How to Get Rid of Gophers in Your Yard & Garden – 7 Methods That Work

Gophers can speedily invade your garden and backyard. These tiny rodents seem a small little bit like prairie dogs or groundhogs, and their look can bode unwell for a very carefully manicured out of doors space. Gophers can eat plenty of crops, and their digging and consuming frequently damage the roots of your lawn, which can result in lifeless places to show up seemingly out of nowhere. Gophers dig into the soil underneath your garden and backyard garden, hiding from predators and remaining out of sight whilst they wreak havoc.

If you are emotion hopeless in your wrestle to get rid of the gophers in your lawn, do not fret. There are a variety of diverse techniques you can use to get rid of gophers from your yard and yard. Right here are seven powerful approaches to rid your garden of gophers.

The 7 Methods to Get Rid of Gophers in Your Yard and Garden

1. Live Trapping

live trap
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One of the oldest and most basic methods to get rid of gophers from your lawn and backyard garden is to use reside traps. Reside traps entice and trap the gophers without having harming them. The very best way to use reside traps is to identify their dens, burrows, and favored ingesting places. As soon as you have identified the place the gophers are, you can deploy traps all around the area to entice them in. Soon after you entice the offending gopher, you can remove them and launch them someplace else.

Prior to releasing gophers, or any nuisance animals, be sure to examine your regional regulations. Most jurisdictions have guidelines governing where and when you can launch trapped animals. After the gophers are removed and unveiled in a new area, there is little opportunity that they will find their way again.

2. Kill Trapping

Get rid of trapping is similar to dwell trapping, but rather of capturing the gophers, the traps are developed to kill the gophers. Eliminate traps usually operate by breaking the gopher’s neck or again to get rid of them quickly. Eliminate trapping is also an efficient strategy of gopher removal, but some folks find it unsavory. Set the traps near the gopher’s burrow and check out the traps at dawn and dusk. If you do not destroy any gophers following a handful of days, go the traps to a new location till you capture the offending mammal.

Get rid of trapping sometimes has the unintended consequence of snagging other unwitting animals these kinds of as squirrels or stray cats, which can be distressing for some people.

3. Baiting

baiting trap
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Baiting entails putting out tasty treats that gophers love to eat and killing them by means of poisoning. Baiting is a removing technique that is utilized for all types of animals, like rats, mice, ants, and roaches. Baiting is one more successful technique that kills the gopher populations in your lawn. Like, eliminate trapping, you have to be careful with toxic bait due to the fact it could finish up unintentionally sickening or killing other animals or even pets. Be quite watchful what type of bait you use, what type of poison is on the bait, and exactly where you set the bait. It is also a very good concept to check out in on the legal guidelines and restrictions encompassing killing nuisance animals by means of bait.

4. Scented Repellents

You can get rid of gophers from your yard by utilizing castor oil. Gophers consider castor oil smells terrible, and spraying castor oil in your yard and above your garden can cause them to leave. Castor oil is simple to obtain and can be really successful. For the ideal benefits, spray the oil liberally above the areas in which you see the gophers the most. Then, using a garden hose, soak the spot where you imagine that the gopher holes, tunnels, and burrows could be. The drinking water will have the castor oil down into the soil, exactly where it will invade the underground lair of the gophers, leaving them with nowhere to escape the hideous scent.

You can also get in touch with your regional extension office to request for suggestions on normal crops that repel gophers and other rodents. Obtaining live plants with annoying scents to include to your lawn and yard can also work to dissuade gophers from producing your home their property by utilizing smells that they locate horrible.

5. Sonic Repellents

Sonic Pest Repellants
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An effective contemporary repellent for rodents of all types, including gophers, is a sonic emitter. Sonic emitters send out pulses of seem waves into the ground that disturb the gophers and power them out of their burrows. Envision somebody parked outdoors of your window blaring loud songs with way also a lot foundation at all hours of the day. That is what is happening to the gophers. This strategy requires you to acquire a sonic repellent gadget, but they are fairly affordable. Sonic emitters really bother and irritate gophers, but they are harmless to their total well being. The sonic emitters result in the gophers to emerge and leave your lawn.

6. Natural Predators

Introducing and cultivating natural predators to your yard can support quell a gopher infestation. Instead of baiting, trapping, or repelling gophers, you can introduce other animals that will take in the gophers or scare them away. This is a all-natural method of managing the rodent population in your yard without restoring any artificial signifies. This technique will function, but it could consider time to bear fruit. If you have the tolerance and the wherewithal to consider and eliminate gophers with predators, you will see benefits, but it could take months to occur to fruition.

Some common natural predators to consider contain house cats and owls. You can construct owl containers and make alterations to your yard to try out and appeal to carnivorous birds like owls and hawks. Gophers are terrified of these birds. A single of the motives gophers burrow underground is to keep away from predators like cats and birds. All-natural predators could take in the gophers with no you looking at, or the prevalence of predators could scare gophers into moving on.

7. Fencing and Reinforcement

bamboo fence
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1 way to avoid gophers from invading your property is to stop them from moving into in the 1st place. You can purchase landscape cloth, anti-gopher wire, and strengthened fencing to up grade your backyard garden to avoid wandering gophers from moving into. Animals will stay in spots exactly where foods, water, and shelter are abundant and easy to entry. If you make accessing these factors difficult for gophers, they will ultimately transfer on to look for easier targets. Gopher wire all around fences stops them from burrowing into your property. Metal fencing and wire can also stop gophers from obtaining into your backyard and finding excellent things to take in. Burying fabric and wire about the border of your garden can also interrupt gophers’ digging practices which can trigger them to transfer on.

Dangerous Methods That Do Not Work


Watering Lawn
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1 fantasy that at times seems on-line is that you can use a garden hose to flood gopher holes. This is an ineffective approach for obtaining rid of gophers, and it can cause a large amount of harm to your yard. 1st, drowning gophers can be considered inhumane. Even kill traps, and deadly baits are designed to kill gophers as rapidly and painlessly as attainable. Drowning is a drawn-out way to die and often brings about worry and worry ahead of death.

2nd, the drowning strategy has not been demonstrated to effectively operate as a deterrent in opposition to gopher infestations. Flooding gopher holes can also wash out your lawn’s substrate creating your grass to become mushy, soggy, and unstable. This can lead to holes to open up up in your garden. Gophers also often have an escape route that prevents them from actually drowning. They will merely leave and shift to a distinct burrow leaving your lawn muddy, ruined, and the gophers intact.


Related to the flooding approach, fumigation has sketchy final results and can be dangerous to your garden. Fumigation is ineffective because gophers are ready to odor the fumes and shift absent from the source. They can also insulate by themselves from the dangerous fumes by bordering by themselves with grime. Gasses are also in a position to increase and seep by means of the lawn into the air above, which can harm your grass and can even lead to lingering facet consequences to people nearby. Fumigation is harmful to your lawn, ineffective, and can be dangerous to folks, and is very best to be averted at all costs.

When In Doubt, Call a Professional

If you attempt these methods and even now find your lawn under siege by frustrating gophers, you can usually get in touch with a professional. There are skilled animal manage and animal removal businesses that will function with you and use improved strategies to rid your garden of gophers for good. Pros cost a reasonable bit of money, have to work on their schedule, and may possibly use approaches that you discover distasteful. But experts are another surefire way to rid your lawn of gophers for excellent.


Gophers can be detrimental to your lawn and yard, they can be irritating to deal with, and for some folks, they can even be frightening. Luckily, you can get rid of gophers utilizing a selection of strategies. In severe cases, you can entice and destroy them or poison them. Other methods basically persuade the gophers to leave on their very own and once far more give you peace in your backyard garden. One of these strategies is sure to perform for you and your yard.



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