficient strategies for getting rid of foul odor.  Ahead of applying it to the region affected, make certain you moist the location. Pour the ion-primarily based resolution on the offending location and let it to dry. When that’s completed, the smell should be long gone, but you may possibly require to repeat this approach a couple of moments if the initial attempt didn’t get rid of the smell.

How To Get Dog Pee Smell Out of Concrete: 5 Practical Options
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Prevention is the key to achievement when it comes to pet pee smell. You must use a concrete sealer to neutralize the spot and cease any new urine molecules from achieving the concrete foundation. Also, the sealer will make the area watertight, protecting against new stains from transpiring whilst removing negative smells. Every time achievable, clean the dog’s pee the instant the puppy has urinated on the spot. Lukewarm water and some soap should be ample to cleanse a refreshing urine stain.

How long does dog pee smell last on concrete?

Concrete soaks the urine up, and when it’s connected with the concrete foundation, it can be hard to remove the stench. If not taken care of, the pet pee smell will be eternally existing on concrete surfaces. You can use some of the approaches we described to get rid of the smell, but most importantly, practice avoidance so that the scent doesn’t take place in the first location. Your pet will nonetheless be a pleased pet, while you will have a great smelling residence free of charge from disagreeable smells.

Will bleach get rid of dog urine smell on concrete?

We suggest never ever to use bleach to eliminate puppy urine odor on concrete. It might help you solve the difficulty, but it has a good deal of negatives. Pet urine consists of ammonia that can be dangerous when combined with bleach. When bleach gets in get in touch with with ammonia, it releases toxic fumes. That is why it’s not advisable for cleansing canine pee from concrete, garages, or rather considerably any area protected in urine. Try some of the other available choices as they can be just as efficient and will not hurt your wellness. If you nevertheless want to proceed with bleach regardless, make certain you air out the room and continue to be away till it has entirely evaporated. Keep your animals and loved ones away from the toxic fumes too.


Getting rid of canine pee smell out of concrete & garages can be tricky. Nonetheless, there are excellent strategies offered that will support you take care of the problem. Some of them will need repeating and willpower, but you will undoubtedly take care of the concern with one of the talked about strategies. Attempt them out and modify the approach if the initial one particular didn’t operate. The important is to be persistent since the smell removal can consider some time.

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