How to Get Rid of Rats in the Garden – 6 Methods That Work

Besides soiling your soil, rats may possibly result in other difficulties in your gardens these kinds of as digging or taking in your greens. Rats can also carry fatal diseases, so you really do not want these dirty pests managing their grubby toes over your produce. Although you can acquire chemical deterrents, these are negative for you and the atmosphere, and should only be utilised as a final resort. Below are some natural strategies to take care of the rat crisis, as nicely as methods to decide regardless of whether your uninvited visitor is certainly a rodent or yet another backyard garden pest.

How to Tell If You Have Rat Problem

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Fortunately, it’s simple to inform if rats are scampering by means of your vegetable patch when you’re not hunting. Appear for cylindrical droppings about five mm wide and 15 mm extended. These ought to be abundant if the suspected rats repeated your lawn since they can go away up to 40 droppings each and every evening!

If you have a dog or cat, you must also spend consideration to any unusual behaviors your pets might give you this sort of as barking at evening or intensely sniffing in the property. Rats are nocturnal creatures, so if your dog has picked up a new behavior of barking wildly at three a.m., that may be a indication that their keen ears have picked up some sound coming from the cabbage patch. You may set out an outside digital camera or a ring doorbell to capture these pests in action.

You may also location “rat operates,” which are grime pathways that rats often dig close to the perimeter of your backyard garden, chicken coop, or fence. They are likely to be modest, no far more than four inches extensive and not extremely deep.

You could examine your make for bite marks, but keep in brain that there are several other backyard garden pests this kind of as bugs that might be mooching off your vegetable patch. A better way to decide if its rats is to appear for bite marks in picket structures. Rats have big teeth that can leave a considerable effect on your fence posts.

The 6 Methods to Get Rid of Rats in Your Garden

To prevent rats from overtaking your backyard garden, you need to have to identify what’s attracting them to your lawn. Like all creatures, rats look for foodstuff, h2o, and shelter. Observe what techniques your garden supplies these things to the rats and search for methods to make these issues considerably less appealing to rodents.

1. Close Off or Remove Structures That Provide Shelter

Does your drop have holes big adequate for rats to crawl inside of? Is there room beneath your porch for rats to nest? Making confident buildings are tightly sealed gives rats the concept that they need to decide on someplace else to stay. Maintaining your property clean, these kinds of as removing toys overnight or not permitting huge structures these kinds of as tires to remain in one particular location for really lengthy, also limitations their hiding locations. Carefully trimmed grass also discourages rats from sneaking about in the open up.

2. Secure the Compost Bin and Limit Outside Food

Bunch ripening bananas tree
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Your growing vegetables are not the only foods resource for scouring rats. These scavenging pests may find last week’s potato peels just as tasty as a ripening tomato. Tighten the lid on the compost bin so that they can’t climb inside and seize a chunk. Your kid’s cracker crumbs stomped about patio tables or fowl seed scattered on the ground can also attract them in. Attempt to maintain your property as totally free from unfastened foods as achievable.

3. Eliminate Standing or Dripping Water

Even though you may possibly not want to dump out your fowl bathtub, you should overturn that stagnant h2o gathering in your wheelbarrow or tighten the spigot on your drinking water hose to avert h2o from dripping. Rats need drinking water to survive, so if they cannot locate this crucial ingredient for life they’ll most likely go on.

4. Grow Peppermint

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Rats loathe the scent of peppermint, so you may possibly want to consider incorporating this herb to your backyard plot at various intervals to ward them off. You may possibly also try out mixing some drops of peppermint important oil in a spray bottle with some h2o and misting in close proximity to your home and garden to discourage rats from coming around. If you’re not a large admirer of mint, you can use citronella or eucalyptus rather. Rats and other widespread pests this sort of as wasps really do not treatment for certain other plants like marigolds possibly.

5. Employ a Cat

If you really don't previously have a kitty, think about adopting a household cat or recruiting a feral cat to chase away rats. Your cat will almost certainly both take in the rat or deter them from coming on to the residence through their speed and determination. Possibly way, dilemma solved.

6.  Set a Trap

Rat traps are effortless to source from a hardware retailer or garden center. Keep in head although that this is not the greatest remedy if you have modest young children or pets who may also get caught in the lure.


With their beady eyes and prolonged tails, rats are by no means a welcome sight in your garden. They can carry ailments and consume your crops, as well as engineer tunnels by way of inconvenient places these kinds of as together with your fence. Despite the fact that you could phone pest control, this need to be a previous resort since rat poison can be dangerous to individuals and animals. There are so several normal ways to repel these pests, so contemplate these simple approaches just before achieving for your phone.


Showcased Image Credit score: Joshua J. Cotten, Unsplash