How To Get Paint Out of Your Clothes In 8 Easy Steps (with Pictures)

Painting can be a entertaining method, but it is not fun to finish up with paint on your clothing! Some paint stains can be difficult to clean, so you ought to know how to treat them. If you’d like to know how to get paint out of jeans, shirts, and other clothes, you’ve appear to the appropriate area.

Depending on the paint type you employed there are different methods. Hold looking through to discover out far more about them.

Paint Type

Diverse paint varieties call for exclusive cleaning methods. To know which cleaning strategy you need to use to get paint out of your clothing, you must determine which variety of paint you are dealing with initial. Beneath you can locate three paint sorts, along with actions on how to get them out of your clothes.

How To Get Paint Out of Your Clothes (8 Easy)

Water-Based Paint

Being drinking water-based mostly, this paint is simple to clean. You ought to be ready to take away stains from drinking water-based mostly paint varieties without having any issues. To get h2o-based mostly paint out of apparel, follow these steps:

1. Scrape

Initial, you should scrape off any excessive paint that fell on your clothing. It is greatest to go exterior to stay away from creating a mess, then get a spoon, brush, or a boring knife, and attempt to scrape as considerably paint as achievable to make the paint less complicated to clear.

2. Rinse Out

After you’ve scraped off the excessive paint, rinse the clothing on every single facet to try and get the paint particles out. You can use a paper towel, cleanse rag, or a towel to take up some of the paint that is even now there.

3. Dip and Wash

Make a mixture of drinking water and dish soap, dip the garment in it, and repeat the procedure. You need to get the stain out following the 2nd or third dip. If the stain is persistent, wash it in cold h2o following dipping it into the mixture. If any paint stays on the apparel, you could consider rubbing carefully with acetone or rubbing alcohol and then wash it once again.

Acrylic Paint

Acrylic Paint can be tough for stains because it dries a lot more quickly than other paint types. If you get acrylic paint on your outfits, you will need to act quickly. You can also get rid of it when it’s dry, but that is a significantly a lot more complex process.

4. Scrape

First of all, scrape the extra paint off your clothing ahead of managing the spot. Go exterior, take a boring knife or a spoon, and take away as considerably paint as attainable. As soon as you complete, rinse the location with lukewarm h2o.

5. Mix a Cleaning Solution

When you have scraped off the excessive paint, you will want to use a cleaning solution. You will want:

  • 1 cup of warm water
  • 1 cup of liquid soap

Combine them up, and use a sponge to blot the stain. You might require to repeat this action if the paint is stubborn.

6. Final Step

If the answer didn’t take away the stain, try rubbing liquor or acetone. Pour it more than the stain and gently rub it with a fabric. After you complete, wash it in cold h2o, and the stain need to ideally be long gone.

Oil-Based Paint

A lot of men and women use oil-dependent paint when painting floors, furnishings, and other surfaces. Oil-based paint can be challenging to remove and may possibly need intense treatment method.

7. Blot the stain

If you make an oil-primarily based paint stain on your apparel, put the garment on a thick stack of paper towels or thoroughly clean rags. Use paint thinner or turpentine and blot the stain, and attempt to remove as considerably paint as you can beforehand.

8. Rinse And Soak

When you’re finished blotting, rinse the spot out with lukewarm water. Grab your dish detergent mixture and utilize it to the stain, and depart the garment in scorching water right away. Rise it out once again, and the stain must hopefully be gone.

Other Methods to Get Paint Out of Your Clothes

Apart from the methods we talked about, there are many other diverse strategies you can try out.

Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is made up of alcoholic beverages which is really helpful when removing stubborn paint stains. It’s very best for latex or drinking water-based paint stains. If you choose on this option, you ought to include the spot with hand sanitizer and scrub it away with a toothbrush. After you’re accomplished, clean the garment totally.

Hair Spray

Hair spray is another valuable device when removing paint stains, and is a very good choice to get paint out of jeans. Numerous hair sprays incorporate liquor which may dissolve the shade, so it’s very best to use it on a lot more minor stains. Spray the stain to protect it fully, and scrub it with a toothbrush. Rinse it with lukewarm h2o and clean it to remove the relaxation of the paint.


Turpentine is ideal for removing oil-based paint stains, which can be challenging thanks to their tough oil base. You must set the garment on a stack of thoroughly clean paper towels and dab the stain with a fabric soaked in turpentine. It is very best to do this exterior since turpentine has a strong odor. Soon after you complete, clean the garment, and the stain ought to be gone.

Duct Tape

Despite the fact that this might seem odd, you can use duct tape to get paint out of clothing. It performs best for latex-dependent paint stains, and for this method, the paint should be totally dry. Get duct tape and tape the sticky aspect on the color. Push firmly and then lift—this ought to ideally independent the stain from the garment.

How to Remove Paint From Different Fabrics?

If you require to eliminate paint stains from fragile fabrics this sort of as silk, wool, or velvet, you will want to do it very carefully. It may possibly be a good thought to just take the garment to a professional cleaner, but if you choose to take away the stain your self, right here are some ideas:

  • Test out the cleaning solution you plan to use on a small area to ensure it will not ruin the color or damage the fabric
  • Try to use solutions that are complementary to the type of fabric of your garment
  • When scrubbing, dabbing, or blotting, make sure you do it gently


You can use a variety of techniques and techniques to get paint out of your apparel. Knowing what variety of paint you are working with is important given that that will support you decide the appropriate method.

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