How to Get Dog Poop Smell Out of Hardwood Floor: 4 Practical Options

If you have a dog, it is bound to happen—they are heading to have an accident at some point. When they do, it is up to you to eliminate the scent and stain so that repeat incidents do not happen. If dogs scent urine inside, they are likely to repeatedly mark that activity. Consequently, it is important that you clean up the place completely and thoroughly.

The good news is, this isn’t nearly as difficult as you may envision. With a few simple methods, you can easily take away the odor with out a lot of a issue. Cleansing up the mess can be as effortless as making a handful of straightforward cleansing remedies out of widespread home merchandise.

You really do not always have to do all of these steps, but it is the ideal way to guarantee that all the smells are absent.

The 4 Practical Ways to Get Rid of Dog Poop Smell from Hardwood Floors

1. Remove as Much Solid Matter as Possible

How to Get Dog Poop Smell Out of Hardwood Floor: 4 Practical Options
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Your ideal wager to take away much if not all of the smell is to remove as considerably of the reliable issue as you can upfront. The significantly less that is there, the much less there is to scent. Furthermore, by removing as significantly of the sound subject as attainable, you support these other cleansing remedies operate as well as possible. In many circumstances, you should simply be able to eliminate it. You can use h2o, if needed, but this generally is not essential.

No make a difference what remedy you attempt subsequent for removing the smell, this stage need to be your 1st.

2. Vinegar and Dish Soap

Remarkably, dish soap and vinegar can get just about everything clear. Very first, fill up a spray bottle halfway with dish cleaning soap. It doesn’t specifically make a difference what kind you use, as prolonged as you use some mild dish soap. Generally, you will want to use Dawn or a equivalent model. As extended as it is suited for cleansing the dishes you eat off of, it will be appropriate for this purpose.

Following, you will want to use vinegar. To make it work as properly as attainable, we very advise that you heat up the vinegar initial. It doesn’t always need to have to be boiling, but this usually operates the greatest, as it assures that the cleaning soap mixes evenly into the vinegar. If it is chilly, this doesn’t often function.

Ultimately, give the spray bottle a wonderful shake to blend every little thing jointly. Spray it onto the spot and permit it sit for a number of minutes. Ultimately, wipe it up. You may need to have to rinse the spot if you greatly oppose the scent of vinegar. Nonetheless, this is not always required. Typically, you can just let the scent wear off on its very own, as it generally isn’t terribly powerful.

3. Baking Soda

How to Get Dog Poop Smell Out of Hardwood Floor: 4 Practical Options
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Baking soda can function very swiftly as a deodorant. You can use it for repairing the smell of just about anything at all. For occasion, if you have a smelly fridge, a bowl of baking soda can aid take away the odor. In the same way, you can use baking soda to get rid of the negative odor of puppy stool as well. Simply sprinkle it more than the spot and enable it sit.

You really do not want to pile it on there. Alternatively, you just require to unfold out an even layer. The place need to be coated, but that is all you truly need to have.

Then, allow it sit there for a couple of hours. It is greatest to do it overnight, as this allows it to sit without having currently being disturbed. After it has been left to sit, you can vacuum it up quite simply.

4. Enzymatic Cleaner

If none of this works, then you may require to use a commercial cleaner. The very best options are enzymatic cleaners, as these incorporate enzymes that bodily break down the bacteria that trigger smells. Therefore, they are the most successful. Right after you have used the enzymatic cleaner, you often have to enable it sit for a little bit. Go through the directions on the bundle, as every cleaner is made just a minor bit diverse.

There are all kinds of various cleaners obtainable on the market place nowadays. You can uncover them on-line and at many pet foods stores. Of training course, read through evaluations before you purchase something, but most of these are fairly similar. They all contain the same enzymes, so they all work basically in the very same way.

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What About Natural Commercial Products?

You can use professional items that are created to be much more organic. Even so, it is often just as easy to make your own organic item, and it normally operates just as properly. For instance, vinegar functions just as nicely as most all-natural goods out there, and most people have their vinegar in their residences.

While natural goods do occasionally function, they are not essentially the very best option. You’ll probably preserve funds by acquiring some vinegar if you don’t have some currently.

How to Get Dog Poop Smell Out of Hardwood Floor: 4 Practical Options
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Does Vinegar Ruin Hardwood?

Above time, vinegar can ruin hardwood floors. Nevertheless, that is only if you leave it on the flooring for an prolonged interval. It is an acidic material, so it will harm just about any kind of floor if you go away it on there for extended enough. Additionally, most acidic substances will injury the flooring if you leave them on it.

However, very hot h2o can speed up the deterioration method. For this cause, you need to be reasonably mindful about applying it to hardwood flooring for an extended interval. You only require to depart it on there for a second to work on the scent of the puppy stool. Don’t go away the vinegar on your ground right away or for for a longer time than a few minutes, or it may consequence in cloudy, boring, or white patches on the floor.

Will Hydrogen Peroxide Damage Hardwood Floors?

If you use it effectively, hydrogen peroxide shouldn’t injury the hardwood floor. It is a wonderful cleaner, but you have to dilute it as essential. For this reason, we very advise that you carefully read how to use hydrogen peroxide prior to you make a decision to use it on your floors. We like vinegar and baking soda better as a resolution. Nonetheless, hydrogen peroxide can support in a pinch.

The hydrogen peroxide you use genuinely matters, so we advise that you are cautious when choosing the appropriate variety. Just because you have some in a drawer doesn’t essentially mean that it’s the proper type.

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There are tons of options out there when you want to remove pet poop scent from your hardwood floor. Usually, your ideal selection is to cleanse the ground as properly as you potentially can with drinking water and paper towels. Then, you can use vinegar and dish cleaning soap to clear it even far more. Vinegar is really very good at taking away scents, so it is a fantastic option for this circumstance. Plus, the dish cleaning soap helps you truly clear the floor—not just get rid of the scent.

You must attempt baking soda if the vinegar doesn’t function. This is a fantastic neutralizer for odors. Therefore, it is a fantastic alternative for getting rid of any sort of scents. Plus, most individuals have baking soda in their house, so you will not have to get anything at all extra. In some circumstances, you will need to use a industrial cleaner as effectively.

In these cases, we do advise using it together with these other normal alternatives. It works greatest when used along with vinegar and baking soda, alternatively of just using a business cleaner.

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