How to Grow an Olive Tree Indoors – 6 Tips, Tricks, and Guide

The olive tree is a long term component of the landscapes of Greece and Spain, connected with the sunlight, southern cuisine, and ancient and modern day Europe. Without a doubt, it can't attain its complete prospective in each weather, but the olive tree is beautiful and results in a wonderful environment anywhere you location it.

In some situations, olive trees develop a lot scaled-down, reaching only up to ten toes large. Numerous individuals generally plant them for aesthetic reasons simply because they offer an exotic come to feel to most gardens and homes. It is really worth emphasizing that these vegetation are exceptionally simple to expand after you find out how to do it. This article will publish about growing and keeping an olive tree correctly, with least hard work.

What is an Olive Tree?

In the south of Europe, olives are developed primarily for their fruits and in their all-natural atmosphere. They expand in olive groves, the place they can attain a top of about 32 feet. Olives are one particular of the longest-lived trees, dwelling for a number of hundred a long time in some situations.

Its curved trunk thickens in the reduced component, and the cover is very broad. The bark of the tree is greenish-grey or ashy grey. The leaves are small, leathery, silver-gray on the underside, and matte on the best. The blooming olive is entire of yellowish-white flowers with a very intensive scent.

The plant’s fruits are olives that can be environmentally friendly, black, or dim purple, fleshy, and have oil abundant in unsaturated fatty acids.

amfissa olive tree
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Before You Begin

Before starting with planting an olive tree inside your house, there are some essentials you will require to consider, like supplying the correct setting for your olive tree to grow healthily. Many aspects are important for a healthier olive tree, and you will need to have to offer all of them before planting the tree.

To comprehend how to please this plant, you will need to have to consider what circumstances it prefers and what simple requirements are needed to grow a wholesome olive tree.

How to Grow an Olive Tree Indoors

1. Variety

Olive trees can be bought in your regional nursery or purchased on-line. To expand olives at house, you need to initial discover the appropriate range for planting indoors. You can find all set seedlings or modest trees in most stores with yard materials. Rates rely on the dimension of the tree, but most seedlings are not as well expensive. It is a good idea to get a dwarf crop, though.

2. Pot

It is very best to plant olive trees in pots so you can modify their area when required. The pot ought to be big to start with. The pot’s dimensions should be at the very least 23.6 inches deep and broad. It is essential to drill a number of additional-big holes in the base of the container for suitable drainage.

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3. Soil

An crucial principle of olive developing is the generation of circumstances shut to the normal situations from which this plant originated. The soil should be mild, porous, and a bit sandy. It is very best to select a potting mix with superb drainage characteristics, like cactus potting soil, perlite, or gravel.

4. Temperature and lighting

From mid-May possibly, olive trees can be effectively moved and placed in a sunny area on the terrace or backyard garden. The bare minimum temperature at which the olive tree thrive is about 35.6°F. The perfect temperature should be amongst 68°F and 75.2°F for the duration of this time period. When the temperature drops below 32 °F, relocating the olive tree to a properly-lit spot is best. Simply because autumn and wintertime are developing seasons, the place temperature must not be as well higher. Preferably, it ought to be amongst 39.2 and fifty nine °F.

This plant enjoys a whole lot of solar and heat. For that reason, it would be most appropriate to put it in the brightest spot of your residence. Very small seedlings will expand easily on the southern window sills, but you will need to discover a corner most illuminated by the sun’s rays for large ones. Furthermore, it is appealing to gentle the plant from early morning to evening. As an option, you can contemplate balconies and patios.

5. Humidity

Watering is obligatory each handful of times, based on daylight and temperature. The hotter it gets, the more drinking water is required. Ensure in no way to overwater this plant the soil need to be dry prior to watering. Do not sprinkle the leaves with drinking water due to the fact they can flip brown right after sunshine exposure. It is vital to drinking water the olive tree frequently during the winter season, but even now really very carefully.

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6. Winter

Gardeners speak about the speedy adaptation of a plant cultivated outdoors to indoor cultivation. It is crucial to offer the necessary temperature situations for olives to maintain your tree healthier. Characteristically, spring, summertime, and early autumn are nice times for growing at area temperature, and in wintertime, the temperature must drop to 50°F–53.6°F. Therefore, it is greatest to go the olive tree to an insulated balcony in November. If you do not have satisfactory area, you can leave the pot in the exact same place, but be geared up for this to affect the volume of fruit.

How To Propagate an Olive Tree

There are two ways to propagate an olive tree that will bear fruit
  • From collected seedlings
  • From cuttings

Propagating an Olive Tree From Seedlings

With this technique, you can develop olives at residence from collected pits. You can extract the seeds from fresh fruits and soak them overnight in a 10% alkaline resolution. Right after that, it is greatest to wash them with warm drinking water and dry them with a paper towel. In about 3 months, you can assume germination at an ideal temperature of sixty four.4°F.

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Propagating an Olive Tree From Cuttings

Propagation by cuttings is completed by splitting a couple of summer time branches from the mother tree. The finishes are sprayed with a growth stimulant, and you area the stem into a four-inch deep hole. You will want a pot more than 7–8 inches deep. It is ideal to produce a greenhouse influence, and for this purpose, the seedlings are coated with a transparent jar.

Olive tree rooting generally takes place in 4–5 months when young leaves start to appear. The ultimate development of the root system takes place after 3–4 months, following which it is very best to transfer the plant into a huge container and preserve it in a permanent spot.

Tips and Tricks On How to Grow an Olive Tree Indoors

  • If your olive tree is placed in a room near the primary heating source, be sure to spray its canopy with water.
  • When buying a seedling, you should choose a specimen older than 2 years. The price will be higher than seedlings, but it is worth it since the plant will have an overgrown crown and a strong root system. This tree will more easily withstand habitat change.
  • Remember that olives are not eaten raw, directly from the tree. As a rule, they must sit in saltwater before use.
  • When forming the canopy, pay attention to the branches that compete with each other and, if possible, remove those that are weaker. For good fruit production, all shoots must receive light equally.
  • Any soil is suitable for an olive tree and a traditional potting soil mixture is best for many houseplants, including indoor olives. Place expanded clay or broken brick crumbs on the bottom of the flower pot for additional drainage.

Interesting Facts on Olives

Olive trees can stay for 50 percent a millennium. Nowadays, specimens older than 600 years have been identified globally, and they still bear fruit. Since of this, the olive tree is frequently known as the “Eternal Tree”.

The Olive Tree has symbolic characteristics of peace and even has its parts in the Bible, which shows its pure and divine qualities.

Olives are eighty% drinking water and about fifteen% body fat. Physicians say that olives can resist cancer cells, cleanse the human body of cholesterol, and even raise your degree of intelligence!

The olive branch is extensively recognized to be a symbol of peace. It was even pointed out in the Bible as a pigeon came back to Noah with an olive department in its mouth, symbolizing the end of the flood.


Final Thoughts

The olive is one particular of the oldest and most widespread plants. The plant has symbolized peace, wisdom, glory, fertility, toughness, and purity for numerous several years. The olive tree is a great addition to any property or garden and presents it an exotic, European feeling.

It is crucial to stick to certain rules, but expanding an olive tree once you build these circumstances is easy.



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