How to Get Paint Off a Car in 6 Easy Steps (with Pictures)

A single of the most annoying issues about owning a new automobile is when a person hits your auto, leaving undesired paint on the bumper or other regions of your automobile. If this has occurred to you and you are hunting for a protected and efficient way to get your auto searching new again, hold reading through as we provide you with a stage-by-phase information to removing it without using expensive goods.

How to Get Paint Off a Car: Preparation

How to Get Paint Off a Car in 6 Easy Steps (with Pictures)
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Assess the Damage

Before you do something, we advocate looking in excess of the damage carefully to see if you can restore it. A vehicle end normally comprises many layers, which includes a primer, base coat, and obvious coat. The distinct coat offers the automobile its shine, and the very good news is that it can be astonishingly thick. If the hurt is restricted to the very clear coat, you should be ready to take away it. However, if you observe hurt to the paint, we recommend using it to a professional. Hurt to the inner levels may outcome in rust, and it will be more difficult to resolve with out paint.

Gather Supplies

If the damage seems repairable, the greatest way to get began is by gathering the supplies that you require so you don’t want to stop what you are likely following you get started.

Tools and Supplies

Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Paint Off a Car

1. Wash the Car

With your supplies assembled, clean the automobile to remove any filth and particles. Scrub the region with the undesired paint utilizing a cleanse microfiber fabric — you may well get fortunate and see most of the paint come off without having more hard work.

How to Get Paint Off a Car in 6 Easy Steps (with Pictures)
Image Credit: HutchRock, Pixabay

2. Light Sanding

If there is a huge sum of undesired paint on your vehicle, you can get started to get rid of it employing good-grit sandpaper. Sandpaper grit is detailed with a number — the higher the amount, the finer the grit. Use one thing with a amount greater than three,000 to begin. Rub gently in the scratch course to start lifting the unwelcome paint. Consider to utilize the sandpaper only to the undesirable paint in which feasible, so you really do not do any further injury to the distinct coat.

3. Scratch Remover

If there is only a tiny amount of paint or if you taken off most of it with sandpaper, scratch remover can be a fantastic solution to help you complete the work. There are many brands that you can choose from, and they all work about the same. A polishing compound consists of mild abrasives to carefully raise the paint whilst smoothing scratches in the distinct coat. You use the compound to your motor vehicle with a microfiber cloth. Carefully rub it in right up until the paint is absent and the surface area starts to shine. You might need to reapply it several moments to get rid of the paint completely. After every attempt, clear off the polish and permit it to dry ahead of reassessing the surface to make certain it is working and not making issues worse.

How to Get Paint Off a Car in 6 Easy Steps (with Pictures)

4. Touch-Up Paint

If the scratch goes by means of the distinct coat but is minimal to a tiny location, you might be in a position to use contact-up paint to cover the blemish and shield the metal. You can normally acquire touch-up paint for your vehicle by going to the regional automotive store, in which they will aid you get the right shade for the make and model of your vehicle. Then, use it with a little brush or a specific pen.

5. Wax

With the paint taken off, it’s time to include wax to the motor vehicle, particularly if you used touch-up paint. The wax will insert an further layer of defense and may even aid disguise blemishes. Automobile wax also adds UV safety to your finish, which can help preserve the colour, particularly if the vehicle spends most of its time in sizzling parking tons.

How to Get Paint Off a Car in 6 Easy Steps (with Pictures)

6. Rewash

We suggest washing the automobile again and employing a clear microfiber cloth more than the region to guarantee that the paint is gone as soon as the wax is applied. If you still see paint, you will need to have to repeat steps four and five right up until you are productive. However, it’s simple to get frustrated and start making use of way too considerably stress or operating as well speedily, which can worsen the scenario. If you see that your work is not bettering issues, stop what you are performing and just take the automobile to a skilled.

Do I Need to Cover the Lights and Tires When Removing Paint?

No, the scratch remover is a paste and doesn’t drip or run, and you must use sandpaper with precision, sanding only the regions that require it, so you shouldn’t scratch lights, chrome, or everything else. Nonetheless, if the spot that you are sanding is close to something that can scratch or scuff easily, applying masking tape for extra security wouldn’t hurt.

How Much Does It Cost for a Professional Paint Job?

The expense of a paint occupation can vary significantly based on numerous factors. For illustration, the make and year of the automobile will affect the price tag because it can be hard to uncover specified hues. Some components of the automobile are also easier to paint than other individuals. Your ultimate cost can be anywhere from $one hundred fifty to above $1,000.


Taking away unwelcome paint from your automobile is not challenging, but it can get quite a whilst. If you utilize too a lot strain when sanding or using the scratch remover, you can scuff the spot about the scratch, making it more obvious and necessitating more work to repair. A gentle contact and a lot of tolerance are important for a productive end result.

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