How to Get Paint Off Hardwood Floors in 4 Easy Steps (with Pictures)

Hardwood floors are praised globally, and people use them to add benefit to their properties and make them far more gorgeous. They are resilient and can fit into any interior design and style. Which is why you ought to always keep them in excellent form and sustain them adequately.

Of system, we will all stain our hardwood floor at minimum once in a lifetime, and which is fully standard. But, do you at any time wonder what you must do if you unintentionally spray or pour paint on your hardwood floors? Or do you want to take away paint from formerly painted flooring?

If you want to know how to efficiently get paint off hardwood flooring in just four easy methods, study on under!

How to Get Paint Off Hardwood Floors (4 Steps)

1. Determine the paint type

How to Get Paint Off Hardwood Floors in 4 Easy Steps (with Pictures)
Image Credit: zivica, Pixabay

Before eliminating any paint stain, you need to be familiar with distinct paint types. Which is the only way to ensure you use a appropriate cleansing strategy to eliminate the paint stain. There are a few main paint types:

  • Water-based paint
  • Oil-based paint
  • Latex-based paint

Most paint cans need to have an ingredient list on the back, so you should know which paint you are working with. If practically nothing is created there, look at the shade to attempt and verify its sort.

2. Prepare the floor

How to Get Paint Off Hardwood Floors in 4 Easy Steps (with Pictures)
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Prior to the genuine therapy, you will need to prep the floor for taking away the paint. The region wants to be clean, so vacuum or mop the floor, and remove dust and dirt. Some cleaning techniques may well have harmful fumes, so put on a mask and gloves while removing the paint stain.

You are going to also want a scraper to complete the subsequent step.

3. Scrape off excess paint

How to Get Paint Off Hardwood Floors in 4 Easy Steps (with Pictures)
Image Credit: Darius Sul, Shutterstock

When you have all the needed things and you’ve cleaned the floor, it is time to scrape off surplus paint. Use a scraper to carefully scrape off leftover paint that’s built on the flooring. Make certain you do not push the ground as well significantly to keep away from attainable scratching. As soon as there’s no far more paint you can scratch, it is time to commence the cleansing procedure.

4. Treat the area

How to Get Paint Off Hardwood Floors in 4 Easy Steps (with Pictures)
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The solution you must pick for the therapy will depend on the paint type. Ahead of you change to substances, it is far better to consider some normal Diy cures that might do the trick.

Of system, you can always pick chemical remedies if natural kinds do not work. Beneath you can see some of the very best techniques for removing paint from hardwood flooring, based on the paint type of the stain.

Treating Different Types of Paint

Water-based paint

For managing h2o-based stains on your hardwood flooring, try out some of these techniques:

Soap and water

Blend lukewarm h2o with gentle soap and use the mixture to clear the paint stain with a moist rag. As soon as the paint loosens up, use a dry rag to wipe off the rest of it. This straightforward cure does not have any harmful substances, which is why you will not harm any sections of your hardwood flooring.

Rubbing alcohol and lemon juice

Rubbing alcoholic beverages and lemon juice is an excellent combination for cleansing water-primarily based paint stains. It’s a little bit more harming to the ground than the h2o and soap blend, but it’s extremely efficient. You ought to mix a single element of lemon juice with three components rubbing liquor and soak the paint stain with this solution. Leave the resolution for five to 10 minutes and carefully rub it off in circular motions.


Yet another way of eliminating h2o-based paint from hardwood is sanding. It’s not hazardous to the ground, but it is a cumbersome, tiring method. If you decide on this method, it is very best to use an electric powered sander and combine sandpapers of distinct grits. Get started with softer sandpapers with around sixty grit, and slowly and gradually transfer to harder sandpapers right up until you get to a hundred and twenty grit.

How to Get Paint Off Hardwood Floors in 4 Easy Steps (with Pictures)
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Oil-based paint

If you are dealing with oil-primarily based paint, some of the methods we talked about for h2o-based mostly paint stains might operate. Still, it’s much better to try much more sufficient strategies for removing oil stains. The most widespread kinds are:


Turpentine is exceptional at taking away stubborn oil-paint stains from hardwood floors. Given that it has a powerful odor, usually dress in a mask whilst making use of it. It would also be handy to open all home windows in the area to permit better airflow. Gently rub the stain with a cloth soaked in turpentine. Be watchful, though—if you’re rubbing too tough, you danger detrimental the floor stain.

Heat gun

Oil-based mostly paint also reacts to warmth, which is why you can thoroughly clean this paint-kind stain with a warmth gun. Use the heat from your heat gun to soften the paint, and scrape the paint off once comfortable ample. Do not overheat the floor so that the stain is not destroyed. You can also use this strategy for water-primarily based paints.

Paint remover

If absolutely nothing else assists, you can buy a paint remover which will absolutely get the stain out. Simply stick to the guidelines on the paint remover bottle, and the paint stain ought to disappear. Paint remover can hurt your hardwood flooring, so do not implement it to the ground aggressively. This method should work for both oil-primarily based and drinking water-based mostly paint stains.

How to Get Paint Off Hardwood Floors in 4 Easy Steps (with Pictures)
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Latex-based paint

Paint stripper

There are paint stripers specifically created to get rid of latex-dependent paint. This variety of merchandise will take away a latex-dependent paint stain successfully and quickly. They don’t automatically need to be harmful to your hardwood floors, but it is constantly good to decide on a variety with the the very least chemical compounds.

Heat machine

Another excellent technique for eliminating latex-dependent paint stains is to use a warmth machine. Hover more than the paint stain with the warmth device to loosen and soften it. Once it is gentle enough, use a putty scraper to scrape surplus paint from the hardwood floor. Prior to you get started the procedure, open all windows and doorways to guarantee the ventilation in the room is good.

Steam stripper

You could also use a steam stripper to eliminate these varieties of paint stains from your hardwood flooring. Equivalent to the heat machine, the steam stripper will soften up the paint, and you can scrape the color off as soon as it’s comfortable enough. It is an outstanding alternative for men and women who really do not want to use chemicals.

Is rubbing alcohol going to damage hardwood floors?

Rubbing alcoholic beverages can hurt hardwood floors, but it doesn’t often do that. If you are light whilst applying the rubbing alcoholic beverages, you shouldn’t have any issues. Also, if you blend it with lemon juice, as proposed in one of the cleansing possibilities over, it will be milder and much better for your hardwood floor.

What home remedies remove paint from wood?

There are a couple of Do-it-yourself house remedies you could try out out for stripping paint from hardwood flooring. The most common types are vinegar and baking soda. They are the two really powerful, and they will not damage your floors which tends to make them extremely handy. Also, most of us have both of these things at residence, so we can start cleaning immediately as the stain takes place, which will permit us to take away it less difficult later on on.


As you can see, there are a variety of ways you can get paint off hardwood flooring. The most crucial issue is to know which paint sort the stain is made from so that you can eliminate it quickly. We recommend striving the non-chemical options first, but in circumstance that does not function, you can constantly try out harsher remedies to get the stain out.

Featured Picture Credit rating: Darius Sul, Shutterstock