How to Get Rid of Mouse Smells (in 4 Easy Steps)

Here’s a subject that is not for the squeamish. Regrettably, pests are a truth of life! Your residence doesn’t have to be unclean to have mice. If you’ve at any time lived up coming to a freshly excavated development site, all varieties of displaced flora and fauna will try and make your home theirs.

The believed of rodents in your property is negative enough, not to point out the well being hazards and odors. It doesn’t make a difference what kind of scent a mouse leaves in your home—none of them are great, to say the least. Ranging from vile to wretched, mouse odors variety from musk to droppings or even worse: useless mouse carcasses.

Obtaining useless mice about the house can be practically traumatizing for some, so, make positive you get any individual with a powerful belly to assist you if you can not manage it. We’re likely to stroll you by way of how to get that terrible smell out ASAP, but 1st:

Before You Start

If you arrive throughout a mouse carcass, never ever (Ever) touch it with your bare palms, and be sure to hold pets and specifically children effectively absent. The germs and illnesses that could probably be present can possibly lead to real harm.

1. Locate the Source of the Smell

How to Get Rid of Mouse Smells (in 4 Easy Steps)
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If a mouse dies and is authorized to decompose, the scent is absolutely unbearable, so you are going to probably currently have a decent basic idea. Mice have a tendency to stick to cupboards, pantries, underneath and powering appliances, and in any enclosed space they can wriggle into, which contains walls. If it’s in an air duct, you are going to require to phone a contractor in to support you.

Sadly, they at times get into the wall, and you could need to have to remove a piece to get in there. If the smell is coming from feces, you will probably discover the seedlike droppings in any of the locations described above.

2. Dispose of Any Odor Sources

How to Get Rid of Mouse Smells (in 4 Easy Steps)
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If the odor is getting triggered by a mouse that is decomposing, then you’ll want to put some rubber gloves on. Even an N95 or a respirator mask and security glasses would not be a poor idea if they are obtainable. Some folks may well believe it is overkill, but when it comes to germs, you never ever know.

Our logic claims it’s far better risk-free than sorry. You ought to also put on outfits that you can toss away immediately—using 2 garbage bags. When this is all over, you are going to probably want to get a lengthy shower and in no way converse of this working day, to any person, at any time once again.

It’s okay, we get it, and we’re here for you.

You’ll need to have to place the physique in at least two heavy-responsibility freezer-style plastic baggage. Seek advice from your local animal manage to locate out just how they want you to dispose of pests in your area. Now, it’s time for cleaning.

3. Cleaning Methods for Getting Rid of Mouse Smell

How to Get Rid of Mouse Smells (in 4 Easy Steps)
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It’s time to clear, disinfect, and or else de-mouse this residence. Bleach is your good friend. Use a answer that is ten% bleach and ninety% drinking water and spray it anywhere that was infected.

If the mouse has infected upholstery or carpet, it will require to be steam-cleaned extensively and with special disinfecting cleaners. Many folks will choose to exchange any linens or fabrics that have been in get in touch with with a useless mouse.

Now, use paper towels and get rid of all markings, feces, and filthy paper towels in numerous rubbish baggage. You are likely to want to repeat the spraying and wiping several instances, altering paper towels.

After this is all completed, throw out your clothing, gloves—everything and then go and consider that shower we talked about. In all seriousness, it’s important to make confident you do a really great occupation cleaning up following this clean-up. At this point, you should do a nice clear-up all around the total house—just to refresh the room.

4. Air Out the Home

How to Get Rid of Mouse Smells (in 4 Easy Steps)
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The final issue to do is to open up as numerous home windows and doorways as feasible and switch on some fans. You will want to air it out at minimum an hour or two, and genuinely enable all of that bleach and cleaner odor dissipate. At this period, it is not essentially a bad thought to gentle up some incense, scented candles, smudge, or no matter what you have at hand.

When you have got mice in the residence, and the scent has brought on a disruption to your lifestyle, there is no question that it is a violation. It’s almost like you require to regain trust in your room, so make confident you do what you want to do to reclaim your property.

Signs of Mice in the House

If you suspect that you may possibly have some intrusive rodents in the property you’ll want to appear for nibble marks on factors like bread and other foodstuff products in and about the cupboards. You will also see little kernels which resemble apple seeds—that is mouse feces, and a sure indication of infestation.

The musky odor that this write-up aims to support remove is one more telltale indicator. If you hear scratching noises and locate nests, then you know you have obtained a dilemma.

How to Get Rid of Mouse Smells (in 4 Easy Steps)
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How to Get Rid of Mice

If you must be unfortunate adequate to find out mice in the property, then there are a amount of choices available to you. Cats are fantastic for retaining mice at bay, but that is not an alternative for every person. You could try natural mice repellent, getting rid of ALL foodstuff resources, and employing reside traps.


There is anything repulsive about obtaining your house invaded and violated by these very small pests, and it undoubtedly does not assist when they lead to a awful odor. Fortunately, there are steps to just take to each get rid of the mice and the scent alone and take your residence back again.

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