How To Get Rabbit Pee Out of a Wood Floor in 5 Steps

Rabbits can often be skilled to use a litterbox just like cats. Nevertheless, each and every rabbit is bound to have an incident at some point, even if they are effectively-educated. (Of course, this goes for just about each and every kind of pet out there). Consequently, figuring out how to take away rabbit urine from your flooring is just one more portion of pet possession.

Eliminating rabbit urine from wooden floors can be a bit difficult, specially if you do not have the right strategy. Nonetheless, with the correct know-how, the total approach can go much smoother.

In this write-up, we’re going to support you get rid of the urine successfully and successfully. We’ll also use typical house substances to do so, so you really do not have to purchase anything at all special.

The 5 Steps to Get Rabbit Pee Out of a Wood Floor

1. Mix a Vinegar Solution

The secret to obtaining rabbit urine out of a wood ground (or something, for that subject), is to use white vinegar. This natural cleaning resolution is extremely great at reducing the odor and removing the stains. Producing a cleansing solution out of vinegar is fairly basic. All you need to do is mix equivalent components of h2o and vinegar into a spray bottle and shake to combine.

If you require a more robust remedy, you can increase the vinegar or lower the drinking water you incorporate. Even so, you typically won’t want a answer more robust than a one:1 ratio.

Of system, the smell of vinegar can be off-putting to several folks. If you just can not stand the scent, you can use a sturdy-smelling important oil like citrus to aid lessen the scent of the vinegar.

How To Get Rabbit Pee Out of a Wood Floor in 5 Steps
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2. Remove As Much of the Urine as Possible

If the urine is even now wet, you are going to want to take away as much as achievable just before you start off cleaning. The much more you eliminate with an previous towel or paper towels, the much less you’ll have to thoroughly clean up afterwards. You want to eliminate the urine as swiftly as feasible following the act, as the ammonia in the urine can significantly harm the wood if it is allowed to sit.

If the urine has presently sat and seeped for a long time, you could need to completely adjust your floors. Rabbit urine can be that detrimental, so be positive that you get rid of it as rapidly as feasible.

Even so, do not rub—just pat. You really don't want to distribute the urine close to.

3. Use the Vinegar Solution

Following the spot is rather a lot dry, use the vinegar answer on the wooden. Spray it and go away it there for about 5 minutes to soak. Then, wipe it up entirely. The vinegar ought to assist dissolve the urine that is actually soaked into the wooden.

You can repeat this stage as several occasions as you want, as the vinegar will not damage your floors. In some situations, you may need to spray and wipe as numerous as five times just before the stain is fully out. It all relies upon on how prolonged the stain has been sitting there.

4. Use Baking Soda

Next, you will want to remove the odor for good with baking soda. It is normally really good at eliminating micro organism and soaking up liquids, which are the actual techniques that you get rid of rabbit urine on your floors. Sprinkle a generous sum of the spot and let it sit there for a number of hrs. It is greatest to leave it to sit overnight if achievable.

You really don't need to pile it on there, as any baking soda that isn’t touching the floor is not heading to do significantly great. However, you do want to make confident that the location is entirely covered.

How To Get Rabbit Pee Out of a Wood Floor in 5 Steps
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5. Finish with a Hydrogen Peroxide Rag (Optional)

If the stain or smell is still there, you may want to complete up with a hydrogen peroxide rag. This phase makes use of a quite sturdy cleaner, so you must examination on a little, out-of-your-way place to make certain that it will not damage your flooring.

Initial, buy or discover three% hydrogen peroxide. It is vital that it is only 3%, as any more can trigger damage to your flooring. Subsequent, soak a rag or washcloth in the solution. Wring out the cloth to take away any of the excessive resolution. Then, spot the rag more than the place for a number of hours. It takes hydrogen peroxide a bit of time to work, and you are going to want to hold animals and kids out of the location whilst it does.

Ultimately, take away the rag and wipe off the flooring. You may want to rinse it with water just to ensure that all the hydrogen peroxide is gone.

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Eliminating rabbit urine from hardwood floors can seem to be not possible if you don’t know what you are carrying out. Luckily, the true process is not terribly challenging if you know what to use and how to use it. You can effectively remove most urine stains with what you have laying all around the home, like vinegar and baking soda.

Using the methods we have outlined previously mentioned, you can eliminate pesky stains with no significantly elbow grease from your component. The cleansing options themselves should do most of the work.

We hope that you have been able to eliminate the stain and smell properly with the guidelines in this post!

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