How To Get Rabbit Pee Out Of A Mattress In 10 Steps (With Pictures)

Bunnies are the 3rd most well-liked pets in the US. Right now, 3 million pet rabbits are residing in American homes. They are tremendous adorable and pleasant. Nevertheless, no matter how domesticated these animals are, they don’t always go to the litter box for their toilet breaks. Sometimes, they use your bed alternatively. So, what do you do when your lovely pet rabbit wets the mattress?

How do you clear it? You can not precisely set a mattress in a laundry equipment and contact it a working day, right? Properly, really don't you worry, simply because, in this guidebook, you will learn how to handle rabbit urine appropriately and preserve the mattress from a horrible stain. We’ll go over each and every stage in excellent depth and talk about the most powerful products in opposition to bunny pee and how to use them for the ideal results. Let’s get to it!

What You’ll Need For The Job

Just before you yell “Not once more!” at your bunny and get to scrubbing, consider a minute to get your resources and items ready. We’re speaking about baking soda, some vinegar, and water to clean the mess. As for the equipment, think about acquiring a spray bottle, vacuum cleaner (unless you presently have one), and some towels/rags. Here’s a entire list:

Materials/Products Needed
  • Distilled, 3% Vinegar
  • Kitchen Baking Soda
  • Fresh, Lukewarm Water
  • Enzymatic Cleaner
Tools Required
  • Spray Bottle For Vinegar
  • Clean Towels, Rags, or a Sponge
  • Standard Vacuum Cleaner
  • Rabbit Repellent

The 10 Easy Steps to Get Rabbit Pee Out of a Mattress

1. Start By Removing The Bedding

How To Get Rabbit Pee Out Of A Mattress In 10 Steps (With Pictures)
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The bedding serves as the 1st “line of defense” from rabbit urine. So, get rid of it cautiously and thoroughly clean it utilizing the washing device. Make haste, due to the fact the fresher the stain, the less complicated it will be for the equipment to make the bedclothes look (and odor) as very good as new. If the stain and the odor linger, insert a cup of distilled vinegar—that need to do the trick.

2. Carefully Soak Up The Liquid

Alright, now that the mattress is uncovered, use a a hundred% dry and clear towel, rag, or cloth to blot the stained location. Yet again, it’s quite crucial to do this as swiftly as possible. If the urine is nonetheless damp, the towel will soak up most of the liquid. In contrast, if it is been a while because the rabbit “marked the spot” (say, you have been away for a while), blotting won’t function.

In any circumstance, don’t scrub the urine. That won’t soak the liquid alternatively, you are going to make the pee get further into the mattress and dry up faster.

3. Apply Vinegar On The Mess

How To Get Rabbit Pee Out Of A Mattress In 10 Steps (With Pictures)
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Vinegar is one of the ideal all-natural products for removing stains—fresh, dry, or stubborn. Grab a spray bottle and mix one/two water (chilly or lukewarm) with 1/two vinegar. Make sure you make positive that you are using distilled, 3% kitchen vinegar. A product with 5–8% acetic might result in shrinking and damage to the mattress. It is hazardous to individuals as well.

With the method completely ready, spray a healthy volume make sure the stain is soaked into the remedy. If you really do not have a spray bottle all around, which is alright: you can produce the mixture in a bowl and pour it onto the urine. Or, dip a sponge into the h2o-vinegar resolution, keep it earlier mentioned the stain, and squeeze/wring it out.

Why Not Use Dish Soap Instead?

No, dish detergents will not ruin the mattress or everything like that. Nonetheless, although it is, in fact, a cleansing agent, dish soap is not quite strong towards rabbit pee stains (specifically dry ones). With that said, if you’re out of vinegar or do not have any soda lying all around, you can use simple dish soap to thoroughly clean as significantly of the mess as attainable. Or, much better however, combine it with vinegar for the best effect.

4. Let The Solution Sit And Soak

Nothing tough about this part: just go away the mattress by itself for 10 to fifteen minutes and permit the vinegar do its job. That need to be a lot more than enough for it to break down the urine. Use a dry and clear fabric/towel to soak up any leftover liquid. If you feel like the rabbit pee is not a hundred% taken out, spray the spot one particular a lot more time.

5. Next, Add Some Baking Soda

Make sure you bear in mind: kitchen area soda is not as strong from stubborn stains as vinegar is. Even so, if you incorporate it Soon after managing the urine with vinegar, the final results will be really extraordinary. Be generous with it and include the complete location with the powder. Then, give it time to sit and crack the urine down. But this time, 15 minutes won’t be sufficient. Alternatively, give the soda at minimum eight hrs to get into effect. Preferably, it need to sit for 10–12 hours.

Really do not fail to remember to seal the place shut. Otherwise, your kids and animals will spread the baking soda all above the house!

6. Use Enzymatic Cleaners To Kill The Smell

Just like cats or canines, rabbits have a negative practice of utilizing the identical place as an “improvised bathroom”. This is specially correct when the stain lingers (even if you can’t smell it). The excellent information is—enzymatic cleaners are pretty fantastic at reducing even the tiniest traces of urine odor. Which is what tends to make them an crucial cleaning product. An regular-sized spray bottle expenses $15–25, relying on the size.

Enzymatic cleaners are a all-natural merchandise and won’t hurt the mattress or cause any damage to your pet or family members associates. When selecting amongst distinct choices, go with a cleaner that was particularly designed and formulated to get rid of pet stains. Also, see that it is a non-toxic resolution.

7. Use A Vacuum To Dry The Area

How To Get Rabbit Pee Out Of A Mattress In 10 Steps (With Pictures)
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When utilized correctly, enzymatic cleaners really do not go away any residue. However, there will nonetheless be some dried soda remaining on the mattress. Use a vacuum (ideally, with a hose attachment) to eliminate the soda. This is important: the mattress requirements to be fully dry. In any other case, the vacuum may injury it. So, if you want to engage in this out protected, vacuum-clear it ahead of you spray the enzymatic cleaner.

Or, use a wet/dry vacuum if the kitchen area soda is nonetheless damp. Steam vacuum cleaners will not be appropriate listed here, even though. That’s because too much warmth is poor information for a mattress. Once you’re carried out, give the mattress a long and challenging appear: it ought to be squeaky thoroughly clean correct now. If not, repeat the procedure, commencing with vinegar.

8. Don’t Use Any Toxic Chemicals

How To Get Rabbit Pee Out Of A Mattress In 10 Steps (With Pictures)
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Largely, we’re chatting about bleach. It’s acknowledged to harm not only carpets and couches but also mattresses. In addition to, if you do every thing right, you must be in a position to efficiently get rid of rabbit urine utilizing vinegar, soda, and enzymatic cleaners. Toxic substances are, indeed, very effective, but there is no promise that even the least intense answer/merchandise will not wreck the mattress (and the bed along with it).

What About Hydrogen Peroxide?

Sure, we do know that making use of peroxide in opposition to stubborn urine stains is a common practice. But, you require to be cautious when employing this item. The cause: it’s not always a hundred% pet-secure. If you have a puppy or a cat, this will not be much of a issue, but for rabbits, you want to double-examine the instructions. As prolonged as it suggests “non-hazardous to animals”, you’re very good.

9. Apply Rabbit Repellent On The Mattress

Often, even enzymatic cleaners cannot get rid of the urine aroma entirely. Thankfully, you can often use a rabbit repellent. As the title indicates, this merchandise is created to keep bunnies absent. Use it to the total mattress, not just the spoiled area. On regular, a spray bottle of good-high quality rabbit repellent will expense you $10–15 (for a 32-ounce bottle). That ought to be adequate to deal with the mattress and hold the bunny away from it for very good.

Again, take a second to verify the instructions on the bottle. Just like most animals, rabbits have a tendency to return to spots that they’ve formerly marked. So, make certain the repellent is protected for animals. Or, you can make your very own detergent. Combine 2 tablespoons of vinegar with 1.five of h2o (chilly) and 20 drops of essential oil (citrus-scented, like orange or lime), and that should do the trick. This way, you can be confident that the combination is one hundred% pet-welcoming.

10. Consider Using A Mattress Protector

If every thing else fails, and the bunny retains wetting your mattress/mattress, think about investing in a mattress protector. You can get a single for as tiny as $25–35. See that the protector is waterproof, breathable, and washable. It won’t permit any of the pee damage the mattress and you’ll be able to reuse it soon after device washing. Besides, protectors maintain dander, dust, pollen, and humidity from ruining your mattress. Make certain you’re acquiring the appropriate measurement, though!

How Can You Stop Your Bunny From Wetting The Bed?

If you’re tired of cleaning up right after the rabbit and detest when an expensive mattress, couch, or chair goes to waste, there are some experimented with-and-accurate treatments for that. Sure, we’re conversing about the factors you can do to end the pet from using rest room breaks at the incorrect spots:

  • Consider neutering/spaying the bunny. Sterilization is one of the most effective solutions to this delicate problem. You need to talk to your veterinarian before doing this, of course. In most cases, spaying (for the females) or neutering (for the males) will make the pet stop spraying all over your mattress, carpet, or sofa. This has also proven to reduce aggressive behavior in male rabbits. Again, consult with your vet and go from there.
  • Try using a set of pee pads. Reusable pee pads are perfect for bunnies. They’re not very expensive ($15–20 for a pack of two) and do a decent job of absorbing rabbit urine. Putting a couple of pads on the mattress should help solve the issue. These pads are very easy to wash and the mattress won’t be damaged by pee.
  • The more litter trays, the better. That’s right: you can have more than one litter tray in the house. Study your bunny’s behavior and put extra trays in rooms/areas where it urinates often. This can help train it and prevent future accidents not only on the mattress but the floor and furniture as well.
  • The “tricking” technique. The next time your rabbit relieves itself on your mattress, grab a piece of tissue paper, soak it with the urine (it should be fresh), and put it in the litter box. That will show the animal where it should take its bathroom breaks. Repeat if necessary to get the desired result.
  • Keep the pet off the bed. Rabbits like to “mark their territory” in areas where they spend most of their time. So, what you can do is keep your four-legged friend away from the mattress. How do you do that, though? It’s rather simple: the less time you spend on the couch/bed, the lower the chance of the rabbit spraying it. Keep in mind that your bed smells like you, and that encourages bunnies to wet it.
How To Get Rabbit Pee Out Of A Mattress In 10 Steps (With Pictures)
Image Credit: katunes pcnok, Shutterstock

Why Do Rabbits Pet Mattresses In The First Place?

As described, it is all about marking territory. This is especially correct if you consistently feed your rabbit on the mattress. They wet the region (in our circumstance, the mattress) so that no other bunnies “invade” the area with straightforward accessibility to food. On best of that, rabbits do not follow the golden rule “do not poop in which you eat”. They do the reverse! Therefore, the rule of thumb listed here is—don’t allow the bunny truly feel relaxed adequate on the mattress to urinate on it.

Only feed your fluffy friend close to the litter tray. And remember: when it is time for a rabbit to go, they get a little bit restless. Or, you are going to discover the tail lifting: which is a obvious indication that the animal is about to pee on the mattress. Be swift about it! Seize the bunny and area it in the litter box.

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How Quickly Does Rabbit Urine Dry?

On regular, it requires 2-four several hours for it to dry and soak into the cloth. If it is a scorching summertime working day, this can occur in 1–2 hrs. You want to get action as shortly as you witness the bunny damp the mattress. The quicker you discover the mess and handle it, the significantly less time and energy it will consider to cleanse the mattress.


Rabbit pee appears dreadful on a mattress and it smells even worse. And, although there are some efficient techniques of “persuading” your four-legged pet from wetting the mattress, they do not usually operate. That is correct: this incident is certain to come about at a certain point. That’s why a bunny operator has to constantly be ready to take care of the mess rapidly and proficiently, and that is specifically what we did in this manual!

As extended as you have obtained some baking soda, vinegar, and a couple of outdated towels/rags, it shouldn’t be challenging to minimize the damage and cleanse bunny pee like a professional. Even if you were absent when the accident occurred, the mattress can still be saved with the correct products. So, really don't give your rabbit that “I know what you did” search. Get to cleaning as an alternative!

Highlighted Impression Credit rating: Jennifer Chen, Unsplash