How to Get Rid of Pet Odors in An Apartment: 10 Practical Steps

A single great way to appeal to tenants to your condominium developing is to enable pets—and who doesn’t really like to give a pet a property – correct? We say kudos to you for making it possible for animals in the suite, but we also know that there are downsides that can appear with it.

Unsavory smells present a true obstacle for homeowners when found in the suite and can make it demanding to uncover a new tenant. Luckily, we have got some issues to do, and some suggestions for protecting against and controlling it a lot more easily up coming time. Let’s get to work!

The 10 Steps to Getting Rid of Pet Odors in an Apartment

1. Figure Out What Kind of Pet Odor You’re Dealing With

Not all pet odors are developed equivalent. You are likely to need to have to evaluate the situation first—is it just a tiny little bit of dander and fur? Good—you’re lucky!

Often there is nothing in the flooring or on the partitions, but you can nevertheless distinctly detect a pet odor. We know how to correct that! Is it an aged vomit stain? We ought to be able to assist you get that out, as well. Being aware of what you’re up against is an essential albeit clear initial step.

How to Get Rid of Pet Odors in An Apartment: 10 Practical Steps
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2. For Dander and Fur Odor

If you’ve assessed the predicament and concluded that the problem is not urine, vomit, or worse—then you are in luck! We’re heading to emphasis much more on the carpets due to the fact hardwood or tile flooring generally doesn’t hold on to odors right after a standard sweep and mop.

What you are heading to want to do is unfold baking soda all more than the carpets and then permit it sit for about fifty percent an hour, then vacuum it back up. This is a fairly effortless fix, and all you require to do is repeat this method until you are satisfied that the odor is gone.

3. Air it Out

This usually comes normally to property owners. If you’re just working with pet dander and fur odors, then you will want to do this to back up your vacuuming and baking soda attempts. Nonetheless, even for far more extreme odors and stains, this will aid just to get the scent out of the apartment.

With just about every single circumstance of pet odor in an enclosed suite—you’re going to almost certainly do this without any prompting. It’s not always the entire resolution, but it helps—if not to get rid of it for good, then basically to let you to breathe even though you function on a lot more effective answers.

4. Use Enzyme Cleaners for Old Wet Odors

These are cleaners that are specifically produced to neutralize pet odors and they perform a deal with. An critical precaution to get when utilizing enzyme cleaners is to location take a look at them very first. These enzymes, whilst terribly efficient towards odors like pet urine and vomit, can go away spots somewhat discolored, so make confident you take a look at them out initial!

These are wonderful on new stains—but can also have incredibly powerful final results on old stains. Usually, you will utilize the cleaner by means of spray bottle and then let it sit for 10–15 minutes (study the instructions!). Once it has sat prolonged adequate you just blot it back out. If this isn’t operating, it may well be time for the large guns:

5. Wet Vac

Some stains are just a minor much more baked into carpets, upholstery, and drapes, than other individuals. Using a damp vac can be a beneficial answer. This step is typically far better for when it is a localized location that is giving you difficulty.

You would not want to consider and moist vac the entire carpet or condominium. That explained, if you have a genuinely troublesome stain, soaking it in cleaners, h2o, and soaked-vacuuming it out can be a lifesaver. Numerous shop vacs can damp vac—but constantly confirm that functionality initial.

How to Get Rid of Pet Odors in An Apartment: 10 Practical Steps
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6. Homemade Odor Neutralizer

If you’ve been working with mostly pet dander and maybe a stain or two, but you still observe the have to of the pet odor hanging about, you can try this useful odor neutralizing recipe. Obtain a citrus extract of your choice—lemon, lime, or our personal preferred, orange. Mixing ¼ cup of this juice with 1 cup of hydrogen peroxide makes a amazing odor-neutralizing solution. Sprinkle this all around with baking soda, let it dry, and then vacuum it back up.

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7. Steam Cleaner

Occasionally, the difficulty is far more prevalent than a tiny stain. If you are discovering that you aren’t getting enough luck with enzyme cleaners and selfmade remedies, it might be time to go all out. Most massive box merchants will have a steam cleaner rental services, and this is a wonderful way to freshen up the suite and tackle those previous pet odors.

Here’s the kicker—many of the steam cleaners will have an selection to purchase an enzyme cleaner that works with them. Which is a strong 1-two punch that could conserve you a few bucks and help get that suite rented out once more quicker.

8. Dish Soap and Hot Water

As carpets have a tendency to hold the most odor, they have been the emphasis of most of our methods. It’s possible for considerably less absorbent surfaces to keep their share of odor as nicely, nonetheless.

If you are cleaning a space with hardwood or tile floors and discover that unwelcome odor of animals – try out very good previous-fashioned dish cleaning soap and h2o. Scrub the floors and the walls, use open air, and the apartment will probably be as great as new.

9. Vinegar Solution (Urine ONLY)

This is why phase 1 is vital. If you are dealing with a urine stain only, then creating your very own vinegar resolution can be a low cost, all-natural way to eliminate the odor. Simply blend 1-part white vinegar with a single-part water, soak, blot, and repeat. Yet again, this will only aid with urine stains, so don’t hassle with this if it is a dander dilemma you’re dealing with.

How to Get Rid of Pet Odors in An Apartment: 10 Practical Steps
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10. Replace Air Filters

If every thing has been scrubbed down and you are even now noticing an issue—try replacing the air filters. Occasionally pet fur and dander that are trapped in people is the cause—simple and inexpensive. A new filter for your house HVAC system shouldn’t cost far more than $thirty and requirements to be carried out periodically, irrespective of pet odors.

Tips for Preventing Future Pet Odors

There are a number of issues you can do as a house owner to prevent the headache of cleansing out outdated pet odors.

  • Pet deposit – It is very common for landlords to charge a pet deposit if tenants want to have their furry friends live in the suite with them. This is fair, and if you need to deal with this problem again, you can simply have the pros do it out of the deposit. Alternatively, you can require that tenants have renter’s insurance to cover costs incurred for cleanup.
  • Inspect rental immediately after it is vacated – If there are pet odors in the apartment, then the sooner you find them, the better. Make sure you inspect the apartment in a timely manner to ensure any unwanted surprises don’t get the chance to marinate.


It can be truly easy to get frazzled and frustrated when you discover pet odors and any unwanted surprises in your condominium. Luckily, there are some wonderful new products and age-previous solutions out there that can aid you to deal with the situation at hand.

Remember, most folks do their very best, and accidents still come about. With a little luck and a little much more operate, you will get your apartment smelling new once again. Greatest of luck!

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