How to Get Rid of Chipmunks in the Garden: 4 Humane Ways

Chipmunks are sweet critters that can be located all over North America. In spite of their jovial visual appeal, chipmunks can be a huge nuisance for property owners. They can dig up yards, consume gardens and go away a mess about your home. For these causes, many men and women stop up seeking for methods to get rid of chipmunks from their house. Some advice states to merely shoot them with minimal caliber rifles, but that is not humane. Couple of people want to get rid of chipmunks they just want them to go absent.

There are quite a few methods to humanely remove chipmunks from an region with out harming or killing them. Below are 4 established humane techniques to get rid of chipmunks from a backyard.

How to Get Rid of Chipmunks in the Garden? The 4 Humane Ways

1. Use Repellents

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One particular of the simplest and most humane techniques to get rid of chipmunks is to repel them. Repellents arrive in a range of distinct types and have a variety of distinct positive aspects. Repellents perform by polluting the spot with scents, vibrations, seems, and food items that chipmunks detest. Instead of looking at a juicy garden to hole up in a chipmunk, they will see a wasteland with nothing to supply them. Repellents are wonderful since they are generally affordable, powerful, and entirely humane.

There are 3 main varieties of repellents to seem into.

Electronic Repellents

Digital repellents are some of the most advanced and higher-tech. They are also some of the most pricey possibilities. Digital repellents use a collection of modern strategies to spook chipmunks from your backyard. Two of the most common varieties of digital rodent repellent include ultrasonic repellents and drinking water jet sprayers. The ultrasonic repellents use a particular sound that penetrates the air and bothers chipmunks. These seems are typically at a frequency that people are not able to hear but are really annoying for chipmunks and other animals.

Water sprayers perform by spraying drinking water to scare off chipmunks when they appear also near to your prized greens. Before utilizing a water sprayer, check out the label. Some sprayers arrive with chemical substances and pesticides developed to damage as nicely as scare rodents. You will want a sprayer that does not use any chemicals. These methods can efficiently include a yard, but they want a electricity source to work.

Dry Repellents

Dry repellents include powders, spices, and other reliable repellents. Some of the most common kinds of dry repellents that perform excellent for chipmunks consist of cayenne pepper, mothballs, and even human hair. The scent of humans is a potent repellent all on its possess. You can also purchase protected, organic dry repellent on the web to sprinkle close to your backyard. Sprinkle, location or bury dry repellents all around areas in which you have seen proof of chipmunk action to dissuade them from returning.

Some dry repellents are as basic as sprinkling crushed crimson pepper about your yard beds, although other folks are complicated scientific mixtures created for prolonged launch and to endure make contact with with rain.


Liquid Repellents

Liquid repellents are similar to dry repellents, other than they are sprayed relatively than sprinkled. Liquid repellents do not final as extended as dry repellents, but they can nevertheless be extremely efficient. Some liquid repellents that function on chipmunks consist of sizzling sauce, pepper spray, and rodent protection sprays. Spray these repellents close to the foundation of vulnerable plants, about the perimeter of your house, or alongside the home line where you suspect chipmunks are coming in. As soon as they appear into make contact with with these potent repellents, they will think twice ahead of proceeding.

You can acquire premixed repellents or produce your own. Some mixtures simply demand cleaning soap, h2o, pepper, and olive oil. You can combine these house objects and put them in your spray bottle for an reasonably priced repellent.

2. Create Barriers

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If repellents do not attractiveness to you, you can also consider creating obstacles. Chipmunks will only enter a garden if they come to feel protected and totally free to do so. Creating a barrier to entry could be enough of an obstacle that the chipmunks will simply appear for an easier spot to live. There are a assortment of different barriers that you can probably construct to preserve chipmunks absent from your garden.


Putting up a basic backyard garden fence can often do the trick. A fence will hinder the view of the backyard, produce an unsafe place for chipmunks to climb, and will impede free motion between out of doors locations. Chipmunks generally want to journey underneath protect and forcing them to climb a fence forces them to be in the open, which goes from their instincts. A chipmunk is effortlessly spotted by predators such as cats and birds when they are on a fence as opposed to beneath some useless leaves. A simple fence is a fantastic way to place a barrier around your yard with no resorting to other approaches you may not be cozy with.

Garden Cloth

Yard cloth is a great way to preserve chipmunks out of your yard. Burying garden fabric in an L-condition can stop chipmunks from burrowing. Chipmunks love to burrow. If the rodents can get to the roots of your plant or create protected tunnels and dens for on their own, they are considerably a lot more probably to shift on relatively than settling down. You can set backyard cloth about your preferred crops and about your home’s perimeter to avert chipmunks from burrowing down or upward into your lawn.

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Chicken Wire

Hen wire is another proven method for keeping pests out of an region. Chipmunks enjoy to discover little holes in your home’s foundation, fencing, and existing lattice. If you have any locations or holes that you suspect are getting utilised by tiny critters to get about, you can basically plug them with chicken wire. Rooster wire is tough adequate and narrow sufficient to avert most animals from getting through. It is also cheap, effortless to use, and totally humane.

3. Trap and Release Them

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Another approach to try is trapping. You can acquire tiny rodent traps at most neighborhood hardware merchants that are created to lure and capture rodents these kinds of as chipmunks and squirrels. If you trap chipmunks and launch them in a new location, it could be ample to maintain them absent from your residence forever. Buying the traps can at times get expensive, and they demand a tiny little bit of understanding and exercise to learn. Even with the understanding curve and first expense, trapping is a tried out-and-real technique for pest elimination.

Look Up Local Laws

Prior to you operate off and endeavor to trap your initial chipmunk, you ought to search up your neighborhood legal guidelines and rules relating to nuisance trapping. Every single neighborhood has diverse rules governing what you can and cannot do to trap animals. There are also rules about in which and when you can launch the animals. Some counties demand permits or licenses to operate animal traps.

If you are merely attempting to eliminate a pair of chipmunks from your garden, you are unlikely to have a run-in with the regulation, but it is achievable. Inappropriate trapping can outcome in municipal fines or even a ticket. Incorrect releases can also consequence in penalties. Before trapping and releasing any type of nuisance animal, the most accountable factor to do is to appear up the guidelines for your county beforehand.

4. Clean Up the Garden

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One of the most basic techniques to attempt and take away chipmunks from a garden is to clear up the area and eliminate everything that may possibly be attracting the chipmunks. 1 of the items that will swiftly appeal to undesired chipmunks is a hen feeder. Birds and squirrels fall scrumptious seeds on the floor where chipmunks arise to discover them. If chipmunks imagine they can appear and get cost-free seed from underneath your feeder, they will start off hanging close to your garden. Take away bird feeders, other resources of seed, food scraps, outdated crops, and particles. With out a very good source of foods, drinking water, and shelter, chipmunks will not have any reason to enter your backyard garden in the initial area.

Chipmunks are naturally fearful creatures, and they like to enter an location via enclosed and coated avenues. If you remove rocks, shrubs, vines, leaves, and other factors that chipmunks can simply cover, the prospect of crossing an open up garden may possibly be also terrifying for the chipmunks to think about.

Intruders vs. Infestations

There is a big difference in between deterring a couple of lone chipmunks and working with a full-blown infestation. Some of these techniques are not adequate to dislodge a chipmunk colony from your property. Chipmunks burrow underground and can breed beneath your toes and out of sight. Before long, two chipmunks can change into 20, and that can be a enormous difficulty.

If you suspect that you are dealing with an infestation that is out of your management, you might need to have to phone in professional support. Chipmunk nests and burrows will want to be positioned and taken care of in buy to get rid of the dilemma as soon as and for all.

Several of the solutions on this listing will avert an infestation from getting root, but if you start off the procedure too late, a few repellents and some wire may well not be sufficient to manage numerous nests that could be current underground.


You do not have to harm any chipmunks in purchase to take away them from your backyard. Chipmunks can be a nuisance, but they are simply pushed absent. There are a assortment of humane approaches for chipmunk removal that can perform in any garden. You can get rid of chipmunks from a backyard garden employing easy boundaries, pink pepper, a small lure, or just by getting rid of your chicken feeder. The greatest option for your yard will rely on several individual elements.


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