How To Get Rid of Mouse Urine Smell In a Garage In 7 Steps

Mouse urine has a potent and uncomfortable odor, and 1 of the spots that mice get into the most is the garage. Garages are big open spaces that protect mice from predators and poor weather. Mice will appear into a garage regularly in specific places, and this can direct to the uncomfortable odor of mouse urine. Mouse urine smells strongly of ammonia and can be extremely pervasive. These smells can lead to stuffy and smelly problems inside the garage, which can be uncomfortable and annoying.

The very good news is that the stench of mouse urine can be eliminated from the place. Getting rid of the pervasive smell from a garage can be difficult, but with a handful of times and a whole lot of perseverance, it can be accomplished. Listed here is how you can rid by yourself of mouse urine smells in 7 methods.


Prior to doing something else, you need to first get rid of the mice that are currently in the garage. Attempting to eliminate the smell of mice without having removing the mice them selves will ultimately be a fruitless enterprise. The mice have to be dealt with to be productive in the lengthy expression. This can be accomplished in a handful of techniques. You can set out traps, place out repellent, let your cat in the garage, or contact a skilled exterminator. Depending on your person situations, any 1 or blend of these factors may function.

Cleaning up after mice with out dislodging them will only lead to your garage obtaining smelly yet again in the long term. Cleaning out a garage is challenging work, and we would detest for you to have to do it a lot more than when because you didn’t get rid of the mice before you started out. You have been warned.

In order to eradicate the mouse urine scent from the garage, you will want the pursuing products.

  • Mop
  • Bleach (or another disinfectant)
  • Spray bottle
  • Rag
  • Baking soda or equivalent air freshener
  • Mousetrap
  • Elbow grease

The total approach will take a handful of days to comprehensive. One particular day will be dedicated to cleansing the garage, even though subsequent days will be spent checking the situation and airing out the area.

The 7 Steps To Get Rid of Mouse Urine Smell In a Garage

1. Air Out The Garage

How To Get Rid of Mouse Urine Smell In a Garage In 7 Steps
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The first step to reducing mouse urine smells from your garage is to air out the garage entirely. That means opening the garage door, any facet doors that guide to the outside, and any home windows. You want to develop a very good circulating airflow by means of the space. Garages are notoriously stuffy, and stale, stagnant air can entice smells like absolutely nothing else. If you want aid circulating the air, placing up a fan to make a cross-breeze is suggested—air out the garage for a day prior to you begin looking down the resource of the mouse urine.

2. Mop Thoroughly

How To Get Rid of Mouse Urine Smell In a Garage In 7 Steps
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The initial cleansing endeavor must be to mop the whole garage. Shift any automobiles or packing containers to distinct as much flooring area as possible and give every little thing a excellent soaking mop. Use strong cleaning provides on the flooring, these kinds of as bleach, vinegar, and soap. If attainable, drive the previous drinking water and grime out of the entrance of the garage and hose it absent from the driveway. You want to get as a lot of the floor as cleanse as achievable.

In garages, in contrast to inside of the home itself, most of the mouse urine is going to accumulate on the ground or on items in the garage. Cleaning the floor is an important 1st action to reducing the smells, and several instances, a thorough mop occupation will get most of the odor out.

3. Use Disinfectant Around The Perimeter

How To Get Rid of Mouse Urine Smell In a Garage In 7 Steps
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After you have cleaned the bulk of the ground through mopping and scrubbing, the following step is to thoroughly clean the perimeter of the garage with disinfectants. This can include bleach, vinegar, or your preferred multi-floor cleaner.

The least difficult way to do this is to blend up a powerful solution in a spray bottle and then go about and spray the perimeter of the garage. Get the disinfectant into the corners, spray around the doors and make positive you are hitting suspicious-hunting spots. Mice like to scurry around the edges of the space, so baseboards and corners are spots that mouse urine is most likely to accumulate.

4. Add Baking Soda

How To Get Rid of Mouse Urine Smell In a Garage In 7 Steps
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To obvious out any lingering odors, it is a excellent notion to spot cups of baking soda close to. Baking soda pulls odors out of the air and traps them in the powder. Set a handful of cups of baking soda around the space. If the resource of the urine has been eradicated, the baking soda will cleanse up any leftover odors. You could even take into account sprinkling it directly on any stains you uncover to focus on their smells.

You can also use a general air freshener as effectively if it is far more to your liking. The stage of this stage is to freshen the air right after the cleansing method.

5. Pay Attention To Accumulated Items

How To Get Rid of Mouse Urine Smell In a Garage In 7 Steps
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If airing out the garage and cleansing the flooring and the perimeters did not eliminate the scent, then there is a good opportunity that you have things in the garage that have become contaminated with mouse urine. Piles of old items, boxes, or litter are perfect hiding locations for mice. And if mice are close by, they will pee on your factors. Yes, it is gross, but it is accurate.

One of the only ways to successfully remove any lingering mouse urine odors is to go by way of all of the items in your garage and verify them for mouse contamination. Issues that incorporate mouse urine will have darkish places and smells. Some objects may possibly require to be washed or thrown absent.

Transferring the things around and cleaning beneath the areas they have been sitting can also assist. Regrettably, if you have a packed garage, the only way to truly deal with the smell is going to be to pull everything out, cleanse, and reorganize. Refusing to go all the way in this approach can leave unfound pockets of mouse waste hiding amid your things which will proceed to be a resource of the poor stench in your garage.

6. Wait & Assess

How To Get Rid of Mouse Urine Smell In a Garage In 7 Steps
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Following completing the preceding five methods, the up coming stage is to just hold out and assess to see if the procedure was successful. Permit the garage sit for a couple of times after cleansing it out and hold making an attempt to flow into the air as considerably as attainable. Following a few of days, if the mouse scent is absent and has not returned, there is a very good likelihood that you efficiently eliminated the odor.

Even so, if you wait a couple of days and the odor is still there or has appear back again, then it is likely that you skipped a spot, or you could have an lively infestation that is merely replenishing the urine building up in the garage. If you suspect that the odor has not been fully dealt with, additional attention will be required.

7. Target and Clean Areas Where Mice Were Present

How To Get Rid of Mouse Urine Smell In a Garage In 7 Steps
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The final step is to focus on any areas in which mice were noticed or have been suspected of dwelling. The presence of mouse droppings and new urine are good indications of in which the mice are hiding. Targeting these regions for cleansing (and traps) is a excellent thought.

Now is also a very good time to evaluate regardless of whether or not you even now have an active mouse infestation or not. If your garage has mice residing in it at this level, more cleansing is useless simply because you want to get rid of the mouse dilemma before you can successfully deal with the smell. If you do not get rid of the mice, then the odors will carry on to arrive back as extended as the mice are residing in the garage.

It will be needed at this point to again and repeat all of the methods if the issue persists.

How Can I Keep Mice Out of My Garage?

Since garages have big places that are fairly open up to the outside, they are a source of pests. Numerous occasions, mice will simply enter a garage to cover from predators or get out of the weather. Not each mouse incident in a garage is indicative of a total infestation. There are a number of items you can do to aid keep the mice from coming into the garage.

First, you can get a cat or pet. Letting your pets wander all around the garage will prevent mice from entering. Mice will scent or see the cat and try out to keep away from the area in the foreseeable future. Likewise, cats may be capable to hunt mice in the garage if they are in easy to reach areas.

You can also set up traps and repellents all around the significant doorways. Retaining mouse traps or placing down mouse repellent close to the entry details can assist preserve the mice from receiving into the garage.

And finally, you can have an exterminator arrive out and examine the garage. They will be capable to determine the best system of motion for lingering mouse infestation troubles.

How Can I Tell If I Have An Infestation of Just a Single Mouse?

Not every single mouse problem is a total-scale invasion. Sometimes mice wander into the garage but have no intention of staying lengthy expression. A mouse infestation will have some very clear signs above time. When mice are dwelling in a area for extended intervals of time they are inclined to chew issues. The mice make nests that can be noticed. The mice poop and pee everywhere, leaving piles of droppings or evident places of urine. They can be frequently noticed and heard when they are present in huge figures.

If you haven’t seasoned any of these things but have maybe just noticed one mouse or located a handful of droppings but no signs of habitation, there is a very good chance you simply encountered a wandering mouse and not a loved ones of mice.

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How To Get Rid of Mouse Urine Smell In a Garage In 7 Steps
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If all goes well, your garage need to now be mouse urine cost-free. In addition, your garage must odor much better than it at any time has before. These seven actions are an extremely successful way to root out and demolish any sources of mouse urine smells and will go away your garage clean and clear for months to occur. If you determine to get the added methods to mouse-evidence your garage, you must, ideally, only have to do this procedure when.

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